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Economy and Natural Resources

Abazov, Rafis (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Abdullaev, Iskandar

Title: Director
Affiliation: Association of Uzbekistan for Sustainable Water Resources
Tel./Fax: [998](71)169-44-83
E-mail: auswr(a)
Address: P.O. Box 4545 Glavpochtamt \ Tashkent 700000 \ Uzbekistan
Web Links:
Profile: I was working for 10 years for Water Resources Development in the Aral sea. From 1990 to 1996 I was conduct field research at the Bukhara oasis on improvement of water use efficiency. From 1997 to 1999 I was teaching Common Ecology and Water Resources Planning. I published 35 scientific works in this direction. My current position Director of NGO in Water.
Keywords: Water Resources; Pollution; Water and Social Life; Environment; Irrigation; Agriculture
Language: Uzbek (1), English, Russian (2)
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Anderson, David George (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)


Anstey, Mark George

MSc. Resource Management, Edinburgh University
Title: UNDP/GEF Biodiversity Adviser
Affiliation: UNDP/GEF
Tel./Fax: [998](71)152-35-61
E-mail: mark.anstey(a)
Address: '4 Taras Shevchenko, Tashkent \ Uzbekistan
Profile: 6 years experience with UNDP biodiversity / environment projects in Central Asia but mainly in Uzbekistan. Have assisted governments in the development of UNDP/Global Environmental Facility (GEF) projects for biodiversity conservation and worked on preparation of Uzbekistan National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy and Action Plan (1998). Limited experience on Aral Sea Programme issues/projects.
Keywords: Biodiversity; Conservation; Global Environmental Facility (GEF); UNDP; Uzbekistan; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Kyrgyzstan; Kazakhstan; Karakalpakstan
Language: English (1)
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Aras, Bulent (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Bakhramov, Rakhim

M.S. Economics
Title: Managing Partner
Affiliation: Forum Capital Management
Tel./Fax: '917 639 4088
E-mail: rbakhramov(a)
Address: 1230 Avenue of the Americas \ Suite 736 \ New York, NY 10020 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: Investment fund manager. Worked in the region since 1992.
Language: Russian (1), English (1), Uzbek (2)
Location: New York, USA

Barkhudaryan, Arman (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Biaussat, Alban

MSc in International Relations - Univ. of Bristol 1995; MBA EAP 1993
Title: Project Manager
Affiliation: European Commission, EuropeAid Office of Cooperation (Brussels)
Tel./Fax: +33 6 03 34 19 36
E-mail: biaussat(a)
Address: 12 rue Pestalozzi \ 75005 Paris \ France
Profile: Experienced in economic development in FSU countries incl. Central Asia (Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan).
Experienced in regional / local governance and municipal State reform in Uzbekistan and Georgia.
Interested in identity issues in Uzbekistan; research dissertation on the relationship between Russians and Muslims in Central Asia.
Private sector and institutional development expert of the European Commission in FSU and south Mediterranean / Middle Eastern countries.
Keywords: Decentralization; SME; Restructuring; Private sector; Institution building; Economic development; Democracy; Uzbekistan; Kazakhstan
Language: French (1), English (1), Russian (2), German (3), Italian (3)
Location: Brussels, Belgium

Biliouri, Daphne (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Binay, Mehmet (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Bloch, Peter C.

Ph.D., Economics, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Senior Scientist and Faculty Associate
Affiliation: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Land Tenure Center and Department of Forest Ecology and Management
Tel./Fax: [1](608)265-2109
E-mail: pcbloch(a)
Address: \ USA
Profile: Experience in agrarian reform issues in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan since 1995. Worked on a variety of donor-funded programs (World Bank, USAID, British Department for International Development) as a researcher at the Land Tenure Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, as a member of the NGO Terra Institute, Ltd., and as an independent consultant. Have conducted research on the development of private agriculture and land markets, done technical assistance on those subjects and the institution of land registration systems and agricultural policy in general, and conducted training programs for academics in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to enable them better to conduct research under market economy conditions.
Keywords: Kyrgyzstan; Uzbekistan; Land Reform; Agriculture; Agrarian Reform; Economic Development
Language: English (1), French (1), German (4), Italian (4)
Location: Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Chang, Claudia (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Cotner, Douglas M.

Doctorate of Scient-Sc.D.
Title: Lecturer/Instructor of Environmental Science/Human Geography, Geology, and Mathematics
Affiliation: Brooks College-Long Beach, California; American Institute of Urban and Regional Affairs-Montgomery Village, Maryland
Tel./Fax: [1](310)676-4667
E-mail: dmcotner(a)
Address: 4917 West 131 Street \ Hawthorne, California 90250 \ USA
Web Links: CESWW Dissertatin Listing
Profile: Human/Cultural Geographer with a specialty in Sustainable Development. Central Asia and Uzbekistan figured highly in my doctoral dissertation, as case study examples.
* Senior Scientist at the American Institute of Urban and Regional Affairs.
* Regional Director-U.S. Geographical Survey and Hemispheric Resource Laboratory for Sustainable Development.
* Fellow, World Council on Sustainable Development.
* Consulting experience in sustainable resource management.
* Skilled in the use of Ecological Footprint Analysis for Sustainable Development.
* Expertise in Post-Modern Human Geography paradigms within the cultural context of "The Geography of Adapted Space." This work has led to "A Unified Field Theory of Adapted Space," which is of particular utility in solving environ-mental resource use and governance problems in developing nation settings.
* Interested in the strategic importance of Central Asia and Uzbekistan to the West in the twenty-first century.
* Expertise in post-soviet architecture and city planning. With emphasis on Tashkent, within the context of sustainable communities.
Keywords: Development, Sustainable; Uzbekistan; Ecological Footprint; Human Geography; Resources; Public Policy
Language: English (1)
Location: Hawthorne, California, USA

Cotter, Michael (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Crissman, Lawrence W.

