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Politics and International Relations

Abazov, Rafis

Title: Researcher
Affiliation: Center for Social Reserach
Address: \ Kyrgyz Republic
Profile: He worked as a researcher with Research Group of the Academy of Science and as a Consultant of International Institute for Strategic Research of Kyrgyzstan. He was awarded an Institute of Advance Studies of the United Nations University research fellowship for his doctorate research on Post-Soviet Central Asian development, the NATO research fellowship for a research on foreign policy formation in Central Asia and the British Academy visiting fellowship.
He published two books and he has number of publications in various Kazakhstan, Russian and international academic journals. Most recent articles have been published in Eurasian Studies (Turkey), Central Asian Survey, International Journal of Central Asian Studies, Nationalities Papers, Sayasat (Kazakshtan), etc.
Keywords: Economic reform; Development policy; Policy-making in Central Asia; Elections in Central Asia; Kyrgyzstan, Security issues in; Conflict Resolution; Migration issues; Kyrgyzstan, National Identity; Russian-Central Asian Relations
Language: Russian (1), English (1), Kyrgyz (2), Kazakh (2)
Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Alkhathlan, Saleh M. F.

Title: Asst. Prof.
Affiliation: Dept. of Political Science - King Saud University
Tel./Fax: [966](1)4674181; fax:[966](1)4674207
E-mail: skhatlan(a)
Address: P.O. Box 2459 \ RIYADH 11451 \ Saudi Arabia
Profile: Dissertation on Uzbek political culture. Interested in political Islam in Central Asia and Caucasus. Arab relations with Central Asia. Caspian oil. Visited Uzbekistan several times. Participation in symposium and conferences on the region. Interested in Iran's relations with the Muslim republics. Lecture in Saudi Arabia about Central Asia and Caucasus and write newspaper articles on the region.
Keywords: Politics; Islam; Culture; Caspian Oil; Arabs; Saudi Arabia; Arab-Russian Relations
Language: Arabic (1), English (3)
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Anderson, John

Title: Dr.
Affiliation: Department of International Relations, University of St Andrews
Tel./Fax: [44](1334)462-931
E-mail: jpa(a)
Address: North Street, St Andrews, KY16 9AL, Scotland \ United Kingdom
Profile: Studied Soviet history and politics at the LSE, wrote a PhD on religion-state relations under Brezhnev, and spent six months at Moscow University researching the 1905 revolution in Central Asia. Since 1991 have taught international relations at the University of St Andrews and my research focus has been on political change in Central Asia, especially in Kyrgyzstan, and on religion and politics. Author of 'Religion, state and politics in the Soviet Union and the Successor State' (CUP,1994), 'The international politics of Central Asia' (MUP,1997) and 'Kyrgyzstan: Central Asia's Island of Democracy?' (Harwoord, 1999)
Keywords: USSR, Central Europe, Kyrgyzstan, religion, civil society, democratisation,
Language: English (1), Russian (4), Bulgarian (4)
Location: St Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom

Aras, Bulent

Title: Chair, Assistant Professor
Affiliation: Fatih University, Department of International Relations
Tel./Fax: '90 212 889 1175
E-mail: abulent(a)
Address: Fatih University, Department of International Relations, Hadimkoy Yolu Uzeri, 34900, Istanbul \ Turkey
Profile: * Ph.D. Thesis "Political Economy of Cooperation between Turkey And Azerbaijan"
* Fieldwork in Northern Caucasus: 1998-1999
* Extensive research on oil and security issues in Caspian Sea Region
* Main Publications: New Geopolitics of Eurasia and Turkey's Position. Frank Cass Press (forthcoming) and Oil and Geopolitics in Caspian Sea Basin. Prager Pub.: 1999. (edited with Michael P. Croissant)
Keywords: Azerbaijan; Caspian Sea Region; Energy and Security in Central Asia; Turkish Foreign Policy; Nationalism in Central Asia
Language: Turkish (1), English (1), Azeri (1), Uzbek (1), Persian (4)
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Bakhramov, Rakhim (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Barkhudaryan, Arman

Kandidat ekonomicheskikh nauk [Ph.D.]
Title: Investment Specialist
Affiliation: International Finance Corporation
Tel./Fax: [374](2)545241
Contact Person: Arusyak Sargsyan
E-mail: arman_bar(a)
Address: #2 Khorertarani St. \ Yerevan \ Armenia
Profile: Enterprise support policies of the state in economies of transition, SME sector promotion, appraisal and evaluation of the state policies by mathematical and econometric models
Keywords: Small Business; State Support Policy; Economics of Transition
Language: Armenian, Russian, English
Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Batey, Lisa M.

Title: Programme Development Officer
Affiliation: International Organization for Migration
Tel./Fax: [43](1)585-3322
E-mail: lbatey(a)
Address: Nibelungengasse 13/4 \ A-1010 Vienna \ Austria
Web Links: IOM projects in Central Asia:
Profile: From the IOM Technical Cooperation Centre in Vienna, I work on a variety of migration management projects in NIS countries, including Central Asia. Two areas of past experience equipped me well for this role - work in migration law and policy in the US (including five years with the INS), and Russian language skills honed during a year in Bishkek as ABA/CEELI Liaison. More specifically, I have served as a consultant to working groups in Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan on drafting of a comprehensive migration law. In addition, I routinely assist IOM missions with obtaining information on international best practices in migration management, finding consultants and trainers, determining where to purchase equipment for pilot border control projects, etc.
Keywords: Migration Management; Border Control; Illegal Migration; Migrant Trafficking
Language: English (1), Russian (3), German (4)
Location: Vienna, Austria

Biaussat, Alban (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Biliouri, Daphne

M.A., International Relations, Univ. of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK
Title: Independent Environment and Development Policy Consultant
Affiliation: None
Tel./Fax: [44](7909)612210, [44](29)2064-1211
E-mail: dbiliouri(a)
Address: 25 Morel Court \ Windsor Quay \Cardiff, Wales SY23 3PY \ United Kingdom
Profile: Chartered consultant: * Consulting work on environmental and development issues within Europe and the Central Asian republics covering areas such as water distribution in Central Asia, energy security in the Caspian region.
* Visiting lecturer at the dept. of International Relations at the American University in Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek).
* Provided monthly analytical articles for the Central Eurasia Project, Soros Foundation and one of the main contributors for Jane's "Sentinel: Russia and the CIS" (monthly country reports for all five Central Asian republics).
* Involved in contract work with the commercial industry.
* Published extensively in academic and commercial journals.
* Doctoral research on EU environmental policy and the role of NGOs, Univ of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK
Keywords: Environmental Policy; NGO Development; Kazakstan; Turkmenistan; Kyrgyzstan; Tajikistan; Uzbekistan; Water Resources; Environmental Security
Language: English (1), Greek (1), French (3), Italian (3), German (4), Russian (4), Spanish (4)
Location: Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Binay, Mehmet

Title: Correspondent and editor
Affiliation: NTV News Channel, Turkey
Tel./Fax: [90](212)335-4156, 286-7130
E-mail: mehmetbinay(a)
Address: NTV Haber Merkezi \ Eski Buyukdere Cad. 61 \ 80660 Maslak / Istanbul \ Turkey
Web Links:;
Profile: * Columnist at, an e-zine on the Turkic diaspora.
* Editor of Turkistan Bulteni, Turkish version of Turkestan Newsletter, an electronic bulletin on developments in the Caucasus and Central Asia.
* Correspondent and editor at NTV news channel in Istanbul, covering developments in the Caucasia and Central Asia.
* Producer of Ates Cemberi (a) NTV (Circle of Fire), a weekly current affairs show on the Balkans, Middle East and Eurasia.
* Columnist at, Turkish news portal
Keywords: Political Economy; Oil, Transportation from Caspian to World Markets; Ethnic Composition; Caucasus; Central Asia; Nation-Building; Post-Soviet States; Corruption; Border Disputes; International Relations in the CIS
Language: Turkish (1), German (2), Azeri (3), Uzbek, Uyghur, Turkmen, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tatar (4)
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Bowring, William S. B. (see entry under Social Issues)

Buckley, Cynthia Jane (see entry under Social Issues)

Bukharaev, Ravil (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Cagla, Cengiz

