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Social Issues

Abdullaev, Iskandar (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Agadjanian, Victor

Title: Asstistant Professor
Affiliation: Arizona State University
Tel./Fax: [1](480)965-3804; fax:[1](480)965-0064
E-mail: agadjanian(a)
Address: Department of Sociology \ Arizona State University \ Tempe, AZ 85287-2101 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: Sociodemographic characteristics and trends in post-Soviet Central Asia, with a special focus on marriage, family, childbearing, and induced abortion in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.
Keywords: Central Asia; Kazakstan; Uzbekistan; Kyrgyzstan; Demography; Ethnicity; Family; Marriage; Reproduction; Fertility
Language: Russian (1), English (1), French (3), Spanish (2)
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Arthur, Linda (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)


Binay, Mehmet (see entry under Politics and International Relations)


Bowring, William S. B.

Barrister at Law
Title: Reader in Law
Affiliation: Pan-European Institute, University of Essex
Tel./Fax: [44](1206)873976, fax:[44](1206)873965
Contact Person: Mrs. Lynn Baird
E-mail: bowring(a)
Address: Pan-European Institute \ University of Essex \ Colchester, Essex, CO4 3SQ \ United Kingdom
Web Links:;
Profile: I am Reader in Human Rights Law in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and Director of the Pan-European Institute at the University of Essex, and teach human rights and public international law. I have published widely on issues of human rights and law reform in the CIS and former Soviet Union generally. I presently advise the British Government's Department for International Development on Human Rights and Law Reform in Russia, and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe's Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights and High Commissioner on National Minorities in their work on legislative and institutional compliance with human rights standards in Kazakstan and Kyrgyzstan. I have visited these countries, and Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Russia very frequently for these purposes and to take part in teaching and training in human rights.
Keywords: Law; Human Rights; Judiciary; Russia; Kazakstan; Kyrgyzstan; Uzbekistan; Georgia; Azerbaijan
Language: English (1), Russian (2), French (4)
Location: Colchester (near London), United Kingdom

Buckley, Cynthia Jane

Title: Associate Professor
Affiliation: Dept. of Sociology, The University of Texas, Austin
Tel./Fax: [1](512)232-6337
E-mail: cbuckley(a)
Address: Dept. of Sociology \ The University of Texas, Austin \ Austin, TX 78731 \ USA
Profile: Social demographer with extensive experience analyses of public health, migration and socio-economic stratification in the region.
Currently projects on reproductive health in the region and the spatial settlement of refugee populations.
Six years experience as an instructor for summer schools for scholars and researchers in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakstan. (Topics: Survey Methodology, Basic Demography, Gender, Research Design)
Keywords: Demography; Public Health; Refugees; Uzbekistan; Kazakstan; Kyrgyz Republic
Language: Russian (2), English (1)
Location: Austin, Texas, USA

Chouvy, Pierre-Arnaud (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Crissman, Lawrence W. (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Cutler, Robert M. (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Davletova, Ljazzat (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Deij, Arjen L.

doctorandus [Dutch University Diploma]
Title: Programme Manager
Affiliation: European Training Foundation
Tel./Fax: [39](11)630-22-45
E-mail: ald(a)
Address: Viale Settimio Severo, 65 \ 10133 Torino \ Italy
Web Links:
Profile: As programme manager for Central Asia in the European training Foundation in Turin, I follow the development of educational reform in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and to a certain extend in Kazakhstan and Mongolia. I follow as well the development of more labour market oriented training and employment systems and training for enterprise development (i.e. training for employees), training for social inclusion of disadvantaged groups, training for unemployed and management training. Having worked in the field of higher education for many years, my main focus now is vocational training.
Keywords: Training; Education; Employment; Occupational Standards; Human Resource Development; Active Labour Market Policies
Language: Dutch (1), English (1), German (2) French (3), Bulgarian (3), Russian (3), Italian (4), Macedonian (4), Portuguese (4)
Location: Turin, Italy


Delaunay, Guy (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Dion, Richard R. (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Dombrowsky, Patrick (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Dwyer, Arienne M. (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Entessar, Nader (see entry under Politics and International Relations)