Ph.D., Cornell, Anthropology, 1973
Title: Assoc. Prof. and Director, ACASIAN
Affiliation: Australian Centre of the Asian Spatial Information and Analysis network (ACASIAN), Asian and International Studies, Griffith University
Tel./Fax: '+61-7-3875-7285
E-mail: crissman(a)
Address: ACASIAN, AIS, Griffith University, Nathan, QLD 4111 \ Australia
Web Links:
Profile: Development of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) spatial databases for the postwar Soviet Census returns at rayon and gorsoviet levels for all of the former Soviet Union has been undertaken. Spatial data for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, plus Azerbaijan, Georgia, and the Russian Federation for the 1989 Soviet Census have been completed. Work is underway for similar spatial data for the 1959 census, and basic population figures at rayon and gorsoviet levels for the 1970 and 1979 censuses have been extracted from the Soviet Census Archives
Keywords: GIS Spatial Data; Population Data; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan; Azerbaijan; Georgia
Language: Russian (4)
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Cutler, Robert M. (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Davletova, Ljazzat

Kandidat economicheskich nauk, PH.D
Affiliation: Independent Consultant
Tel./Fax: [1]717-657-0682
E-mail: imsinfo(a)
Address: 6807 Clubhouse Drive #E \ Harrisburg , PA 17111 \ USA
Profile: * Central Asian Economic Consultant with proven abilities in performing marketing and economic development research, developing management and marketing programs to assist clients in achieving business objectives (references from local and foreign companies).
* Confident leader adept at supervising research analysts on technological and scientific development, mineral resources and industries of Kazakhstan,
* Creating course studies in international economy and providing guidance to students in world economy courses.
Participate many conferences, 14 publications
* Ph.D. 1992, Kazakh State Academy of Management, Almaty, Kazakhstan; The topic "Formation of scientific and technological market in Republic of Kazakhstan"
Keywords: Central Asian Market; Kazakhstan; Marketing Research; Science; Technology; World Economy
Language: Kazakh (1), Russian (1), English (2)
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Delaunay, Guy

Mountain Guide
Title: Senior Consultant
Affiliation: UIAGM (Union Internationale des Guides de Montagne); European Community, Equaterre, APRIAM, University of Chambery
Tel./Fax: [33](4)42-92-67-43
Contact Person: Equaterre Associations
E-mail: equaterre(a)
Address: 1245, Chemin de Fabrègues \ F-13510 Eguilles \ France
Profile: Sustainable tourism expert; Director of nature / adventure travel agency (Terres d'Aventure Conseil); Specialised on Himalayan countries, Africa, Sahara, South America, Indian Ocean and Subarctic Countries. President of "Equaterre Associations", network of pluridisciplinarian experts in sustainable development, acting in valorisation of natural areas, protection of environment, development of sustainable solutions. Director of "Services Division of APRIAM" (Association for Research, Innovation, and Adaptation in Mountain) gathering 35 Mountain Guides Associations working in the field of Ecotourism. Collaboration with University of Chambery for the building of a new DESS (Specialized High Degree Studies) on "Sustainable Development of Mountain Territories". Training of eco-guides, nature guides, mountain guides and local communities developers.
Keywords: Training; Development; Alpinism; Parks Development; Ecotourism; Nepal; Afghanistan; Tibet; Caucasus; Northern India; Black Sea Region; CEI
Language: French (1), English (1),German (3),Afghan Persian (4),Nepali (4)
Location: Aix-en-Provence, France

Djenchuraev, Nurlan

MSc (University of Manchester / Central European University)
Title: Chief of Laboratory
Affiliation: Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transportation and Architecture
E-mail: nurdjen(a)
Address: Prospekt Chui 151-17, 720011 \ Kyrgyz Republic
Web Links:
Profile: * Diploma in Chemical Engineering(1989) at Moscow University of Chemical Engineering
* MSc in Environmental Science and Policy at Univ. of Manchester / Central European University, thesis "Current Environmental Issues Associated with Mining Wastes in Kyrgyzstan"
* Member of Editorial Board of on-line journal Polysphere ( of USIA and BECA Alumni
*Member of Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA), US
* Experience in Environmental Impact Assessment issues in Kyrgyzstan
* Experience in Mining Wastes issues in Kyrgyzstan
Keywords: Kyrgyzstan; Environment; Environmental Impact Assessment; Mining Waste; Radioactive Waste; Bishkek-Osh Road; Sustainable Mountain Development
Language: Russian(1), English(3), French(4)
Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

El-Labbad, Mustafa

Title: Dr.
Tel./Fax: '453 19 16
E-mail: sharqnameh(a)
Address: 11341 Cairo, Heliopolis, Murad Bek Str.12 \ Egypt
Profile: Dr. Phil. in political economy from Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany. Editor-in-Chief of Sharqnameh, an Arabic journal which focuses on Iran, Turkey, and Central Asia. Think tank for decision-makers in the Arab world. Consultant for many Arab NGOs on Iran, Turkey, and Central Asia. Journalist at the Middle Eastern News Agency in Cairo, and for many Arabic newspapers.
Keywords: Caspian Oil; Oil Routes; Oil Pipelines; Arab - Central Asian Relations; Iran; Afghanistan; Arab-Iranian Relations; Geopolitics of Central Asia; Political Economy of Oil and Gas Pipelines; Orientalism.
Language: Arabic (1), German (1), English (2), Persian (3)
Location: Cairo, Egypt

Ene, Alexandru (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Ercolani, Giovanni (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Fast, Steven B.

A.M., Harvard University 1996
Title: Cost Accounting Manager
Affiliation: Hurricane Kumkol Munai
Tel./Fax: [7](32421)99551; [7](3272)53-27-80
E-mail: sfast(a)
Address: Almaty \ Kazakstan
Profile: Completed master's program at Harvard in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies in 1996. Thesis "Political economy of mass privatization in Kazakstan." Have worked as Cost Accounting Manager for Canadian oil company in Almaty and Kyzylorda for four years. Interests in interface of political and economic developments in Kazakstan.
Keywords: Economy; Oil; Natural Resources; Accounting Reform; Finance
Language: English (1) Russian (2)
Location: Almaty; and Kyzylorda, Kazakstan

Ferguson, Robert W.