Ph.D., Political Science and International Relations
Tel./Fax: [90](532)644-08-90
E-mail: cengiz.cagla(a)
Address: Kalipci Sokak 61-63 \ Daire 7 \ Tesvikiye/Istanbul 80200 \ Turkey
Profile: B.A. in Bogazici University in Political Science and International Relations; M.A. in Istanbul University in Political Science and International Relations. The title of the dissertation was "The Search of [Turkish]Intellectuals for Pluralist Democracy, the case of Yeni-Gündem" (in Turkish); Ph.D. in Bogazici University in Political Science and International Relations. The title: "The Jadid Movement and Nation-Building in Azerbaijan." (in English)
Keywords: Jadid Movement; Azerbaijan; Nation-Building; Nationalism
Language: Turkish (1), English (2), French (3)
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Chiang, Su-Yih

Kandidat, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
Title: Deputy Director
Tel./Fax: [886](2)23482852
E-mail: zhulung(a)
Address: 2, Kaitakelan Blvd. \ Taipei, 100 \ Republic of China (Taiwan)
Profile: The first diplomat of the Republic of China to the Russian Federation since July 1993. Deputy Director of the Department of the Western Asian Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China, since February 1999. Master's degree, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, 1985.
Keywords: International Relations
Language: English (1), Russian (1)
Location: Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Chouvy, Pierre-Arnaud

D.E.A. [Diplôme d'études approfondies]; Doctorant [Doctoral Candidate] Paris I Sorbonne
Title: Doctoral Candidate
Affiliation: UNiversité Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, Laboratoire PRODIG
E-mail: pachouvy(a)
Address: 34 rue René Cassin \ Bastide Blanche 1 \ Parc Voltina \ AIx-en-Provence, 13100 \ France
Web Links: Geopium, Geography and Opium:; "Dug Diversity in the Golden Triangle": (Crime and Justice International, University of Illinois); Taliban's Drug Dilemma: Opium Production vs. International Recognition": (Central Asia Caucasus Analyst, John Hopkins University); "Les Chinois d'outre-mer des Tchou à Deng Xiaoping": Cybergeo, CNRS, Paris I.
Profile: Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy is currently a Doctorate Candidate working in Geography on a comparative geopolitical approach of both the Golden Triangle (Burma, Laos, Thailand) and Golden Crescent (Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan). He focuses on the factors of emergence that explain the very existence of these two main opiates producing regions of the world. His work so far dealt with the Geopolitics of integration in the Golden Triangle area and on the recourse to the drug economy by the populations of the so-called South.
Keywords: Golden Crescent; Golden Triangle; Opiates; Drug Economy and Geography
Language: French (1), English (3)
Location: Aix-en-Provence, France

Cotter, Michael

Title: Ambassador (retired)
Tel./Fax: 919-542-4414
E-mail: mwcotter(a)
Address: 685 Fearrington Post \ Pittsboro, NC 27312 \ U.S.A.
Profile: U.S. Ambassador to Turkmenistan, 1995-1998
Keywords: Turkmenistan; Foreign policy; Turkmen; Caspian Oil; Caspian Sea; Central Asia; U.S.-Turkmenistan Relations; U.S. Security Policy in Central Asia; Turkey and Central Asia; U.S.-Turkish Defense Relations
Language: English (1), Spanish (2), French (4), Turkish (4)
Location: Pittsboro, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Cutler, Robert M.

Title: Research Fellow
Affiliation: Institute of European and Russian Studies, Carleton University
Tel./Fax: [1](514)939-2769; fax:[1](514)932-4457
E-mail: rmc(a)
Address: c/o Station H, Box 518 \ Montreal, Quebec H3G 2L5 \ Canada
Web Links:
Profile: Dr. Robert M. Cutler was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The University of Michigan, where he earned a Ph.D. in Political Science. He has held research and teaching positions at major universities in the United States, Canada, France, Switzerland, and Russia, publishing widely in the most highly regarded professional journals of his field in Europe and North America, as well as in the mass media and policy reviews, in three languages. He maintains his own website (see reference below). He has extensive practical experience in Caspian energy development. He has consulted with international organizations, governments, and the private sector in fields related to organizational analysis and design, and organizational learning, especially in cross-cultural contexts, including decision-making and the management of information under conditions of complexity. His interdisciplinary expertise covers several areas of geographical specialization in addition to Central Asia, as well as international institutions and regimes.
Keywords: Azerbaijan; Black Sea Region; Caspian Sea Region; Caucasus; Energy; Environment; Ethnic Conflict; Georgia; Kazakstan; Uzbekistan
Language: English (1), French (1), Russian (2), German (4), Italian (4), Spanish (4)
Location: Montréal, Canada

Der Ghougassian, Khatchik

M.A., International Relations
Title: Prof., Editor
Affiliation: Asociación Cultural Armenia, ARMENIA newspaper; FLACSO/Argentina; University of El Salvador (USAL); University of Buenos Aires (UBA)
Tel./Fax: [54](11)4555-3193
E-mail: khatchik(a)
Address: Virrey Olaguer y Feliu 3137 \ piso 1 , dep. 22 \ (1426) Cap. Fed. \ Buenos Aires \ Argentina
Profile: M.A. in International Relations, thesis "Regional Conflicts After the Cold War: The Case of Nagorno Karabagh". I realized various trips to Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh during the war time in 1992-1993 to write my thesis. As an editor of the local ARMENIA newspaper I maintain a permanent contact with Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh, where I travel frequently. I hold various seminars about the fall of the URSS, ethnic conflicts, the Caucasus, the transition process in Armenia and the Caspian oil. Actually I am working on transnational organized crime in the Caucasus and Central Asia. I have several articles, opinion columns and different commentary notes about the Caucasus, Central Asia and Russia in Argentinean, as well as Armenian newspapers and participate in radio and T.V. programs as an expert on these issues.
Keywords: Armenia; Nagorno-Karabagh; Ethnic Conflicts; Caspian Oil; Islamic Fundamentalism; Turkey; Democratic Transition; Organized Crime; Russia; International Security
Language: Armenian (1), English, Spanish (2), French, Arabic (3), Italian, Turkish, Portuguese (4)
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dion, Richard R.

M.A., School of Slavonic and East European Studies
Affiliation: Currently leaving UNDP, examining other potential opportunities in Tashkent
E-mail: richardrdion(a)
Address: \ Kazakstan
Profile: After graduating from the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, Richard Dion went on to work for the United Nations Development Programme in Almaty, Kazakhstan for 30 months where he worked on regional issues, disaster preparedness and humanitarian assistance needs, particularly in the Semipalatinsk Region. His specialties/expertise include working with local NGOs, local governments and the development process. In addition, he has written nearly 30 op-eds and essays in leading journals in Europe and the United States, concentrating on oil politics in and around the Caspian region. He went on to author a 90 page study of the region for London-based Petroleum Economist entitled "The Future of the Caspian" which concentrated on strategic alliances, conflicts, minorities and transportation issues.
Keywords: Caspian Sea; Development Assistance; Semipalatinsk; Disaster Preparedness; Regional Cooperation; Oil
Language: English (1), French (2), Russian (2)
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Dombrowsky, Patrick

Doctorate in Political Sciences
Title: Director
Affiliation: Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches sur l'Asie Médiane
Tel./Fax: mob:[33](6)85 43 62 12
Contact Person: Me
E-mail: pdombrowsky(a)
Address: CERAM \ 43 rue de Ponthierry \ 77310 Boissise Le Roi \ France
Web Links:; Especially the page of my center:
Profile: As the Director of the French "Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches sur l'Asie Médiane" (Center for Studies and Research on Middle Asia), my main expertise concerns the study of the whole region located between the Caspian Sea and Mongolia and between the Arctic Ocean and the Oman Gulf. My purpose is to study how this region is growing into a coherent geopolitical area, despite its apparent diversity. I mainly focuse my studies upon international relations, political strengthening of the new states, security problems, social and cultural trends... I'm responsible of the courses on Middle Asia problems in many European educational structures. I've published many articles on that subject and I'm preparing a book on the Afghan geopolitics.
Keywords: Afghanistan; Kazakhstan; Kyrghyzstan; Tadjikistan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan; Western and Southern Siberia; Xinjiang; Political and economical cooperation; Geopolitical evolution of Middle Asia
Language: French (1), English (2), German (3, only written)
Location: Paris, France