Esenova, Saulesh

Ph.D., McGill University, Anthropology, 2001
Affiliation: McGill University
Tel./Fax: [1](514)485-63-67
E-mail: seseno(a)
Address: 5940 Sherbrooke Street West, Apt. 6 \ Montreal, Quebec H4A 1X7 \ Canada
Profile: * Extensive anthropological research in Kazakstan examining the impact of urbanization of reformulation of cultural identity among ethnically Kazak population under the conditions of post-communism.
* -Extensive research on nation-building in post-Soviet Kazakstan. Ph.D. thesis: "Identity, Ethnic dynamics and Urbanization in Kazakstan."
* Research on Kazak ethnohistory (pre-Soviet, Soviet, and post-Soviet).
* Consultancy delivered for International NGOs (evaluation of social/educational programs).
* Consultancy/research in international management (oil and gas industry, management and gender).
* Consultancy/research in livestock/processing industry development and agricultural marketing in Kazakstan.
* Highly powered research methodology skills and fieldwork organization
Keywords: Anthropology; Cultural Identity; Urbanization; Ethnohistory; Ethnic Relations; Gender; International Management; Kazakstan; Central Asia; Agricultural Marketing
Language: Russian (1), English (2), Kazak (3), French (4)
Location: Montréal, Canada

Falkingham, Jane C.

Affiliation: London School of Economics
Tel./Fax: [44](171)955-6833
Contact Person: Marilyn Hynes
E-mail: j.c.falkingham(a)
Address: Houghton Street \ London WC2A 2AE \ United Kingdom
Profile: Lecturer in Social Policy and Population Studies at the London School of Economics. Expert adviser to World Bank, UNDP and Asian Development Bank on issues of Poverty, Social Safety Nets and Household Welfare during transition. Worked in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Most recently was lead researcher on the Tajikistan Living standards Survey, conducted May 1999.
Keywords: Poverty; Social Safety Nets; Tajikistan; Kyrgyzstan; Surveys
Language: English (1)
Location: London, United Kingdom

Flott, Frederick William (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Gakavian, Armen

Title: Convenor
Affiliation: Armenian Genocide Research Unit, Centre for Comparative Genocide Studies, Macquarie University
Tel./Fax: fax:[61](2)9850-8240
E-mail: agakavia(a)
Address: Macquarie University \ Sydney NSW 2109 \ Australia
Web Links:, and click on 'Bulletin Board', then scrool down and click on 'Go to lecture'.
Profile: Honours thesis (University of Sydney, 1991: the Democratic Movement in Armenia, 1987-91. Ph.D. (University of Sydney, 1998): Diaspora, Homeland and nationalism: The Reimagination of American-Armenian Identity Since Gorbachev. Visited Armenia in 1998 and 1999, delivered lectures and seminars on social change (Urartu University), community mobilisation (Yerevan State University, the American University of Armenia), and leadership (Armenian Missionary Association). Will return in 2000, and then in 2001-2003 to teach "Social Action and Community Mobilisation" at university level and to launch a community mobilisation project in apartment blocks. Other interests include: spiritual and moral aspects of nation-building; genocide and reconciliation; diaspora-homeland relations; Fair Trade.
Keywords: Armenia; Diaspora; Nationalism; Identity; Democratization; Mobilization; Society; Spirituality; Genocide; Fair Trade
Language: English (1), Armenian (Western) (1), Armenian (Eastern) (2), French (4)
Location: Sydney, Australia


Golunov, Sergey V. (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Goodson, Larry P. (see entry under Politics and International Relations)


Gotsadze, George

Kandidat of Medical Science
Title: Director
Affiliation: Curatio International Foundation
Tel./Fax: [995](32)22-31-87
Contact Person: Alexander Kvitashvili
E-mail: g.gotsadze(a)
Address: 80 Abashidze Str. \ Tbilisi 380062 \ Georgia
Web Links:
Profile: * Extensive research of health care systems and policy issues.
* Native of the region.
* Extensive overseas experience of project development and implementation not only in the region but also in India and Africa.
* Experience consulting in health system and program assessments and evaluation for International NGOs.
* Special abilities: Able to conduct assessments in Russian and English, design competitive project.
* Interested in issues of health care in these countries.
* Author of several articles on healthcare systems.
Keywords: Health Care Policy; Health Care Planning and Management; Project Development and Implementation Management
Language: Georgian (1) English (2) Russian (2)
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Grdzelidze, Tamara