Master of Urban Planning [1984]
Title: Consultant
Tel./Fax: [1](416)361-0266; fax:[1](416)361-9244
E-mail: robtferguson(a)
Address: '33 Euclid Ave. \ Toronto ON M6J 2J7 \ Canada
Profile: Worked from Jan 2000 - Jan 2001 on Public Awareness Component of the Water and Environmental Management Project for the Aral Sea Basin (GEF/World Bank funded), based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Provided training on undertaking public awareness activities for 5 teams in all five Central Asian Republics. Overall goal is to persuade heavy water users to use less water, so more will get through to Karakalpakstan and the Aral Sea.
Prior experience in Kyrgyzstan (March-April 1999) as consultant on setting up a UNDP program on supporting NGOs to undertake public awareness activities. And in Mongolia 1996-1999 as adviser on a UNDP Public Awareness Training program for NGOs and government agencies.
Keywords: Aral Sea; Kyrgyzstan; Mongolia; Public Awareness
Language: English (1) French (4) Spanish (4)
Location: Toronto, Canada

Fet, Victor

Title: Assoc. Prof
Affiliation: Department of Biological Sciences, Marshall University
Tel./Fax: [1](304)696-3116; Fax: [1](304)696-3243
E-mail: fet(a)
Address: 400 Hal Greer Blvd \ Huntington, West Virginia 25755-2510 \ USA
Web Links:;;
Profile: Biologist, an expert in zoology, taxonomy, animal evolution and genetics. Has PhD from the Zoological Institute, Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia (1984). Worked in the Natural Reserves of Turkmenistan in 1976-1987, teaches in the US universities since 1990. Taught Genetics, Biotechnology, Invertebrate Zoology, General Biology, Biogeography, Parasitology. Interested in the biodiversity, evolution, genetics and conservation of the unique fauna and flora of Central Asia and the Mediterranean. Research includes molecular techniques, particularly mitochondrial DNA PCR and sequencing - the same methods as used in forensic science and genetic engineering. Has numerous scientific publications concerning the fauna of Central Asia and the World. Conducted field work in Central Asia, Europe, Mexico and the USA. Worked in many museums around the world. Published edited books, "Biogeography and Ecology of Turkmenistan" (Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 1994) and "The Catalog of Scorpions of the World" (New York, 2000). Served as professional editor, translator, and interpreter for a number of conservation and environmental projects in Central Asia and CIS. Author of numerous literary works in Russian (poetry, essays).
Keywords: Conservation; Turkmenistan; National Parks; Reserves; Biodiversity; Environment; Fauna; Flora; Scorpions
Language: Russian (1), English (1)
Location: Huntington, West Virginia, USA

Flott, Frederick William (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Foret, Philippe (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Gely, Johan

Ingenieur du Genie Rural [5 years], Louvain University, Belgium
Title: Consultant
Tel./Fax: [996](312)66-27-82; In France: [33](4)75-90-12-85
Contact Person: GELY Jean Dominique
E-mail: gely.johan(a)
Address: 43 Erkindik Bl \ Bishkek \ Kyrgyz Republic; 26160 Pont de Barret \ France \ Kyrgyz Republic
Profile: I have spent around three years in Central Asia, traveling, researching and working. My expertise lies in the field of rural infrastructure, rural finance, natural resources economist management and project planning and execution. This includes, a long term involvement in the general sector of agriculture in Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic, coordinating the implementation of high mountains integrated programme in the Pamir and agriculture rehabilitation and water and sanitation projects in the Ferghana Valley. Considerable experience of working both at field community level as well as government and institutional level. Experience of working in emergency situations (writing day to day Situation Report. Interest in all aspect of natural history, migration issues, regional economics.
Keywords: Ferghana Valley; Pamir; Ecology; Environment in Central Asia; Water Issues; Kyrgyzstan Economy; Tajikistan Economy; Uzbekistan; Land Reform; Economic Development; Aral Sea
Language: French (1), English (2), Russian (4)
Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Gleason, Gregory (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Goltz, Thomas C. (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Goodson, Larry P. (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Heap, Simon (see entry under Social Issues)

Hoffman, David

Title: Democracy Specialist
Affiliation: University of California, Berkeley and USAID
Tel./Fax: [1](510)594-9281; fax:[1](510)642-9515
E-mail: d_hoffman(a)
Address: '210 Barrows Hall \ Berkeley, CA 94720-1952 \ USA
Profile: Ph.D., Political Science, University of California, Berkeley, 2000
(Dissertation: "Oil and State-Building in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan")
1995-2000: Senior Associate, Caspian Research, Cambridge Energy Research Associates
1999: Field Consultant, Afghanistan, Human Rights Watch Arms Division
Keywords: Azerbaijan; Kazakhstan; Political Economy; Oil; State-Building; Corruption; Nepotism; Rentier States
Language: Russian (1), English (1), Turkish (4)
Location: Berkeley, California, USA

Horsman, Stuart (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Ishankuliev, Geldy

Title: Senior Lecturer
Affiliation: Turkmen Polytechnical Institute
Tel./Fax: [993](12)41-19-45
Contact Person: (9312)41-19-45
E-mail: geldy_ishankuliev(a)
Address: Bulvar Levitana dom 23, korp.2, kv.18 \ Aghgabat, 744004, TURKMENISTAN \ Turkmenistan
Profile: Natural Resources and Disaters Management; Caspian Region and Turkmenistan Energy market; Water Resourses and Environmental problems.
Keywords: Natural Resources; Natural Disasters; Environmental Issues
Language: Turkmen (1), Russian (1), English (2), Uzbek (4)
Location: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Ishankuliev, Geldy (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Jordan, Gavin H.