Edmunds, Timothy

Title: Research Fellow
Affiliation: Kings College London/Joint Services Command and Staff College
Tel./Fax: [44](1793)788-079; fax:[44](1793)788-295
E-mail: tedmunds(a)
Address: Defense Studies Department\Kings College London at Joint Services Command and Staff College \ Watchfield, Swindon SN6 8TS \ United Kingdom
Web Links:
Profile: Central Asia Publications
Thesis: * "The Environmental Movement in Kazakstan: Ecology, Democracy and Nationalism", in Hussey S. and Thompson P (ed) The Roots of Environmental Consciousness: Popular Tradition and Personal Experience, (London and New York: Routledge, 2000).
* "Central Asia in the Year 2000: Problems and Prospects after a Decade of Change", in SAIIA Yearbook 2000/2001 (Johannesburg: SAIIA 2001).
* "Searching for a Nationalism: Foci for Kazakh Identity in the 1990s", Central Asia Monitor, no2 2000.
* "Power and Powerlessness in Kazakstani Society", Central Asian Survey, 17(3), 1998.
* Ph.D. Thesis: "Nation-Building in a Multi-Ethnic Kazakstan: Identity, Power and Politics", Dept of History, University of Sheffield, 1998.
* I also work on issues of civil-military relations in central and eastern Europe and have further publications in this field.
Keywords: Kazakstan; Nationalism; Environment; Identity; Security; Inter-Ethnic Relations; Uzbekistan; Russians in Central Asia; Clan Politics; Security; Civil-Military Relations
Language: English (1), Russian (3)
Location: Watchfield, UK, United Kingdom

Efegil, Ertan

Title: Asst. Prof.
Affiliation: Eastern Mediterranean University, Department of International Relations
Tel./Fax: [90](392)365-41-03; [90 63014-01
E-mail: eefegil(a)
Address: Mersin 10 Turkey \ Gazimagusa \ Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Web Links:
Profile: Bilkent University, 1992, B.A. in International Relations; Bilkent University, 1994, M.Sc. in International Relations; Gazi University, 1999, Ph.D. in International Relations; Doctorate Thesis: Decision-making Process of Turkish Foreign Policy during the Gulf War; Work Experience: 1998-99 - International Turkmen - Turkish University, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan; 1999- - Eastern Mediterranean University Department of International Relations
Keywords: Central Asia; Geopolitics of Central Asia; Turkmenistan; Natural Gas Policy and Projects; Turkmenistan, Foreign Policy; Russia and Central Asia; New World Order and Central Asia
Language: Turkish, English
Location: Gazimagusa, Turkish Republic of North Cyprus

El-Labbad, Mustafa (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Ene, Alexandru

Ph.D Candidate
Title: Lecturer
Affiliation: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Tel./Fax: (+)401-230 75 79; (+) 401- 231 81 15
Contact Person: N/A
E-mail: alexandru.ene(a)
Address: 14, Modrogan \ OSCE \ Bucharest, sector 1 \ 7000 \ Romania \ Romania
Profile: Worked, as an analyst, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania on Central Asia and Caucasus security.
Senior Policy Advisor for Central Asia (OSCE terminology), Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and China with the 2001 OSCE Chairman-in-Office team.
Overall executive coordinator for Central Asia policy during the Romanian OSCE Chairmanship, both at multi-lateral and bi-lateral levels.
Extensive expertise on NATO enlargement issues and regional security issues. In particular focused on security arrangements in South-Eastern Europe.
Research interests include conflict management, ethnic relations and regional political developments in the FSU.
Lived, traveled and completed extensive research in the region.
Keywords: Ethnic conflict; Security in Central Asia; Elections; Institution-building; Organized crime; Terrorism; Extremism; Xenophobia; Human rights; Disarmament
Language: Romanian (1), English (1), Turkish (1), French (2), Russian (3), Azeri (4), German (4)
Location: Bucharest, Romania

Entessar, Nader

Ph.D., Political Science, St. Louis University, 1976
Title: Prof.
Affiliation: Spring Hill College, Department of Political Science
Tel./Fax: [1](334)380-3051; fax:[1](334)460-2184
E-mail: entessar(a)
Address: 4000 Dauphin Street \ Mobile, AL 36608-1791 \ USA
Web Links: Guide to Scholars of Central Asia; Central-Eurasia-L Archives
Profile: Main areas of expertise include domestic and foreign policies of Iran, Tajikistan, and Azerbaijan. I have worked for several years in Iran and have conducted research in the other two countries. I have also published several articles and books dealing with the aforementioned topics. My expertise also include regional ethnic politics, including the Kurdish issue about which I have published several articles and a book.
Keywords: Azerbaijan; Iran; Iranian-Speaking Peoples; Islam; Ethnicity; Kurds; Nationalism; Political Movements; Politics; Tajikistan
Language: Persian (1), English (1), Tajik (1)
Location: Mobile, Alabama, USA

Ercolani, Giovanni

Dott. Pol. Sc. (Roma, It.), M.A. (NY), Ph.D. Researcher (Aberdeen)
Title: Research Associate
Affiliation: Scottish Centre for International Security, Department of Politics and International relations, University of Aberdeen
Tel./Fax: dept: + 44-1224-274358, fax: + 44-1224-272181
E-mail: drercolani(a)
Address: Aberdeen AB24 3QY, Scotland \ United Kingdom
Profile: I have a NATO (Turkey) four years working experience.
As "Visiting Professor" and "Lecturer" in "Global Terrorism" and "Geopolitics of Energy" I have visited different Spanish and Turkish Universities. My major interest is the NATO New Strategic Concept and the Geopolitics of Energy: Security Challenges and Risks and the Role of Turkey.
While completing my Ph.D. at the University of Aberdeen I am accomplishing my Italian doctor degree in Turkish Language and Oriental Studies.
"Laurea Dottore in Scienze Politiche" (Roma, Italy).
Keywords: Turkey; Caspian Basin; Central Asia; Geopolitics of Energy; Terrorism; NATO; Regional Conflicts
Language: Italian (1), Spanish (1), English (2), French (2), Turkish (4)
Location: Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Ferguson, Robert W. (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Flott, Frederick William

M.A., School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC, 1947
Title: Consultant
Tel./Fax: tel./fax:[1](202)223-2162
E-mail: fredflott(a)
Address: 2440 Virginia Ave., N.W. \ Suite Diplomat - 1102 \ Washington, DC 20037 \ USA
Profile: Thirty years diplomatic service in Central Asia and in Western Europe, Vietnam and Indonesia. Repeated service in and travel through Iran, the Soviet Union and North Africa. One month trip from Iran through Central Asia, Altay Kray (Barnaul) Central Siberia, and Western Russia in August, 1955. Additional study trip in Soviet Union in 1960 and rail travel from the Russian Far East to Mongolia and Western Russia and Estonia in 1974. 1994-1998 various trips to Uzbekistan to assist in private- sector arrangements and to lecture at The Academy of State and Social Construction under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a training center for mid-level civil servants of unusual promise. In Washington, work as a consultant to law firms and corporations on Central Asia; volunteer work at American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce.
Keywords: Political Science; Economic Development; Regional Cooperation; Education; Uzbekistan Government; Uzbekistan Economy; Uzbekistan-Kazakstan Relations; U.S.-Uzbekistan Relations; Oil in Central Asia-Caspian-Caucasus
Language: English (1), French (1), Spanish (1), German (2), Russian (3), Portuguese (3), Italian (4)
Location: Washington, DC, USA

Gakavian, Armen (see entry under Social Issues)

Gely, Johan (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Gleason, Gregory

Ph.D., University of California, Davis
Title: Assoc. Prof
Affiliation: University of New Mexico
Tel./Fax: [1](505)277-7391
E-mail: gleasong(a)
Address: 908 Hermosa Dr. NE \ Albuquerque, NM 87110 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: Gregory Gleason is Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of New Mexico. Previous to his appointment at UNM, Gleason taught political science and international relations at SUNY at New Paltz and the University of Miami. Gleason has held research appointments at Duke University, the Kennan Institute of the Wilson Center, and the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. He has conducted research under the auspices of the Academies of Science of the USSR, the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Kazakstan, and Tajikistan. He has worked as a consultant on projects sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Information Agency, the U.S. Agency for International Development, Sandia National Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, the Asian Development Bank, and the World Bank. Gleason is the author of Federalism and Nationalism: the Struggle for Republican Rights in the USSR (1991), Central Asian States: Discovering Independence (1997), Open World: The International Relations of Global Markets, (1997), and Administration: The Public Sector in Transition (1998).
Keywords: Kazakstan; Kyrgyzstan; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan; Politics; Government; Economics; Privatization; Water; International Relations
Language: English, Russian
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Gökirmak, Mert