Doctor of Philosophy, Oxon.
Title: Doctor
Affiliation: World Council of Churches (Geneva, Switzerland) Project Coordinator in Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel./Fax: mob.:[995](77)44-80-58
E-mail: tatunag(a)
Address: 13 Zandukeli Street \ Tbilisi 380008 \ Georgia
Profile: Educational consultant: practitioner (former school teacher and university lecturer), expert (research in the field of education reform and religious education), manager (former school reform project director at Soros Foundation).
Keywords: Georgia; Education; Education Reform; Religious Education; Social Studies; Medieval Studies; Byzantium; Georgian Medieval Literature
Language: Georgian (1), Russian (1), English (1), French (4), Greek (4, German (4)
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Guksch, Christian E. (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Halemba, Agnieszka Ewa (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Handrahan, L. M. (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Heap, Simon

Ph.D., History
Title: Doctor
Affiliation: INTRAC (International NGO Training and Research Centre)
Tel./Fax: fax:[44](1865)201852
E-mail: s.heap(a)
Address: P.O. Box 563 \ Oxford OX2 6RZ \ United Kingdom
Web Links:,
Profile: My research on NGOs and the Private Sector, funded mainly by the Ford and Soros Foundations, aimed to find out whether, when and how NGOs and the private sector can effectively work together [see <>]. 1) NGOs and the Private Sector: Potential for Partnerships? Oxford: INTRAC Occasional Papers Series no. 27A, November 1999. ISBN: 1-897748-54-X. 42p. In Russian and English. 2) Emerging NGO-business relations in Central Asia [with G. Jamanova, E. Osmorbetov, S. Salmorbekov, D. Shukurova and M. Terterov], INTRAC Occasional Papers Series no. 33, February 2000. ISBN: 1-897748-56-6. 54p. In English. From 2000 to 2003, I am coordinating a four-country study into "Civil Society in Central Asia," funded by ESCOR, the British Government's Department for International development's research arm. The aim of the research is to continue and strengthen INTRAC's efforts to map, monitor and analyse the emergence of Civil Society over time in order to better understand the dynamics of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
Keywords: Social Organization; Women; Economy; Industry; Caspian Sea Region; Environment; Kazakstan; Kyrgyzstan; Tajikistan; Uzbekistan
Language: English (1), Russian (5)
Location: Oxford, United Kingdom

Houston, Donald R.

Ph.D., Medical Anthropology; MS - Public Health
Title: President and Medical Director
Tel./Fax: [1](813)205-8413; fax:[1](813)839-0557
Contact Person: Maggie
E-mail: docdonald(a)
Address: P.O. Box 14341 \ Tampa, FL 33690-4341 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: Consultant in areas dealing with integrated medical, public health, and health-care delivery in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizstan, and Turkmenistan. Evaluation of needs, projects development, and grant writing for these areas of endeavor in the former Soviet union since 1988. Lived in Almaty for 6 months in 1993 and for 4 months in 1994. Still travel there on a regular basis. Currently President and medical Director of Overseas Medical Aid Group (OMAG). Extensive work with and development of programs and projects dealing with Chernobyl victims, radiation pollution, industrial pollution, and bio-hazards pollution.
Keywords: Health; Medicine; Public Health; Joint-Partnerships; Health Projects; Medical Projects; Russia; Central Asia; Kazakstan; Uzbekistan; Kyrgyzstan; Turkmenistan; Hospitals; Clinics; Humanitarian Aid; Diabetes; Pharmacology; Natural Medicine; Ethno-Cultural Medicine; Tribal Medicine
Language: English (1), German (3), Vietnamese (3), Russian (4)
Location: Tampa, Florida, USA

Jordan, Gavin H. (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Keshavjee, Salmaan

Ph.D., Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies; Sc.M., Tropical Public Health; A.M., Central Asia Area Studies
Title: Visiting Scholar
Affiliation: Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University
Tel./Fax: dept.:[1](617)495-4055
E-mail: salmaan(a)
Address: 1737 Cambridge Street \ Cambridge, MA 02138 \ USA
Profile: Received a Ph.D. in anthropology and Middle Eastern studies from Harvard. Spent just over a year in Tajikistan, primarily in Badakhshan. Completed a dissertation titled: "Medicines and Transitions: The Political Economy of Health and Social Change in Post-Soviet Badakhshan, Tajikistan". Taught in the Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology at Stanford until June, 2000. Currently a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies.
Keywords: Tajikistan; Badakhshan; Medical Anthropology; Development; Pharmaceutical Policy; Health Sector Reform; Social Sector Reform; Social Safety Net; Isma'ilis; Aga Khan Foundation
Language: English (1), Russian (4), Tajik (4)
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Khawaja, Asma Shakir (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Lemberanskaya, Larisa M.