Title: Senior Lecturer
Affiliation: University of Central Lancashire
Tel./Fax: [44](1768)863791; fax:[44](1768)867249
E-mail: gavinjordan(a)
Address: National School of Forestry \ Newton Rigg Campus \ Penrith \ Cumbria CA11 0AH \ England
Web Links:
Profile: Extensive experience of forest resource management in the Nepal high mountains and Himalayas.
* Worked in the Sagarmatha National Park in 1992 using GIS to model deforestation and erosion risk.
* Worked at ICIMOD in 1998 on the People and Resource Dynamics Project, Nepal, examining the information needs for community forestry. This involved combining participatory results with natural resource assessment methods, and developing participatory inventory approaches suitable for community forestry. Involved close collaboration with the Nepal Australia Community Forestry Project.
* A number of other shorter consultancies and visits to Nepal, including an evaluation of GPS in the mountains of Nepal, and guest lectures/workshops at the National School of Forestry, Pokhara.
* Participated in a number of conferences on the development of participatory approaches to resource assessment and the use of GIS, and monitoring and evaluation of these approaches. Ph.D. Title: Integrating geomatics and participatory techniques for community forestry
Keywords: Community Forestry; Participatory Development; Natural Resource Assessment; GIS; Inventory; Nepal; Resource Management; Geomatics; Monitoring and Evaluation
Language: English (1), French (4)
Location: Preston, United Kingdom

Karagiannis, Emmanuel (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Kartanbaev, Bakyt

Graduate Diploma in Economics (Finance and Banking); in original language: Diplom, kvalificacia "Economist", specialnost: "Financy i Bankovskaya Dejatelnost"
Title: Director of Corporate Development Center
Tel./Fax: '+996 (312) 661837 (direct); +996 (312) 224320 (secr.); +996 (312) 662457; +996 (312) 663357
Contact Person: Mr. Kurmanbek Ukulov, Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister's Office of the Kyrgyz Republic; Mr. Ramesh Subramaniam, Financial Economist, Asian Development Bank
E-mail: bkartanbaev(a)
Address: 106 Chui Prospect, Bishkek, 720000 \ Kyrgyz Republic
Profile: 3-year continued experience of Corporate Governance development and introduction within Asian Development Bank Program "Corporate Governance and Enterprise Reform", Valuation Development activity;
* 1-year experience of Enterprise Restructuring and Development, Liability Assessment;
* 1-year experience of Enterprise Sector Development in the Prime Minister's Office of the Kyrgyz Republic;
* 1-year experience of Enterprise Management as CEO.
Presently, both as Director of Corporate Development Center and Head of Prime Minister's Office
Keywords: Corporate Governance; Public and Business Administration; Project Monitoring and Evaluation; Financial Management; Enterprise Restructuring and Development; Small and Medium Enterprises Development
Language: Kyrgyz (1), Russian (1), English (3), Kazakh (4)
Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Khakimzhanov, Sabit T.

Ph.D. Univ. of Minnesota, Applied Economics, 1999
Title: Dr.
Affiliation: Bilkent University, Department of Economics
Tel./Fax: office [90](312)290-1898, dept. fax [90](312)266-5140
E-mail: sabit(a)
Address: Bilkent University, Department of Economics, Ankara 06533 \ Turkey
Web Links:
Profile: * General computable equilibrium analysis of policy reforms such as trade liberalization, pension reform, tax cuts.
* Consulting and technical assistance to transition economies in fiscal/monetary policy.
* Participation in conferences in economic policy, computational methods, game theory.
* Ph.D. dissertation, 1999, "Sustainability of Trade Reforms".
* Developed mineral resource database and computational software such as LP and NLP solvers and matrix builders.
* 'Kandidat Tehnichskih Nauk' dissertation, "Models of Optimal Control of Coal Mines and Coal Preparation Plants", Coal Institute, 1991
Keywords: Sustainability; Trade Reform; Social Security; Fiscal Policy
Language: Russian (1), English (1)
Location: Ankara, Turkey

Khan, Jamaluddin

MBA [finance] University of Leeds, UK BBA [finance] Austin, USA
Title: Ecnomic Analyst, Khaki Services, Pakistan
Tel./Fax: [1](414)352-0029, 352-0356
Contact Person: In Pakistan Jawad Durrani Phone 92-91-819333
E-mail: jamalkhan72(a)
Address: '201 W Coventry Ct., Apt. 319 \ Glendale, WI 53217 \ USA
Profile: The bulk of my research is on the economic development of North and South Western Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia. I have published in excess of fifty articles on various economic topics relating to central Asia in the Frontier Post Newspaper in Pakistan
I have spent the last three years researching the economy and natural resources of different central Asian countries. I consider The North West Frontier Province and Baluchistan Province in Pakistan as a part of Central Asia rather then a part of the Indian Sub-continent. I think this area hold the key to the economic development of the entire central Asian economy It will be appropriate to consider this area as future Hong Kong and the rest of Central Asia as the future China. Trade between Central Asia and China, Central Asia and India and Central Asia and the Middle East can most efficiently be done through this route.
Keywords: Central Asia; Stock Exchange; Hydro Power Export; Industrialization; Tax Free Zone; Trade; Drug-trafficking, Combating; Mineral Exploitation; Tourism
Language: Pushto (1), Urdu/Hindi (2), English (2)
Location: Glendale, Wisconsin, USA

Kim, Sunho (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Krasavin, Serge

Ph.D., MBA
Title: Dr.
Affiliation: University of Illinois
Tel./Fax: [1](217)244-7404
E-mail: skrasavi(a)
Address: 108 E. Pennsylvania Ave. \ Urbana, IL 61801 \ USA
Web Links: Cyber Uzbekistan - the oldest site dedicated to Uzbekistan:
Profile: International operations and finance including JV creation. Project management. Computer security, Information technology, Physics of explosives. Mining operations, Demilitarisation.
Keywords: Uzbekistan; Central Asia; Business Development
Language: English (1), Russian (1)
Location: Urbana, Illinois, USA

Kushwaha, Satya P. S.