Title: Research Assistant
Affiliation: Uludag University, Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty, Political Science Dept.
Tel./Fax: [90](224)442-8945, 41180
E-mail: mert(a)
Address: Kukurtlu Cad., Kugu Apt. No:10/9 \ 16080 - BURSA \ Turkey
Web Links:
Profile: Ankara University-Political Science Faculty, Ankara- B.A. International Relations, 1991.
* Uludag University, Bursa- M.A, International Relations, 1994.
* Uludag University, Bursa- Ph.D., International Relations (Still Continuing). My dissertation: "Ethnic Deterrence and Russian Foreign Policy in the Caucasus".
* Honors: * Uludag University/Europahaus Marienberg, German and Turkish Youth Exchange Grant, Germany-1996.
* Rotary International, Group Study Exchange Grant, United States of America-1998.
* Publications: * "New World Order and The International System". Article in Changing World and Turkey, edited by F. Sönmezoglu, March 1996.
* "Turkey-Russian Relations and The Oil Transportation Problem: A Geopolitical Analysis". Article in Changing World and Turkey edited by F. Sönmezoglu, March 1996
Activities: North-Rein Westphalia, Germany. Assistant Organizer of German-Turkish Summer Academy, which is organized by Uludag University and Siegen University and sponsored by Korber Foundation, on the subject of "Germany and Turkey: Cooperation and Conflict in History and Present" (September 1994)
Keywords: Caucasus; Caucasus; Caspian; Turkey; Russia; Nationalism; Ethnic; Oil
Language: Turkish (1), English (2), German (4)
Location: Bursa, Turkey

Goltz, Thomas C.

M.A., Middle Eastern Studies, New York University 1983
Title: Mister
Affiliation: Self-employed writer, researcher
Tel./Fax: [1](406)2226460
E-mail: goltz(a)
Address: 5 OCPR \ Livingston, Montana 59047 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: Thomas Goltz is a recognized authority on the post-Soviet Caucasus, with a special interest in Azerbaijan. His AZERBAIJAN DIARY (M.E. Sharpe, 1988) is regarded as essential reading on the state-building experience of that republic, and is a book based on his residency in Baku between the troubled years of 1991-1994. He spends an average of three or four months a year in the Caucasus region, both North and South and is currently under contract by St Martins/Tom Dunne to write a more general book on the area, tentatively entitled "Chalk Circle" that is due out in 2001. He is a frequent contributor to the Washington Quarterly, the Los Angles Times Op Ed section and other selected publications. He also lectures on Caucasus issues at leading American universities and think tanks, and is a regular guest on the American Committees on Foreign Relations circuit. In addition to native American English, he speaks German, Arabic, Turkish, Azerbaijani and Russian. He is currently at work organizing an exploratory lyceum-style motorcycle ride down the proposed Baku-Ceyhan pipeline.
Keywords: Azerbaijan; Caucasus; Baku-Ceyhan; Oil; Ethnic Conflict; Karabakh; Abkhazia; Chechnya; Turkey; Pipelines
Language: English (1), German (2), Turkish (2), Azerbaijani (2), Russian (3), Arabic (4)
Location: Livingston, MT, USA; and Ayvalik, Turkey, Turkey

Golunov, Sergey V.

Kandidat istoricheskikh nauk
Title: Asst. Prof.
Affiliation: Volgograd State University, Department of Regional Studies and International Relations; Volgograd State University, Center for Eurasian Studies "Ra" (Deputy Director)
Tel./Fax: [7](8442)432-025
Contact Person: Dr. Alexander I.Kubyshkin, Head of the Department of Regional Studies and International Relations
E-mail: sgolunov(a)
Address: ul. Przhevalskogo, 8 \ Volgograd 400064 \ Russian Federation
Profile: Research studies in area of politics and international relations that include such relevant topics of research interests as security and cooperation in zone of Russian-Kazakhstan's border, the role of Caucasian and Central Asian migration to Russia in context of regional and national security, the problems of political, economic and social interaction of the Lower Volga region (Russia) with Muslim countries and regions.
* The place of residence is situated in the Lower Volga region of Russia which borders to Kazakhstan and itself is cross-roads of key communication ways that connect Caucasus, Central Asia and Caspian area to the European part of Russia.
* The theme of kandidatskaya dissertatsia (equivalent to Ph.D. thesis) was Western Scholars and Publicists about the Role of Islam in CIS (in Russian). The thesis was depended in the Institute of Oriental Studies (Russian Academy of Science) in 1998.
* Deputy Director of the Center for Eurasian Studies at Volgograd State University.
Keywords: International Relations; Islam; Volga Region, Lower; Kazakstan; Trans-border Interactions; Regional Security; Caspian Region; Ethnic Migration; Diaspora; Ethnic Conflicts
Language: Russian (1), English (2), French (4), German (4), Italian (4), Turkish (4)
Location: Volgograd, Russian Federation

Goodson, Larry P.

Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Political Science, 1990
Title: Asst. Prof.
Affiliation: American University in Cairo
Tel./Fax: [20](2)357-6803; Home:[20](2)519-6264; fax:[20](2)355-7565
E-mail: lgoodson(a)
Address: Department of Political Science \ 113 Sharia Kasr El Aini \ Cairo, 11511 \ Egypt
Web Links:
Profile: Extensive research in Afghanistan and Pakistan examining the way in which both states and societies have been transformed by high-intensity war.
* Over a year lived in the region in three visits since 1986.
* Book: "The Future of Afghanistan Under the Taliban: Impact of State Failure on Regional Politics" (University of Washington Press, in press, forthcoming Fall 2000), and numerous articles and chapters, such as "Foreign Policy Gone Awry: The Kalashnikovization and Talibanization of Pakistan," in Pakistan 2000, Craig Baxter and Charles H. Kennedy, eds. (Lexington Books, 2000) and the Afghanistan updates for "Jane's Sentinel."
* Experience consulting on Afghan-Pakistani politics for various government and non-government organizations and commenting for various news organizations.
* Extensive experience in rural and tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan and wide contacts among both current and past Afghan elites provide great access.
* Participation in numerous conferences (APSA, MESA, ISA, AAS)on Afghanistan and Pakistan.
* Delivered numerous lectures on Afghanistan and the Taliban to a wide range of audiences in different countries
Keywords: Afghanistan; Pakistan; Taliban; Islam; Drugs; War; Ethnicity; Terrorism; Politics; Economics
Language: English (1), Spanish (3), Arabic (4), Pushto (4)
Location: Cairo, Egypt

Gorenburg, Dmitry P

Title: Director of Russian and East European Programs
Affiliation: Center for Strategic Studies
The CNA Corporation
Tel./Fax: '703-824-2464
E-mail: gorenbud(a)
Address: 4825 Mark Center Drive \ Alexandria, VA 22311 \ USA
Profile: Dmitry Gorenburg is a Research Analyst and Director of Russian and East European Studies at the Center for Strategic Studies of The CNA Corporation, where he has worked since 2000. Dr. Gorenburg is currently directing a study on regional security in the Baltic Sea region. Other studies he has worked on at CNA include Russian-American relations, U.S. policy toward Iraq, and the history of U.S. Naval crisis response. He has co-authored several CNA publications related to these studies. He has also published several articles on minority nationalism in the Russian Federation that have appeared in journals such as World Politics and Europe-Asia Studies. He is also the author of a book entitled Nationalism for the Masses: Minority Ethnic Mobilization in the Russian Federation, which is forthcoming from Cambridge University Press in 2002. He has conducted extensive field research in Russia and speaks native Russian. Prior to CNA, Dr. Gorenburg worked as a research associate at the Harvard Project on Cold War Studies.
Keywords: Russian-American relations; Regional security; Ethnic conflict; Turkic ethnic groups; Tatarstan; Social movements; Ethnic identity change
Language: Russian (1), French (4)
Location: Washington, DC, USA

Gursoy-Naskali, Emine (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Handrahan, L. M.