Kandidat of Philosophy, Baku State University, 1986
Title: Director
Affiliation: American University in Baku, Social Research Center
Tel./Fax: tel./fax:[994](12)977214; Dept.: +994 (12)971080
Contact Person: Dr. Bill Franklin, President
E-mail: llemb(a)
Address: Prospect Azadlig 95, apt.16 \ Baku 370007 \ Azerbaijan
Profile: * Sociological research in Azerbaijan examining the impact of post-communist reforms on people's social values, youth's orientations and transition from school to labor market, and sustainable development.
* Visiting researcher (IREX scholar) at UCLA (The Center for Middle East Studies) in 1997.
* Experience consulting in social assessments on education in Azerbaijan for the World Bank.
* Experience participating in international collaborative research on social values (Azerbaijan - Russia - USA), and regional integration (Azerbaijan - Armenia - Georgia).
* Experienced both in qualitative and quantitative analysis.
* Participation in numerous international conferences and workshops on social values, youth, and conflict resolution.
* Interested in Sustainable Development, Cross-Cultural Studies, and Peace and Conflict Resolution.
Keywords: Sociology; Social Values; Youth; Transition; Development, Sustainable; Azerbaijan; Social Assessment; Education; Conflict Resolution, Cross-Cultural
Language: Russian (1), Azeri (1), English (1)
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Mahkamdjanov, Shakhruh (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Makarenko, Tamara (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Manzardo, Andrew E. (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Megoran, Nicholas W. (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Mikosz, David James (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Moldogazieva, Kalia Sartbaevna

Candidat of medical sciences
Title: Director, Senior Lecturer
Affiliation: Human Development Center "Tree of Life" (NGO); American University in Kyrgyzstan, Department of International Relations
Tel./Fax: [996](312)287490
E-mail: kalia(a)
Address: P.O. Box 1963 \ Bishkek 720000 \ Kyrgyz Republic
Profile: Kandidat medicinskikh nauk (schifr - normalnaja fisiologia)
Keywords: Human Ecology; Gender; Regional Development; Mountain Physiology; Mining, Impact of; Demography; Kyrgyzstan; Sociology; Mine Tailings; NGOs
Language: Kyrgyz (1), Russian (1), English (3), Kazak (4), Uzbek (4), German (4)
Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Neumann Fridman, Eva Jane (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Nijman, Werner

Title: Director
Tel./Fax: [44](1892)545510, fax:[44](1892)545520
Contact Person: Mrs. Rebecca Melville
E-mail: nijman(a)
Address: P.O. Box 310 \ Tunbridge Wells \ Kent TN4 8ZJ \ England
Profile: Lived in Peshawar for 2 years / work among Afghan refugees, and studied the live and culture of the Uzbeks of Northern Afghanistan.
Lived in Tashkent for 3 years / studied contemporary culture of the modern Uzbeks, and the Uzbek language.
Set-up of a Non-Governmental-Organisation, giving aid and assistance to the handicapped children of Uzbekistan.
6 years of travel to the different Central Asian Republics, including Turkey, Xinjiang and N.W. Pakistan.
Oversight of approx. 100 volunteers working in different areas of aid, development, teaching, etc.
Keywords: Contemporary Culture and Customs; Development; Aid and Assistance; NGOs
Language: English (1), Dutch (1), German (3), Uzbek (4), Russian (5)
Location: London, United Kingdom

Northrop, Douglas Taylor (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Pojman, Ruth F. (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Pstrusinska, Jadwiga (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Rastegar, Farshad

Ph.D., Univ. of California, Los Angeles, International Education, 1991
Title: Executive Director
Affiliation: Relief International
Tel./Fax: [1](310) 572-7770
E-mail: farshad(a)
Address: 11965 Venice Blvd. #405 \ Los Angeles, CA 90066 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: Ph.D. Thesis: "The Education of Afghan Refugees in Pakistan", a comparative analysis of the influence of displacement and trauma versus ideology and organization in child soldier recruitment and mobilization
* Founder and Director of RELIEF INTERNATIONAL, a non-profit agency providing emergency relief, rehabilitation, and development services to vulnerable populations, refugees, and victims of conflicts and natural disasters in countries such as Azerbaijan, Iran, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan.
* Led, co-designed, or initiated programs including primary health (mobile clinics, rural outreach, income generation, food security, sanitation, shelter, refugee education, and urban works programs.
* Oversought reproductive health clinical and educational services, blood banking initiatives, micro-credit lending programs, and livestock restocking.
* Consultant for United Nations Development Program in Iran.
Keywords: Education; Development; Emergency Relief; Human Rights; Azerbaijan; Afghanistan; Iran; Tajikistan; NGOs, International
Language: Persian (1), English (1)
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Reetz, Dietrich (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Roy, Olivier P. (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Rubin, Barnett R. (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Sadovskaya, Elena Yurevna

