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«CESWW» is a project of the Harvard Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus

About Inclusion in the Experts Directory

Questionnaire Instructions

IMPORTANT: Read the instructions carefully before submitting your information.  There are some additional notes and clarifications in the Submission Guidelines and the Sample Entry can also serve as a guide.

Quality Submissions: It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure completeness of the information -- if submitted information is incomplete, it may not be included.  Because this is by necessity a low-maintenance project, we ask you to include information in the form that you can expect to appear in the on-line publication (e.g., do not use all caps or idiosyncratic abbreviations).  The quality of your entry will stand as testimony to your expertise, just as, for example, a curriculum vitae would.

Submission: Please return the information if at all possible in the form provided below.  If for some reason you cannot submit via this on-line form, we can accept it submitted via e-mail -- for this purpose you should contact us for the correct e-mail form at <centasia(a)>.

Indexing: This on-line Directory will be searchable with topic keyword and location indexes.  Therefore, we ask you to provide keywords in ordinary spellings to be included in the index, which will allow users of the list to find what interests them.

Contact Info: Obviously, the most critical necessity is that you provide contact information which can help people find you readily.  We do not recommend providing contact information simply for departmental secretaries or university information offices.

Character Set: Bear in mind that the Directory will include characters in the standard ANSI Latin character set (with extended characters for some European languages, such as accented "e" and "a").  Unfortunately, the web page cannot support such characters as accented "c" or Turkish undotted "i", and you should supply the best equivalent to appear in the Directory.

Before submitting your information, have a look at a Sample Entry or previously submitted entries in the Experts Listing to see the format in which it will appear.

Please fill the form out CAREFULLY and ensure that your submission is as you wish it to remain, as only essential corrections will be made once the entry is added to the list.

If your information does not appear in the Directory immediately, don't be concerned -- we have many other things to attend to, and we'll get to it with time (our target is to update the Directory no less frequently than once every six months).

If you are uncertain whether you are an appropriate candidate for inclusion in the Directory, or if you need other clarifications, consult the Submission Guidelines.  Further questions may be addressed to <centasia(a)>.

1. Your Surname [=Last Name]:

2. Given Name(s) [=First and Middle Name/Initial]:

3. Prefix Title [e.g., Dr, Prof, Ms, Mr]

4. Main Category of Expertise [this will be the heading under which you are listed]:

5. Additional Areas of Expertise [you will be cross-referenced under any headings indicated here]:

6. Scholarly Credentials [highest degree, if any; see Guidelines]:

7. Profile of Qualifications and Expertise: In the space provided (150 words max.), give a general description of your background and experience that will allow users to quickly assess the relevance of your expertise [see Guidelines].

8. Keywords for Topic Index [maximum 10 entries, separated by commas or carriage returns; list up to ten regional and thematic keywords that will help Directory users find you when searching for relevant expertise; see Guidelines, and the Topic Index for examples]:

9. Language Abilities: List languages followed by a number -- (1) means "Native language or near native ability"; (2) means "Able to give broadcast interviews"; (3) means "Able to discuss topics of expertise"; (4) means "Working knowledge" [e.g., English (1), Russian (2), French (3), German (4), Abkhaz (4)]:

10. Location [give city and country in common spellings; it may be necessary to know your location for the purposes of interviewing, etc.]:
    a) City:       
    b) Country:
11. Contact Information [see Guidelines]:
   a) Institutional Affiliation [if any]:

   b) Your Title [e.g., Assoc. Prof., Director, Senior Consultant...]:

   c) Contact Person [who handles your appointments, if any]:

   d) Telephone/Fax [indicate direct line, departmental, etc. if appropriate]:

   e) E-mail Address:

    Include e-mail in Experts Directory
    E-mail provided only for communication with CESWW
   f) Street Address/City/Postal Code:

   g) Country:

   h) Web links to Further Information about Yourself [Note that you can provide links to other parts of the «CESWW» website which may hold information about you, such as to your entry in the «CESWW» Dissertation Listing and to the Central-Eurasia-L Archives; see Guidelines]:

Please verify the information provided above before submitting the form, and enter a single letter Y in the blank below.

«Central Eurasian Studies World Wide» is a project of the
Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus
Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University