M.A., Ph.D. Candidate
Title: Director, The Finvola Group
Affiliation: The London School of Economics and Political Science
Tel./Fax: fax:[1](202)318-0298
E-mail: l.m.handrahan(a)
Address: \ United Kingdom
Web Links:
Profile: Director of the Finvola Group (, a human rights and gender consulting group, with over ten years of experience in the human rights community, two years of which were spent in Kyrgyzstan working for the UNDP and UNHCR. Additionally work for the French Parliament, The Asia Foundation, The Soros Foundation, Mongolia National University, and the Austrian government, teaching a human rights course for government officials in Uganda. Also completing a Ph.D. at the Gender Institute of The London School of Economics and Political Science. Dissertation title is, "Understanding Implications and Impacts of Gendered Ethnicity in Consolidating Democracy: The Case of Central Asia's Kyrgyzstan."
Keywords: Gender; Women's Rights; Human Rights; Central Asia; Kyrgyzstan; Mongolia; Ethnicity; Democracy; U.S. Democracy Assistance
Language: English (1), French (3), Russian (3)
Location: Washington, DC, USA

Hauner, Milan L.

Ph.Dr., Charles Univ., Prague; Ph.D., Cambridge
Affiliation: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Tel./Fax: [1](608)238-5961
E-mail: mhauner(a)
Address: 5013 Risser Road \ Madison, WI 53705 \ USA
Profile: Main work is "India in Axis Strategy: Germany, Japan, and Indian Nationalists in the Second World War", published by the German Historical Inst., London, and Klett Verlag Stuttgart(1981). A comprehensive analysis of wartime propaganda and military strategy, dealing mostly with the activities of Subhas Chandra Bose both in Europe and Asia (I.N.A.). A considerable portion of the book deals with Afghanistan, the main German spying center in Asia. In addition to German military and foreign ministry archives extensive British primary sources from the PRO and IRO used. Further books: "Hitler: A Chronology of His Life and Time" (Macmillan 1983); (With Robert Canfield) "Afghanistan and the Soviet Union: Collision and Transformation" (Westview 1989); "The Soviet War in Afghanistan: Patterns of Russian Imperialism" (FPRI, Philadelphia,1991). "What is Asia to us? Russia's Asian Heartland Yesterday and Today" (Unwin and Hyman 1990, Routledge 1992), consists of three essays: Asia in the Russians, Russia's Central Asian Heartland, and the Heartland Debate - including discussion on the geopolitical theories of Mackinder, Haushofer, as well as many less known Russians.
Keywords: Political History; India, Modern; Afghanistan; Central Asia; Geopolitical Theory; Heartland of Eurasia
Language: English, Czech, German (1); French, Russian (2); Polish, Italian, and others (4)
Location: Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Hoffman, David (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Horsman, Stuart

Ph.D., Department of Politics, University of Sheffield, 1999
Title: Research Analyst
Affiliation: Foreign and Commonwealth Office
E-mail: s.horsman(a)
Address: FCO Whitehall, London W83 \ United Kingdom
Web Links:;
Profile: Ph.D. Security Issues Facing the Newly Independent States of Central Asia: The Cases of Kazakstan and Uzbekistan, Department of Politics, University of Sheffield, 1999.
Key Publications
* "The Environment, Identity and Politics in Central Asia: An Unhealthy Relationship" in A. Dobson, and J. Stanyer, (eds.) Contemporary Political Studies 1998, Nottingham, 1998, pp. 182-193.
* "The Tajik Minority in Contemporary Uzbekistani Politics" in K. Cordell, (ed.) Ethnicity and Democratisation in the New Europe, Routledge, London, 1999, pp. 197-222.
* "Uzbekistan's Involvement in the Tajik Civil War 1992-7: Domestic Considerations" Central Asian Survey, Vol. 18, No 1, 1999, pp. 37-48.
* "Central Asian Attrition" The Review, Issue 1, March 2000, pp. 12-3.
* "Environmental Security: Regional Cooperation or Conflict?" in Allison, R. and Jonson, L. (eds.) Central Asian Security: The New International Context, RIIA/Brookings Institution, London, 2001.
* "Environmental Security in Central Asia" RIIA Briefing Paper, RIIA, London, No 17, 2001.
Keywords: Central Asia; Uzbekistan; Tajikistan; Environmental Security; Political Islam; Foreign and Security Policy; Inter-ethnic Relations; Mountaineering, Soviet
Language: English (1), Russian (4)
Location: London, United Kingdom

Kabbani, Shaykh Muhammad Hisham (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Karagiannis, Emmanuel

Title: Senior Consultant
Affiliation: Middle East Consultants, London
Tel./Fax: mob.:[44](7939)668368
E-mail: mkaragiannis(a)
Address: Granville House \ 132-135 Sloane Street \ London, SW1X 9AX \ United Kingdom
Profile: Emmanuel Karagiannis has obtained the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Hull's Department of Politics and Asian Studies. His field of research was the geopolitics of oil transportation in the Caucasus region. He examined the connection between oil transportation and security in the Caucasus; the role of Russia and Turkey in the region; ethnic conflicts in Nagorno-Karabakh, Turkey, Georgia and the North Caucasus; inter-state relations (e.g. Georgia and Azerbaijan); and risk-management strategies and scenarios for Western oil companies. He received his B.A. in European Community Studies from South Bank University and an M.A. in International Security Studies from the University of Reading. He has published a number of articles about Turkey, Russia, the Caucasus and the geopolitics of energy in American and European journals. He is currently working as a Senior Consultant and Coordinator for the Caspian Energy and Security Forum with the MEC International in London.
Keywords: The Caucasus; Caspian Sea Region; Turkey; Azerbaijan; Energy; Pipelines; Ethnic Conflict; Geopolitics; Georgia; Armenia
Language: Greek (1), English (4)
Location: London, United Kingdom

Karasik, Theodore

Title: Consultant
Affiliation: RAND
Tel./Fax: [1](310)397-0603
E-mail: tkarasik(a)
Address: 3409 Stoner Avenue \ Los Angeles, CA 90066 \ USA
Profile: Extensive research on the Caucasus and Central Asia examining clan structures, politics, security, and energy capabilities.
* A total of 13 years research and analysis with over forty publications.
* Special attention to political, military, and economic links with Persian Gulf states since Soviet implosion.
* Special abilities: Background in geology.
* Participation in numerous conferences and workshops on Caucasus and Central Asia. Publications include: "Azerbaijan, Central Asia, and Future Persian Gulf Security," RAND, N-3579-AF/A, June 1992. "Aleksandr Dzasokhov in North Ossetia," Turkistan Newsletter, Volume: 98-2:012, 21 January 1998. "Bakinskaia Guberniia Petroleum Industry During Early Industrialization, 1850-1880," Turkistan Newsletter, Volume:97-1:35, 14 August 1997. "Chechnya: A Glimpse of Future Conflict?," Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, Vol. 22, Summer 1999 (with John Arquilla). "The Crisis in Azerbaijan: How Clans Influence the Politics of an Emerging Republic," Middle East Journal, Vol. 4, Nos. 1-2, Summer 1995 (with Joseph Kechichian).
Keywords: Armenia; Azerbaijan; Georgia; Kazakstan; Kyrgyzstan; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan; Chechnya; Islam
Language: English (1), Russian (2), Azerbaijani (4)
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Khan, Ijaz

Title: Asst. Prof.
Affiliation: Department of International Relations, University of Peshawar, NWFP, Pakistan
Tel./Fax: [92](91)845536 [Home]; [9216752 [Office]; fax: 9216670
E-mail: khattak(a)
Address: 8 Gulmohar Road \ University Town \ Peshawar \ NWFP \ Pakistan
Web Links:
Profile: Teaching as Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, University of Peshawar, NWFP, Pakistan since 1988.
Keywords: Afghanistan; Pakistan; Foreign Policy; Human Rights; Democracy; International Law; Globalization
Language: Pashto (1), Urdu (2/3), English (2/3)
Location: Peshawar, Pakistan

Khan, Jamaluddin (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Khan, Zahid Anwar

Ph.D in Central Asian Studies, M.A. History, M.A. English, M.A. Philosophy, M.A. Political; Science
Title: Asst. Prof.
Affiliation: Department of International Relations, University of Peshawar, NWFP, Pakistan
Tel./Fax: [92](91)845536 [Home]; [9216752 [Office]; fax: 9216670
E-mail: khattak(a)
Address: 8 Gulmohar Road \ University Town \ Peshawar \ NWFP \ Pakistan
Web Links:
Profile: I did Ph.D. on, "The impact of Marxism on Muslims in British India 1917-1947, with special reference to Central Asia. I am these days working as Assistant Professor of Central Asian Studies at the Area Study Centre, University of Peshawar, Pakistan. A total of 13 years research and analysis with over 20 international publications. Conducted several field studies regarding Afghan crisis in Pakistan as well as Afghanistan. Also visited Sinkiang for academic research. Participated in several international conferences including one on " Cultural Heritage on the Expanses of the Central Asia and Eurasia" in Ashgabat, May, 2001.