Ph.D., Kazakh State University, Philisophy, 1989
Title: Research Fellow
Affiliation: Kazakh State University; Center for Conflict Management; Independent Research Council on CIS and Baltic States Migration ; International Association on Conflict Studies
Tel./Fax: Tel./Fax: 011-3272-53-93-84 , Tel.: 011-3272-47-94-49,
E-mail: elenasadovskaya(a), ccm(a)
Address: 57 "V" Timiryazev Str., Apt. 23, Almaty 480090 \ Kazakstan
Web Links: Guide to Scholars of Central Asia; CESS Directory
Profile: Author of numerous articles, a book (forthcoming) and IOM country reports on migration in Kazakhstan; author of the first of such kind research and publication on labor and illegal migration in Kazakhstan; affiliated with IOM and UNCHR LO in Kazakhstan in a number of research projects and practical activities; consultant to different International programs, foundations and NGOs on migration, NGO capacity-building, conflict resolution and human rights education issues.
As a President of the NGO "Center for Conflict Management":
* organized numerous International conferences, seminars and workshops on conflict resolution and prevention;
* facilitated many seminars and workshops on Conflict Resolution and Prevention, Tolerance, Human Rights Education, etc.;
* participated in Early Warning of Conflicts Monitoring Programs;
* participated in the database compilation of the organizations working worldwide for Conflict Resolution and Prevention in the CIS;
* worked with governmental and educational institutions as well as local nongovernmental and international organizations throughout Kazakhstan and Central Asia, focusing on civil society development, human rights promotion, conflict resolution and prevention research/education and NGO networking
Keywords: Sociology; Central Asia; Kazakhstan; Migration; Conflict Resolution and Prevention; Civil Society; NGO; Networking; Human Rights Education
Language: Russian (1), English (2)
Location: Almaty, Kazakstan

Sattarov, Rufat (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Schoeberlein, John S.

Ph.D., Anthropology, Harvard, 1994
Title: Director
Affiliation: Forum for Central Asian Studies, Harvard University
Tel./Fax: [1](617)495-4338; Asst.: 496-2643; fax:[1](617)495-8319
E-mail: schoeber(a)
Address: 625 Massachusetts Avenue \ Cambridge, MA 02139 \ USA
Web Links:;;
Profile: * Director, Forum for Central Asian Studies, Harvard University (which he was instrumental in founding in 1993).
* Director, Central Asia Project, International Crisis Group (June 2000- Nov. 2001).
* Headed United Nations' Ferghana Valley Development Program (1998-1999).
* Research focuses on identity, ethnicity, gender, nationality, and community organization among the Islamic peoples of "greater" Central Asia, including Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirghizstan, Kazakstan, Turkmenistan, southern Russia and the Caucasus.
* Has conducted a total of over four years of anthropological field research in various parts of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.
* Teaches courses in anthropology, history and politics of the region as Lecturer on Central Asian Studies at Harvard University since 1993.
* Recent lectures in Almati, Ann Arbor, Brussels, New York, Paris, Tashkent, Tehran, Washington DC, and Vienna.
* Consulting work on the potential of local communities to participate in economic reform efforts, including major survey research in Uzbekistan.
* Frequent consultations to governmental and international organizations and the press.
* Editor, «Central Eurasian Studies World Wide»:
* Editor, Central-Eurasia-L Announcement List for Central Asian Studies (CEL(a)
* Moderator, Ferghana-Valley Discussion List on development (Ferghana-Valley(a)
Keywords: Identity; Ethnicity; Gender; Nationality; Community Organization; Development, Social; Development, Participatory; Conflict; Conflict Prevention; Regional Development; Kyrgyzstan; Tajikistan; Uzbekistan; Kazakstan; Ferghana Valley
Language: English, Russian, Norwegian (1); Tajik, Uzbek, Spanish (3); French, German, Kyrgyz (4); and others
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Shorish, M. Mobin