Ph.D., Forest Ecology, 1982
Title: Scientist-SF and Professor
Affiliation: Indian Institute of Remote Sensing
Tel./Fax: [91](135)744518 ext. 2425
E-mail: kushwaha1(a)
Address: 4 Kalidas Road, P.O. Box-135 \ Dehradun \ India
Profile: I have worked on Ecology of Shifting Cultivation north-eastern region if India located in eastern Himalayas with emphasis on population dynamics of exotic weeds in shifting cultivation areas. Since then I have been working on use of remote sensing and GIS technologies in forest resources inventory and ecological impacts assessments in Himalayas and rest of India. My expertise lies in ecological impacts assessment and remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) applications in forest resources inventory and ecosystem analysis. I have 23 years of research and professional experience in this area. From last five years I am also involved in training and education in above mentioned areas. I have attended about 50 symposia/seminars in India and abroad and published 75 papers. I have also worked as Alexandar von Humboldt Fellow in Department of Remote Sensing and Land Information System, Forestry Faculty, Univ. of Freiburg, Germany for one and a half year during 1992 and 1993. I am also recipient of ITTO award, Japan.
Keywords: Ecology; Shifting Cultivation; Forest Ecology; Sustainable Development; Biodiversity Assessment; Remote Sensing; Geographic Information System; Forest Inventory; Environmental Impact Assessment
Language: English, German, Hindi
Location: Dehradun, India

Lindberg, John A.

Title: Chief of Party
Affiliation: Carana Corporation
Tel./Fax: [998](71)120-78-30; fax:[998](71)120-78-34
E-mail: jalindberg(a)
Address: 40 Zarkaynar Street, 2nd Floor \ 700011 Tashkent \ Uzbekistan
Profile: Over the past few working with in the Central Asia region in Accounting Reform. Experience includes Financial Director for a large steel mill in Ukraine. Central Asian knowledge is concentrated on business enterprises in Uzbekistan
* Small to Medium sized firms. Familiar with "how to do business here, what are the pitfalls, what to avoid and who to talk with".
Keywords: Uzbekistan; Small- to Medium-sized Enterprises; Complex Accounting
Language: English (1), Russian (4)
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Mahkamdjanov, Shakhruh

Master of Science
Title: Consultant
Affiliation: Yakub Kolas 16, Banking and Finance Academy of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel./Fax: '[998](71)1016869
Contact Person: Mr. Mirsobit Achilov
E-mail: shahruh(a), shahruhm(a)
Address: Center - 1, 52, Apt #9, Tashkent 700000 \ Uzbekistan
Web Links:
Profile: Mr Makhkamdjanov, Shakhruh has earned his degree in International Economic Relations at the Oriental Studies University of Tashkent (Uzbekistan). He also studied at the University of Ankara (Turkey) at the department of Political Science as a visiting fellow. He obtained the Master Degree in Economy at the Banking and Finance Academy of Uzbekistan. During his professional career he was able to attend various training programs: on Trade Finance (Credit Suisse, Chase Manhattan Bank) international accounting and business (Maastrich). At the moment he is working for a Counterpart International hub office in Uzbekistan - as program coordinator for development civil society and NGO's in CAR. 3 years with UNDP project on economic and social studies. He started his professional carrier with National Bank of Uzbekistan in 1994.
At present he is also conducting a research work for PHD, on the item "Perspective principles of trade liberalization of economies in transition", and lecturing He is an author of several analytical reviews on: "Impact of Asian Crisis on Central Asian economies", "Uzbekistan and world grain market", "Energy sector development in Central Asia", "Uzbekistan: and world gold and precious metals market".
Keywords: Development; UNDP; GEF; Social Research; NGO; Project Monitoring; Project Evaluation; Banking and Finance
Language: Russian (1), English (2), Uzbek (2), Turkish (3)
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Manzardo, Andrew E.

Ph.D., Anthropology
Tel./Fax: [1](410)377-9121
E-mail: structure(a)
Address: 6214 Haddon Avenue \ Baltimore, MD 21212-1116 \ USA
Profile: Dr. Manzardo is an anthropologist with over 24 years experience in the design, planning, management and evaluation of rural development projects in 19 countries throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. He is a specialist in community-based participatory development, institutional strengthening, decentralization policy issues, development communications and rural development project design. His experience cuts across all sectors: agriculture, irrigation, forestry, resource management, health and nutrition, education and manpower development. His clients include the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, UNDP, UNFAO, UNDTCD, and USAID. He has served as principal advisor in the development of participatory management in the World Bank's irrigation sector projects in Nepal. Dr. Manzardo lived in Nepal for eight years, including two years as a Fulbright visiting lecturer. He has been committed to designing new projects and retro-fitting existing ones to develop approaches to resource management which maximize end users participation in project planning and implementation.
Keywords: Nepal; Development; Irrigation; Cultural Anthropology; India; Himalayas; Resource Management; Social Organization; Refugees; Pakistan
Language: English (1), Nepali (3) French (3)
Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Mock, John (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Moldogazieva, Kalia Sartbaevna (see entry under Social Issues)

Mueller, Michael

Title: Consultant
Affiliation: German Institute for Economic Research
Tel./Fax: [49](30)89789297; fax:[49](30)89789102
E-mail: mmueller(a)
Address: DIW \ Königin-Luise-Str.5 \ 14195 Berlin \ Germany
Web Links:
Profile: Project Coordinator of the "Kazakstan Economic Trends". In 1996 the German Institute for Economic Research, Berlin started publication of the quarterly edition "Kazakstan Economic Trends" (KET). It is published in English, Russian and Kazak. It includes the statistical part, the analytical section and the diary of economic and political events. The statistical part currently contains 49 annotated statistical tables comprising monthly, quarterly and annual data. The analytical part presents contributions by leading European and Kazak experts regarding recent economic performance and the progress of economic reforms in Kazakstan. Recently work has started to focus on environment problems in the Central Asian region.
Keywords: Kazakstan; Economy; Environment
Language: German (1), English (2), Russian (2)
Location: Berlin, Germany

Ögütcü, Mehmet (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Olsen, Carsten Smith