Khan, Zahid Anwar (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Khawaja, Asma Shakir

Title: Researcher
Affiliation: Quaid-e-azam University Islamabad, Pakistan.
Tel./Fax: 0092-51-5572770
Contact Person: Shahbaz saeed
E-mail: asmakhawaja(a)
Address: Khawaja House, Nadir Street, New Lalazar, Rawalpindi \ Pakistan
Profile: Masters in Political science, Pakistan studies, and defence and strategic studies.
Mphil in defence and strategic studies
Msc dissertation, on "Tajik civil war, myths and realities"; Professional researcher in strategic studies; Political analyist
Keywords: Central Asia; Environmental Problems; Tajik Civil War; UN Peace Keeping in Somalia; Pakistans Nuclear Strategy; Economics of weapons of mass destruction in India and Pakistan
Language: Urdu (1), English (2)
Location: Abu-dahbi, United Arab Emirates

Kim, Sunho

Title: Contract Professor
Affiliation: Pusan University of Foreign Studies, Department of Central Asian Studies
Tel./Fax: [82](11)9517-9099; fax:[82](51)622-0601
Contact Person: Ms. Lee, Misun (assistant)
E-mail: toluikim(a)
Address: Apt. 5-204, NamChun-Dong \ Suyoung-Gu \ Pusan City #613-010 \ Korea
Profile: Area studies on Central Asia (International Relations and economic cooperation).
* Extensive research on development of the relationship between the Mongolia and the China.
* Lecturer in various University; Politics and Economy in Mongolia and Central Asian 5 countries.
* Director of the Korean-Mongol Forum (Every year Visit in Mongolia since 1990).
* B.A. in Korea; Sinology. M.A. in Taiwan China; Mongolistic; Ph.D. in Germany; Mongolistic, Sinology, Politic.
* Ph.D. Thesis; "The development of political relationship between the Mongolian People's Republic and the People's Republic of China (1952-1989)".
* Recently researching on mineral resource of Mongolia
Keywords: Mongolia; China; Political Economy; Development; Minority; Mineral Resource; Uzbekistan
Language: Korean (1), Chinese (1), German (2), English (2), Mongolian (3),, Russian (4)
Location: Pusan, Korea

Kocaoglu, Timur (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Krasavin, Serge (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Kron, Henry

M.A., Near Eastern Studies Princeton
Title: Major, Security Assistance International Programs Manager
Affiliation: US Department of Defense, US Central Command
Tel./Fax: [1](813)828-6079
E-mail: hkron(a)
Address: 6224 S Kelly Rd \ Tampa, FL 33611 \ USA
Profile: US Army Major currently assigned to US Central Command. Responsible for managing US DOD security assistance program to Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan. Frequently interacts with and advises Commander in Chief, Central Command, Asst Secretary of Defense, for Eurasia, Dept of State Security Assistance to Newly Independent States, Ambassadors, Host Nation Ministers of Defense on political-military issues.
Keywords: U.S.-Central Asian Military Relations
Language: Turkish (2)
Location: Tampa, Florida, USA

Lindberg, John A. (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Makarenko, Tamara

Ph.D., University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK
Title: Lecturer in Criminology
Affiliation: University of Glamorgan (UK); Special Advisor on Transnational Crime - Jane's Intelligence Review; Senior Associate, Cornell Caspian Consulting
Tel./Fax: [44](778)615 2534, [44](1443)482070
E-mail: kyelca(a), tmakaren(a)
Address: Centre for Criminology \ HaSS \University of Glamorgan \ Pontypridd CF37 1DL \ Wales \ United Kingdom
Profile: Extensive academic and professional experience in Central Asia and the Caspian as a result of conducting numerous consulting and research projects in the region. Expertise on security issues in Central Asia, focusing on terrorism, organised crime and the drug trade; Participated in numerous international conferences/workshops/seminars on security and development in Central Asia and the Caspian; Published various academic articles (journals and book chapters) and professional articles on organised crime, terrorism and security in the region - currently providing regular monthly analytical articles for Jane's Intelligence Review; consultant to media (including CNN, BBC, RFE/RL), consultant to corporate entities; adviser to several government institutions.
Keywords: Terrorism; Security; Drug Trafficking; Business Development; Religious Fundamentalism; Organized Crime; Kyrgyzstan; Kazakstan; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan; Caspian
Language: English (1), Ukrainian (2), Russian (4), French (4)
Location: Aberystwyth, Wales, United Kingdom

McKay, Alexander C. (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

McMann, Kelly M.

Title: Associate
Affiliation: Davis Center for Russian Studies, Harvard University
E-mail: kellym(a)
Address: 1737 Cambridge Street \ Cambridge, MA 02138 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: As a political scientist, my focus is on comparative politics, specifically politics of the former Soviet Union. My particular regions of interest are post-Soviet Central Asia and Russia. I am currently working on a book manuscript examining the interaction between political and economic reform in the post-Soviet context. For this project I did fieldwork, including 252 interviews, in four post-Soviet provinces: Osh and Naryn in Kyrgyzstan and Samara and Ul'ianovsk in Russia. In my latest project I am exploring how average citizens cope with political and economic reform. I taught an introductory undergraduate seminar on Central Asia at Yale University in the fall of 1999 and will teach a similar course there in the spring of 2001.
Keywords: Politics; Democratization; Economic Reform; Political Reform; Provincial Politics; Kyrgyzstan; Osh; Naryn; Coping; State-Building
Language: English (1), Russian (2), Uzbek (4)
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Mikosz, David James

Title: Central Asian Program Coordinator
Affiliation: International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX)
E-mail: david(a)
Address: 103 Furmanova, Room 516 \ Almaty 480091 \ Kazakstan
Web Links:;;
Profile: I have taught history and economics with the Civic Education Project in Petropavlovsk. I am currently the Central Asian coordinator of the Internet Access and Training Project. We give access, provide training and increase local content on the Internet. I have considerable experience with universities and NGOs in the region as well as contacts outside. I have traveled to all of the Central Asian republics, including many regional cities.
Keywords: Internet; Political Systems; Elections; Civic; Higher Education
Language: English (1), Russian (3)
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Motika, Raoul

Ph.D., University of Heidelberg, Germany, 1997
Title: Dr.
Affiliation: University of Heidelberg, Islamwissenschaft
Tel./Fax: [49](6221)54-29-69, 54-35-82; fax:[49](6221)542963
Contact Person: Sabine Khanoussa
E-mail: raoul.motika(a)
Address: Sandgasse 7 \ D - 69117 Heidelberg \ Germany
Web Links:
Profile: Expert for foreign policy of Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia.
* Consultant for political foundations, German government agencies and the EU commission (Crisis Prevention Network).
* Field work in Azerbaijan on local politics, Islam, international relations for about ten years.
* Research project on Turkish-Islamic missionary activities and the development of Islam in Southern Caucasia (Azerbaijan, Georgia) and Tatarstan
Keywords: Azerbaijan; Georgia; Armenia; Turkey; Iran; Tatarstan; Politics; Foreign Policy; Islam; Islamic Missionary Activities
Language: German (1), English (2), Turkish (2), Azeri (2), French (3), Persian (3), Russian (4), Tatar (4)
Location: Heidelberg, Germany

Nalle, David (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Nicolini, Beatrice (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Nuryagdiev, Murad

Ph.D., Moscow State University, 1987
E-mail: mnuryagdiev_99(a)
Address: \
Profile: Eight years of service in the capacity of Deputy Head, then Acting Head of Foreign Department in the Office of the President of Turkmenistan, and Minister-Counselor of Mission of Turkmenistan to the United Nations
Keywords: Foreign Policy of Turkmenistan; Foreign Policy of Central Asian States; Regional Security in Central Asia and Caspian Sea Basin
Language: Russian (1), English (1)
Location: , USA