Ph.D., Education and Social Order, University of Chicago
Title: Assoc. Prof
Affiliation: The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Tel./Fax: [1](217)367-3683; Office: (217)333-5875
E-mail: shorish(a)
Address: 409 W. Nevada \ Urbana, Illinois 61801 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: Educational policy. planning, programming, operation and evaluation. Economic development, globalization and culture, culture and education,
Keywords: Economics of Education; Education, Comparative; Central Asia; Religion; Culture; Human Resource Development; Curriculum; Iran; Afghanistan; Xinjiang; Economic Development; Regional Relations; Language Policy
Language: Dari, Persian, Tajik (1); Pashto (2); Arabic, Russian (4)
Location: Urbana, Illinois, USA

Small, Ian (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Sotnikov, Sergey (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Suleimenova, Eleonora D. (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Valentin, Matthias

Affiliation: Centre for Training and Consultancy, Tbilisi
Tel./Fax: [995](32)32-27-60
Contact Person: Tamara Tsirekidze
E-mail: ctc(a)
Address: 187a, Nutzubidzest. \ 380086 Tbilisi \ Georgia
Web Links:
Profile: Senior trainer and consultant mainly in organisational development and project cycle management; 6 year's working experience in the Georgian NGO sector especially concerning health and social issues, human rights and civil society development; executive director of the Centre for Training and Consultancy Tbilisi
Keywords: Organizational Development; Project Cycle Management; Training; Consultancy; Civil Society Development; NGOs
Language: German (1), English (2), Georgian (4)
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Verme, Paolo (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Walberg, Eric G. (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Wang, Jianping (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Werner, Cynthia Ann (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Whaley, Lindsay J. (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Whittington, Ronaele Ruth

D.S.W. [Doctor of Social Work], University of Southern California
Title: Lecturer, Family Resources, CTAHR
Affiliation: The University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii
Tel./Fax: [1](808)956-2246; Home:[1](808)261-8400; fax:[1](808)956-2239, 261-0220
E-mail: ronaelew(a)
Address: Miller Hall 110 \ 2515 Campus Road \ Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 \ home: 810A N. Kalaheo Avenue \ Kailua, HI 96734 \ USA
Profile: Fulbright Senior Scholar to Kyrgyzstan, fall 1999. Seven previous trips to Russia and former USSR, including Kyrgyzstan, since 1990.
Keywords: Higher Education; Social Work; Family
Language: English (1), Russian (4)
Location: Kailua, Hawaii, USA

Yagmur, Kutlay

Title: Asst. Prof.
Affiliation: Tilburg University
Tel./Fax: [31](13)4662930
E-mail: k.yagmur(a)
Address: P.O. Box 90153 \ 5000 LE Tilburg \ Netherlands
Profile: Applied linguist investigating issues of language maintenance, shift and loss among Turkic speaking people. Current project is on language use and shift in the multilingual context of Kazakhstan. A similar study is going on in the Republic of Altaisk in the Russian federation.
Keywords: Language Use; Language Shift; Language Maintenance; Sociolinguistics; Language Acquisition; Language Loss; Literacy
Language: English (1), Turkish (1), Kazakh (4), Japanese (3), Turkmen (3)
Location: Tilburg, Netherlands

Zelizer, Craig

Ph.D. Candidate
Title: Project Director
Affiliation: Alliance for Conflict Transformation and Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University
Tel./Fax: tel./fax:[1](703)739-0611
E-mail: czelizer(a)
Address: 3 Russell Rd. \ Alexandria, VA 22301 \ USA
Profile: * Extensive experience conducting conflict resolution research, evaluation, interventions, and training in Central Asia and throughout Central and Eastern Europe.
* Visited Kyrgyzstan several times to conduct conflict resolution trainings for lawyers, teachers, psychologists and students for the Open Society Institute and the Institute for Regional Studies in Bishkek.
* I have conducted trainings in Kyrgyzstan for the Open Society Institute, and the Institute for Regional Studies in several locations including Osh and Bishkek.
* Extensive research experience on the region, with a focus on ethnic relations and conflict in the Ferghana Valley.
Keywords: Conflict Resolution; Civil Society; Social Research; Ethnic Relations; Identity; Kyrgyzstan; NGOs; Evaluation
Language: English (1), Hungarian (2), Russian (4), Serbian (4), Czech (4)
Location: Alexandria, Virginia, USA

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