Ph.D., Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Forestry, 1997
Title: Asst. Prof.
Affiliation: Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Department of Economics and Natural Resources
Tel./Fax: [45]35-28-22-92; fax:[45]35-28-26-71
E-mail: cso(a)
Address: Rolighedsvej 23 \ 1958 Frederiksberg C \ Denmark
Web Links:
Profile: * Extensive research in northern Nepal on non-timber forest products, in particular on importance in rural livelihoods, trade and marketing.
* Eight years' experience of development work and research in developing countries. University level research and teaching experience.
* A total of three years in Nepal in three visits since 1992.
* Specialised knowledge on non-timber forestry, community forestry, trade and marketing, forest policy and economics.
* Specialised knowledge on utilisation and conservation of commercial medicinal plant species.
* Experience from consultancy work for donor organisations.
* Participation in numerous conferences and workshops on forestry and rural livelihoods.
* Ph.D. thesis "Commercial non-timber forestry in central Nepal: emerging themes and priorities".
Keywords: Forestry; Development; Livelihoods; Trade; Marketing; Policies; Legislation; Non-Timber Forest Products; Medicinal Plants; Nepal
Language: English (1), Danish (1), Portuguese (4)
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Palms, Peter

Ph.D., Honorary St Sampson University Oxford, England, 1984
Tel./Fax: [1](425)828-6774; fax:[1](425)827-5528
Contact Person: Anke van de Waal
E-mail: hi(a)
Address: Palms Harbor Lights Building #103 \ 515 Lake Street South \ Kirkland (Seattle), WA 98033 \ USA
Web Links: U.S. Government:; Testimonials:; References:; About Dr. Palms:; History of Company:; Financial:; Russian Exporter Clients: JSC Krasalkor Aluminiystroi Krasnoyarsk, Russia;; Branches in Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union:; Detailed Resumes on Web Design and Web E-commerce - Web Promotion:;;
Profile: Extensive experience from 1989 -2000 in economic development in Kazakstan and Uzbekistan and assessment and evaluation of proposals for equity and debt financing of industry. Expert at feasibility studies and market studies and making assessments of the likelihood of realization of projected outcomes. Experience in culture with respect to norms and methodology and cultural difference. Author of Understanding Russian Banking 1900 urls in 56 directories including 149 essays. Yeltsin-Clinton Summit Invited Delegate Advisor to USAID contractor Accurate predictions of foreign exchange Marine Bunker Refueling Services in Bering and Ochotsk Seas (Magadan Vladivotsok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Nakhodka) for Russian, Korean and Japanese ships.
Keywords: Economic Development; Venture Capital; Manufacturing; Export; Corporate Finance; Privatization; Defense Nuclear Agency; Banking
Language: English (1) Dutch (1) French (4) German (4)
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

Pizur, Anthony

Ph.D. [Doktor Philosophii]
Title: Asst. Professor
Affiliation: New Hampshire College
Tel./Fax: [1](603)668-2211 ext.2028, fax:[1](603)465-9665
E-mail: tonypizur(a)
Address: '2500 N River Road \ Manchester, NH 03106 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: As the first recipient of a European-standard Ph.D. (Doktor filosofii) in the Kyrgyz Republic, Tony has worked closely with academic and government officials to complete an extensive study of the Kyrgyz economy. Particular areas of specialization include agricultural economics and privatization of industries. This educational achievement is built upon an MA in economics from Brown University.
Dr. Pizur has also successfully managed a market development program in the former USSR for a Fortune 500 company. In Kyrgyzstan, he conducted market studies and product research as well as negotiating distribution agreements and managing a sales force.
Tony is currently employed at New Hampshire College in the economics and strategic management department. His current area of research includes the impact of privatization on the Kyrgyz identity and the influence of baseball on the Russian Republic. Additionally, Dr. Pizur is writing several case studies on Kyrgyz businesses.
Keywords: Kyrgyz; Economics; Privatization; Agriculture; Management; Culture
Language: Russian (3)
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Pürsün, Yanki (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Raballand, Gael

Post-graduate degree, Sorbonne University
Tel./Fax: tel./fax:[33](2)43-24-26-98; mob.:[33](6)15-88-79-27
E-mail: Lesballand(a)
Address: c/o Lesbats \ La Esmeralda \ Route de Bayonne \ 40 300 Peyrehorade \ France
Profile: * Post-graduate degree in international expertise specialized in economic transformation in Eastern European Countries and the CIS.
* Member of the only collective research centre on Central Asia in France.
* Various publications on Central Asian economies.
* OSCE economic/environmental officer in Kyrgyzstan in 1999
Keywords: Regional Economic Integration; Trade Issues; Kyrgyzstan; Uzbekistan; Environment; Water Issues; Industry
Language: French (1), English (2), Russian (3)
Location: Paris, France

Rakhim, Bakhramov

M.S. Economics
Title: Managing Partner
Affiliation: Forum Capital Management
Tel./Fax: [1](917)639-4088
E-mail: rbakhramov(a)
Address: 1230 Avenue of the Americas \ Suite 736 \ New York, NY 10020 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: Investment fund manager. Worked in the region since 1992.
Language: Russian (1), English (1), Uzbek (2)
Location: New York, USA

Reimov, Ajiniyaz R

Master of Public Affairs, Master of Science
Title: National GEF Officer
Affiliation: UNDP-Uzbekistan
Tel./Fax: dept.:[998](71)139-1462
E-mail: ajiniyaz.reimov(a)
Address: '4 Taras Shevchenko St. \ Tashkent, 700029 \ Uzbekistan
Web Links:
Profile: Ecology and ways of adaptation of mammals in the Aral Sea area (I am about to defend my dissertation titled "Ecology of small mammals of the Aral Sea area in conditions of anthropogenic changes of the landscape")
* ecosystem changes in the dried bottom of the Aral Sea (participation in 4 expeditions)
* biodiversity conservation in Uzbekistan
* experience working for World bank and UNPD projects on environment in the Aral Sea Basin
* founder of NGO "Ecological Union of Karakalpakstan"
* I assisted the team developing Geographic Information System for the Amu-Darya delta
Keywords: Environment; Biodiversity; Environmental Policy; Natural Resources Management; Geographic Information Systems; Karakalpakstan; Uzbekistan; Central Asia
Language: Karakalpak (1), Russian (1),
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Root, Hilton L.