Ögütcü, Mehmet

M.S., International Economics, London School of Economics; M.A., European Administration, College d'Europe
Title: Principal Administrator
Affiliation: OECD
Tel./Fax: [33](1)40576584
E-mail: mehmet.ogutcu(a)
Address: 9 rue de la Federation \ 75015 Paris \ France
Web Links:;
Profile: Currently with the OECD/IEA Secretariat in charge of co-operation and policy dialogue with China, Central Asia and other Asia-Pacific countries. Nineteen years of public and private sector experience addressing foreign affairs, energy, banking, international trade, investment, environment, and development issues. Frequently worked with high-level political, business, academia and government leaders. Extensive experience in assisting foreign governments and firms in their Asia-Pacific, Central Asia and Turkey operations. Conceptualized, fund raised and managed projects for Central Asia and China. Served the Turkish Prime Minister and Minister of Economy in their cabinet. Prolific writer. Have lived, studied and traveled extensively overseas.
Keywords: China; Central Asia; Energy; Geopolitics; Islam; Turkey
Language: Turkish (1), English (2), French (4), conversational Mandarin (4) and some Central Asian languages (4)
Location: Paris, France

Olkhovsky, Paul George

Title: Senior Analyst
Affiliation: Delex Systems, Inc.
Tel./Fax: [1](703)734-8300 ext. 397
E-mail: pusha(a)
Address: 4418 South Fourth St. \ Arlington, VA 22204 \ USA
Profile: * Through repeated visits worked for the last ten years in Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan working on US government-funded mass media public education programs dealing with public health and economic issues.
Keywords: Media; Health; Public Education; Privatization; Economics; Rule-of-Law; Russia; Kyrgyzstan; Kazakstan; USAID
Language: English (1) Russian (2) Serbo-Croatian (4)
Location: Arlington, Virginia, USA

Paksoy, H. B. (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Palms, Peter (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Pojman, Ruth F.

M.A. International Relations
Title: Program Officer
Affiliation: International Organization for Migration
E-mail: rfpojman(a)
Address: '4977 Battery Lane #1005 \ Bethesda, MD 20814 \ USA
Profile: Worked with the International Organization for Migration and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for 5 years in the Kyrgyz Republic on national and regional migration issues (policy development, capacity building and technical assistance projects, border control, freedom of movement and human rights) in cooperation with NGOs, the government and the media. Consulted for Mobil Oil in Kazakhstan and for Abt Associates Zdrav reform project in the Kyrgyz Republic. Directed research projects on trafficking in persons and rural-urban migration.
Keywords: Central Asia; Kyrgyzstan; Kazakhstan; Migration Management; Trafficking in Persons; Rural-Urban Migration; Forced Migration; Border Control; Human Rights; Ethnic Minorities; Gender; Disabilities; Media; International Organizations; NGOs
Language: English (1), Russian (2), French (3)
Location: Washington, D.C., USA

Pürsün, Yanki

E-mail: tdhava(a)
Address: \
Web Links: , ,
Profile: Aviation Specialist in Germany with knowledge on Central Asia, Caucasus and CIS
Keywords: Aviation; Airlines; Airports; Transport; Central Asia; Caucasus; Crimea; Air Traffic
Language: German (1), Turkish (1), English (2), turkic dialects (4)
Location: Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Rakhim, Bakhramov (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Reetz, Dietrich

Ph.D.; Privatdozent (post-doctoral degree/habilitation - in progress)
Title: Research Scholar
Affiliation: Department of Non-Arabian Islam, Humboldt University Berlin (secondary affiliation: Centre for Modern Oriental Studies, Berlin, see at their webpage, under staff)
Tel./Fax: [49](30)5057-9809
E-mail: dreetz(a)
Address: Luisenstr. 54-55, D-10117 Berlin \ Germany
Web Links:
Profile: * Followed relations and interconnections between South Asian states, notably India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the states of former Soviet Central Asia. Analysed the political, economic and religious side of this relationship, also in relation to radical Islamist movements for some conferences and research articles. (Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Villanova PA, 1/1993 and 1/1999)
* Additional abilities: Evaluation of Russian and former Soviet policies towards Central Asia on the basis of expertise obtained during degree course in international relations in Russia (1970-75) and temporary assignments in the former East German diplomatic service (mainly 77-84), updated through the study of Russian-language sources lately.
* (Post-doctoral) Habilitation Thesis: God's Kingdom on Earth: The Contestation of the Public Sphere by Islamic Groups in Colonial India (1900-1947), Berlin: Free University 2001. (pp. 381, in English)
* Relevant research monograph: Hijrat - The Flight of the Faithful. A British File on the Exodus of Muslim Peasants from North India to Afghanistan in 1920. Berlin: Das Arabische Buch, 1995, pp. 145.
* Participated in numerous conferences on South Asia and Islam, travelled widely in South Asia, Russia, the US, Britain and France on academic and consulting projects.
Keywords: Central Asia, Post-Soviet; Uzbekistan; Turkmenistan; Tajikistan; Afghanistan; Pakistan; Kashmir; India; South Asia; Radical Islam
Language: German (1), English (2), Russian (2), Urdu (2/3)
Location: Berlin, Germany

Rezrazi, Elmostafa

Ph.D., Asian Affairs, University of Tokyo
Title: Researcher
Affiliation: The Japan Center of Area tudies. The National Muesum of Ethnology. 10-1Senri Park. Osaka 565-8511
Tel./Fax: tel./fax:[81](3)5776-3286
E-mail: rezrazi(a)
Address: The University of Tokyo \ The Institute of Oriental Culture \ 8F Bunkyo-Ku \ Hongo 7-3-1 \ Tokyo 113 \ Japan
Web Links:
Profile: Worked in many projects on Central Asian Areas. My main interest on the Area during last five years covers Islamic Groups in the Area, Russian and Korean minorities and political elites in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Recently I am interested on the Future of Energy Resources in Central Asia and Competitive partners in East Asia and Europe. My publications on the Regional political and local situation were published both in Japanese and Arabic. Some other publications will be soon ready in English.
Keywords: Central Asia; Diplomacy; Political Stability; Market Security
Language: Arabic, French, English, Japanese, Korean, Persian and Turkish
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Root, Hilton L. (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Roy, Olivier P.

Ph.D., Poltical Science; Agregation de Philosophie
Title: Senior Researcher
Affiliation: CNRS
Tel./Fax: [33](2)37-50-19-87; fax:[33](2)37-64-21-18
E-mail: oroy(a)
Address: A Palce du Vieux-Pre \ F- 28100 Dreux \ France
Profile: Field work on political anthropology in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (since 1990). Head of the OSCE mission in Tajikistan (1993-1994). Author of: "Kolkhoz and Civil Society in the Independent States of Central Asia", in Civil Society in Central Asia, edited by Holt Ruffin and Daniel Waugh, University of Washington Press, 1999. "The New Central Asia, The creation of Nations", Tauris University Press, 2000
Keywords: Islam, Contemporary; State and Society; International Relations; Kolkhozes and Privatization
Language: French (1), English (2), Persian/Tajik (3)
Location: Dreux, France

Rubin, Barnett R.

Title: Director of Studies
Affiliation: Center on International Cooperation, New York University
Tel./Fax: [1]212-998-3860
Contact Person: Linda Long
E-mail: barnett.rubin(a)
Address: '418 Lafayette St., #543 \ New York, NY 10003 \ USA
Profile: Author of several books on Afghanistan and Central Asia; directed several programs on conflict, human rights; consultant to UN and several foundations and NGOs.
Keywords: Afghanistan; Conflict; Central Asia; Tajikistan; War Economy; Drug Trade; Refugees; Islamism
Language: English (1) French (2) Spanish (3) Hebrew (3) Persian (4) Urdu (4) German (4)
Location: New York, New York, USA

Samii, A. William

Title: Regional Specialist
Affiliation: RFE/RL, Inc.
Tel./Fax: [42](2)2112-3630; fax:[42](2)2112-3630; Mobile:[42](602)353-684
E-mail: samiia(a)
Address: 1 Vinohradska \ 11000 Prague 1 \ Czech Republic
Web Links:
Profile: I am the Regional Specialist for Iran at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, where I prepare the RFE/RL Iran Report (, a weekly publication analysing Iran's domestic and foreign political, economic, and security affairs. I also give interviews to foreign media on developments in Iran and Lebanon, and I write for outside publications. Previously, I served with the Organization for Security and Europe in Armenia, was a Fulbright Scholar in the Republic of Georgia, and worked for the World Bank on Central Asian issues.
Keywords: Iran; Lebanon; Politics; Economics; Security; Narcotics; Drugs; Terrorism; Islam; Shia
Language: Persian 2, French 4, Spanish 4
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Schetter, Conrad Justus (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Schimmelpenninck van der oye, David Hendrik (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Schoeberlein, John S. (see entry under Social Issues)

Schwarz, Henry G.