Ph.D. University of Michigan
Title: Senior Fellow and Director, Global Studies
Affiliation: Milken Institute
Tel./Fax: [1](310)998-2630; [1](310)396-9902; Fax: [1](310)998-2625
E-mail: hroot1018(a), hroot(a)
Address: Milken Institute \ 1250 Fourth Street, 2nd Floor \ Santa Monica, CA 90401 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: Specialist in governance, poverty reduction, economic policy reform and public sector management. Has worked intensively with central government agencies on economic security, good governance, public sector reform designed to improve accountability and public awareness. Particularly familiar with governance related issues in Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic and has advised the Asian Development Bank and the private sector.
Keywords: Governance; Economic Policy Reform; Public Sector Management; Financial Sector Development; Corruption
Language: English (1), French (1)
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Saffery, Alan J.

BSc [Hons], Rural Resource Management
Title: Advisor
Tel./Fax: [976](1)311102; fax:[976](1)318492
E-mail: asaffery(a)
Address: Mongolian National Tourism Centre \ Chinggis Avenue -11 \ Ulaanbaatar -28 \ Mongolia 210628 \ Mongolia
Profile: Alan has lived and worked in Mongolia since the beginning of 1998, firstly as an Ecotourism Advisor to the South Gobi National Protected Areas' Administration and secondly as an advisor to the Mongolian National Tourism Centre - the Mongolian Government's tourism policy implementation and promotion agency. He has a good knowledge and experience of Mongolian culture, protected area tourism management, working with nomadic communities and the factors affecting the national development of tourism in Mongolia. He has recently contributed to a book published by the Mountain Institute on tourism in mountain regions. He has worked closely with two international donor agencies from Europe in the development of tourism and has implemented a number of successful and sustainable projects. He is now working on destination promotion and marketing for the government and will continue to work in Mongolia until 2002.
Keywords: Mongolia; Tourism; Gobi; Protected Areas; National Parks; Culture; Nomads; Travel; Ulaanbaatar; Government
Language: English (1), Mongolian (4)
Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Sakirova, Sachro H. (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Sattarov, Nazif

'5 year diploma in Engineering, Kandidat Tehnicheskih Nauk,
Title: Associate Professor
Affiliation: Azerbaijan National Academy of Space Researches
Tel./Fax: [994](12)69-22-52
E-mail: nsattarov(a)
Address: Jabiyeva 17-49 \ 2-nd mikrorayon \ Baku-370111 \ Azerbaijan
Profile: Extensive research in the following areas:
1. Ecology of Caspian Basin
2. Remote Sensing of Caspian Basin
3. Cognitive Graphics
4. GIS
Interests include the following subjects:
1. Ecology and Psychology
2. Ecological management
Participation in numerous conferences and workshops.
Author of more than 30 publications.
Keywords: Azerbaijan; Tatarstan; Caspian Ecology and Environment; Remote Sensing; Geographic Information Systems; Cognitive Graphics
Language: Russian (1), Azeri (2), Turkish (4), Tatar (4), English (4)
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Small, Ian (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Sologub, Sergey Michailovich

Master of Public Administration
Title: Researcher
Affiliation: University of New Mexico
Tel./Fax: (505) 266-1535
E-mail: sologubs(a), sologubs(a)
Address: \ USA
Profile: Consulted Central Asia US Agency for International Development Mission, Almaty, Kazakhstan, and its contractors on issues related to privatization, development of financial markets, and market transition in Central Asia from 1994 to 1998. Served as United Nations Development Programme Liaison Officer with Kazakhstani governmental bodies, agencies, and non-profit organizations in 1998. Earned Masters Degree in Public Administration from University of New Mexico in 2001. Is interested in public finance management issues, especially public debt and borrowing, technology commercialization, and development of investment climate.
Keywords: Public financial management; Public debt and borrowing; Local government finances; Taxes; Technology commercialization; Economics
Language: Russian (1), English (2)
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Sotnikov, Sergey

A.B.D., Iowa State University, Agricultural Economics, 2000
Title: Research Associate
Affiliation: Iowa State University, Economics Department, 177 Heady Hall, Ames, IA, 50011
Tel./Fax: [1](515)294-7119
E-mail: ssot(a)
Address: 57A Schilletter Village \ Ames, IA 50010 \ USA
Profile: * Extensive research experience in Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries in evaluating economic and social effects of farm restructuring, financial analysis, technical efficiency studies.
* A total of five years experience in the region in six visits since 1995.
* Experience consulting in agricultural policy reform and social issues for the UN, World Bank and FAO.
* Special abilities: Able to conduct surveys and provide statistical analysis of large-scale datasets.
* Participation in numerous conferences and workshops on agricultural policy analysis sponsored by the American Agricultural Economics Association, USAID.
* Ph.D. Thesis: "Evaluating the effects of economic reforms on producer's behavior in a transition economy"
Keywords: Agriculture; Economic Policy Analysis; Natural Resource Economics; Enterprise Restructuring; Financial Analysis; Statistical Analysis; Survey Design
Language: Russian (1), English (2)
Location: Ames, Iowa, USA

Spechler, Martin

Ph.D., Economics, Harvard University
Title: Professor of Economics
Affiliation: Russian and East European Institute, Indiana University
Tel./Fax: [1](317)274-7379,(812)339-3777; fax:(317)274-0097
Contact Person: Ms. Jeannette Rowe
E-mail: spechler(a)
Address: 4418 Sheffield Drive \ Bloomington, IN 47408 \ USA
Profile: Served as consultant for BIDE and DAI on a contract with the Asian Development Bank during 1997 to research regional cooperation in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, and Xinjiang-Uighur AR of the PRC. Traveled through the area for three months and consulted officials. Good knowledge of Russian, but no other Central Asian languages. I have written several articles on regional cooperation and on the Uzbekistan economy. I am an active member of the faculty at Indiana University's Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center. My main expertise is comparative economics, international economics, and economic history. I am Professor of Economics at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.
Keywords: Economics; Regional Cooperation; Uzbekistan; Transition; Economic Policy; International Trade and Finance
Language: English (1), French (4), Russian (4)
Location: Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Stebelsky, Ihor (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Varughese, George (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Verme, Paolo