Title: Professor Emeritus; President
Affiliation: Western Washington University, The Mongolia Society
E-mail: schwarz(a)
Address: 416 15th Street \ Bellingham, WA 98225 \ USA
Web Links: Guide to Scholars of Central Asia
Profile: Worked on the northern minorities of China, particularly the Mongols and Uyghurs, since 1958. Starting in 1973, this work has been continued in China on a yearly basis, first at the Central Nationalities Institute in Beijing and then in the field. Since 1993, I have also worked each year in Ulaanbaatar as advisor to, inter alia, the Academy of Sciences and the International Association for Mongolian Studies.
Keywords: Mongolia; Xinjiang; Minorities in Northern China; International Relations in Inner Asia; Chinese History, 20th Century
Language: English (1), Chinese (4), Mongolian (4), Uyghur (4), Russian (4), French (4), German (4)
Location: Bellingham, Washington, USA

Shea, Anthony M.

Ph.D., Oxford University, England
Title: Senior Partner
Affiliation: The Law firm "LegExp" in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Tel./Fax: [996](312)21-32-78; fax:[996](312)61-04-02
E-mail: legexp(a)
Address: Bishkek \ Kievskaya 131 Apt. 4 \ Kyrgyz Republic
Profile: Formerly professor of Law in UK specialising in banking and finance, then worked in these fields with international law firm Clifford Chance, Has worked and still works in Kyrgyzstan (and elsewhere) as lawyer consultant to international organisations (World Bank, EBRD, ADB, IMF, others) on many law reform or similar projects mainly in the field of privatization, bankruptcy, corporate, banking, financial law, roads legislation; also has own law firm in Bishkek advising private clients on such issues. Has drafted or participated in drafting of many laws - most notably bankruptcy laws - and many reports on the status of the legal system.
Keywords: Kyrgyzstan; Law; Legal Reform; Legal Advice; Legal System; Legislation; Lawyer
Language: English (1), Russian (2/3)
Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Small, Ian (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Sologub, Sergey Michailovich (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Spechler, Martin (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Tehranian, Majid

Ph.D., Political Economy and Government, Harvard University, 1969
Title: Professor and Director
Affiliation: University of Hawaii at Manoa; Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research
Tel./Fax: [1](808)955-8231, 988-9563; Fax: [1](808)955-6476, 988-4483
Contact Person: Ms. Christine Busby
E-mail: majid(a)
Address: 1600 Kapiolani Blvd., suite 1111 \ Honolulu, HI 96814 \ USA
Web Links:;
Profile: Majid Tehranian, a political economist with degrees from Dartmouth and Harvard, is currently professor of international communication at the University of Hawaii and director of the Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research. His latest books are Technologies of Power: Information Machines and Democratic Prospects (1990), Restructuring for World Peace: At the Threshold of the 21st Century (1992), and Global Communication and World Politics: Domination, Development, and Discourse (1999), Worlds Apart: Human Security and Global Governance (1999), and Aian Peace: Security and Governance in the Asia Pacific Region 1999). He has also published numerous articles on Iran, Islam, Central and West Asia.
Keywords: Iran; Islam; Central Asia; Middle East; West Asia; International Relations; Culture and Communication
Language: Persian (1), English (2), Arabic (4), French (5)
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Uehling, Greta (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Valentin, Matthias (see entry under Social Issues)

Varughese, George

Title: Programme Development Advisor
Affiliation: United Nations Development Programme
Tel./Fax: [977](1)523200
Contact Person: Sarita Tuladhar
E-mail: george.varughese(a)
Address: P.O. Box 107 \ Kathmandu \ Nepal
Profile: Ph.D. in Public Policy from Indiana University, Bloomington. Recently researched the organization of collective action for the governance and management of forest resources in Nepal from an institutional analysis perspective. Also interested in the institutional design of partnerships between local communities and government officials for local governance, participatory management of natural resources, and the delivery of social services. Most recently, published "Population and Forest Dynamics in the Hills of Nepal: Institutional Remedies by Rural Communities" in People and Forests: Communities, Institutions, and the Governance of Forests (2000), Cambridge: MIT Press; "The Contested Role of Heterogeneity" (under review, World Development, January 2000); "Coping with Changes in Population and Forest Resources: Institutional Mediation in the Middle Hills of Nepal" in Forest Resources and Institutions (1998) Forests, Trees, and People Programme, Working Paper no.3. Rome, Italy: FAO; and co-edited People and Participation in Development: The Dynamics of Natural Resource Systems (1997), Bloomington: Indiana University and Rampur: Tribhuvan University.
Keywords: South Asia; Nepal; Common-Pool Resources; Community Forestry; Madagascar; Political Economy; Institutional Analysis; Policy Analysis; Development Policy; Collective Action
Language: English (1), Nepali (2), Hindi (2), Malayalam (3), Spanish (4)
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

von Gumppenberg, Marie-Carin

E-mail: gumppenberg(a)
Address: Schleissheimer Str. 43 \ 80797 Muenchen \ Germany
Web Links:
Profile: * Extensive research in Kazakstan and Kyrgyzstan examining the ongoing political and economic reform process and their impact on the state and nation-building.
* More than 7 months in the region since 1996.
* Publication of several articles on Kazak; Ph.D. Thesis: "State- and Nation-Building in Kazakhstan"
Keywords: Political Science; Kazakstan; Ethnicity; Democratization; Social Conflict; Economic Development; Regional Cleavages; Security Policy; Central Asia
Language: German (1), Russian (2), English (2), French (4)
Location: Munich, Germany

Wang, Jianping (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Wheeler, Richard (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Zahid Anwar Khan, Zahid Anwar Khan

Ph.D in Central Asian Studies,M.A. History, M.A. English,M.A. Philosophy, M.A. Political; Science
Title: Assistant Professor
Affiliation: Area Study Centre,University of Peshawar ,Pakistan
Tel./Fax: 091/9216764
Contact Person: Director, Area Study Centre, University of Peshawar
E-mail: ozahid(a)
Address: House No.7, Khalil Colony, Canal Road, University town, Peshawar \ Pakistan
Profile: I did Ph.D on, "The impact of marxism on Muslims in British India 1917-1947",with special reference to Central Asia.I am these days working as Assistant Professor of Central Asian Studies at the Area Study Centre, University of Peshawar, Pakistan. A total of 13 years research and analysis with over 20 international publications. Conducted several field studies regarding Afghan crisis in pakistan as well as Afghanistan.Also visited Sinkiang for academic research. Participated in several international conferences including one on," Cultural Heritage on the Expanses of the Central Asia and Eurasia" at Ashgabat, May, 2001.
Keywords: Afghanistan; Pakistan; Uzbekistan; Tajikistan; Kazakistan; Turkmenistan; and Kighistan; Sinkiang; PRC; Russia(Transcaucasian Region)and Pakistan India Relations.
Language: Pukhto (1),Urdu (1), English (1)
Location: Peshawar, Pakistan

Zahid Anwar Khan, Zahid Anwar Khan (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Zelizer, Craig (see entry under Social Issues)

Zingel, Wolfgang-Peter (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Ziyamov, Shahobitdin

Doktor istoricheskikh nauk
Title: Prof., Senior Consultant
Affiliation: Pedogogical University of Uzbekistan
Institute of History of Uzbekistan
Tel./Fax: GMT+4 hours (998-71) 139 8324
Contact Person: Nizomiddin Ziyamov
E-mail: ziyamov.shahobitdin(a)
Address: Yunus Radjabiy str. 68-5 \ Tashkent, Uzbekistan 700031 \ Uzbekistan
Profile: Extensive sociological research in Central Asia examining the impact of post-communist reforms on the region and present economical, intergovernmental relation in Central Asia.
- Studying the problems of security and developing of Central Asia since Uzbekistan and other Central Asia countries started to be independent.
- Experience consulting in social assessments for International NGOs.
- Special abilities: Able to conduct focus groups and analysis the results of focus groups in Central Asia (near-native ability).
- Participation in numerous conferences and workshops on sustainable participatory development.
- Interested in issues of security and geopolitical location of Central Asia, international relation of the countries of the region.
Keywords: Central Asia; Security; Intergovernmental; Geopolitics; Social Safety; Afghanistan; Terrorism; Extremism
Language: Uzbek (1), Kyrgyz (2), Russian (2), English (3)
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan


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