Title: Researcher
Affiliation: London School of Economics and Political Science
Tel./Fax: [44](171)790-4326; fax:[44](171)955-6844
E-mail: p.verme(a)
Address: Flat 16, North Block \ Brodlove lane \ London E1 9DZ \ United Kingdom
Profile: * Five years experience as macroeconomic and labor market advisor for international organisations (World Bank, United Nations and European Union) and various private consulting groups. Specialist on Central Asian economies and the social sector.
* Ph.D. from the London School of Economics with thesis on the labor market in Kazakhstan (Title: "Transition, Recession and Labor Supply in Kazakhstan"). M.Phil. from the University of Sussex (IDS), UK and "Laurea" in Economics from the University of Turin (Italy).
* Specialist in household and labor force surveys' analysis for poverty and labor market assessment.
* Five years experience in development analysis, policy and planning.
* Two years experience in management of large multisectoral development projects.
Keywords: Macroeconomics; Labor Market; Social Sector; Poverty; Kazakstan; Central Asia; Former Soviet Union
Language: Italian (1), English (1), French (2), Spanish (2), Russian (3)
Location: London, United Kingdom

von Gumppenberg, Marie-Carin (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Walberg, Eric G.

Title: Journalist, Translator
Affiliation: Donaev Management Consulting
Tel./Fax: [998](71)162-94-30; fax:[998](71)133-9593
E-mail: walberg(a)
Address: Massiv Cherdantseva-1 10-60 \ Tashkent 700170 \ Uzbekistan
Web Links:
Profile: Recent work experience: * 1997 + Consulting with Donaev Management Consulting in investment promotion and other post-privatization support (analysis of post-privatization needs, preparation of promotional materials, business English training).
* Journalist and translator at Biznes Vesti Vostoka, other newspapers and journals, and Information Center of the President's Office in Tashkent for Internet news about Uzbekistan (
* 1996-97 Journalist and translator for the 12th Tashkent International Film Festival, Sharq Taronarali Music Festival, and at the English language newspapers Good Morning and Uzbekistan Business Weekly in Tashkent.
* 1995-96 Short term international expert with UNIDO/GKI Privatisation Project - preparation of Privatisation Newsletter, assistance in organisation of international workshops on privatisation, writing and editing of materials about Uzbekistan.
* 1994-95 Lecturer in Economics at University of World Economy and Diplomacy, Tashkent.
Education: * 1979-80 Diploma in Russian at Pushkin Institute (Moscow).
* 1976-79 Graduate studies in Economics at University of Toronto and York University (Toronto).
* 1973-75 M.A. (Economics) at University of Cambridge (U.K.).
* 1969-73 B.A.(Economics) at University of Toronto
Keywords: Economy; Ecology; Politics; Culture; History; Soviet Union; Uzbekistan
Language: English (1), French (3), Russian (2), Spanish (4), Uzbek (4)
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Wang, Jianping (see entry under Cultural and Historical Background)

Werner, Cynthia Ann

Ph.D., Anthropology, Indiana University, 1997
Title: Asst. Prof.
Affiliation: Texas AandM University
Contact Person: David Carlson
Address: \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: * Extensive ethnographic research in a rural region of Southern-Kazakstan province (1993-1995, 1998).
* Research broadly examines the impact of post-Soviet changes on rural household economies; including: privatization of agriculture, small-scale trade, and household networking.
* Research also examines gift exchange practices, especially in relation to wedding and circumcision feasts.
* Interests also include post-Soviet nation-building practices, such as the celebration of new holidays, language policies, the re-creation of new marriage traditions, and the use of new national symbols.
* Ph.D. Dissertation: "Household Networks, Ritual Exchange and Economic Change in Rural Kazakstan"
Keywords: Transitions; Markets; Development; Gift Exchange; Marriage; Nationalism
Language: English (1), Kazak (3), Russian (4), Uzbek (4)
Location: College Station, Texas, USA

Wheeler, Richard

M.A., Russian Studies, Georgetown University, 1995
Title: Finance Director
Affiliation: Alisher Navoi International Joint Venture
Tel./Fax: mob.:[1](371)186-2587
E-mail: r_wheeler(a)
Address: Zarkainar 39-41 \ Tashkent 700011 \ Uzbekistan
Profile: Mr. Wheeler has worked and lived full time in Central Asia for over three years. He has spent most of his time in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and is currently working at a textile mill in Andijan, Uzbekistan, in the Ferghana Valley. Mr. Wheeler is qualified to advise on matters related to trade, finance, and general management in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
Keywords: Textiles; Manufacturing; Management; Ferghana Valley; Uzbekistan; Kazakstan
Language: English (1), Russian (1)
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

White, Jr., Walter H.

Title: Partner
Affiliation: Bryan Cave
Tel./Fax: [44](20)7246-5910
Contact Person: Breslav
E-mail: whw(a)
Address: Bryan Cave \ 33 Cannon Street \ London EC4M 5TE \ England
Web Links:;
Profile: Attorney at law with active practice in Central Asia. Currently Partner, Bryan Cave London. Formerly Managing Director of Steptoe and Johnson International, Moscow and Almaty Kazakstan. Chair, Board of Directors Central Asian American Enterprise Fund, Board member since 1994. Has represented Western and Regional clients in corporate, natural resource matters, financing and tax issues since 1992. Has maintained an active practice in the former Soviet Union since 1985.
Keywords: Kazakstan; Uzbekistan; Georgia; Azerbaijan; Law; Economy; Oil and Gas; Trade; Textiles; Caspian Sea Region
Language: English (1) Russian (3)
Location: London, United Kingdom

Zingel, Wolfgang-Peter

Dr. rer. pol., Economics, Heidelberg University, Germany
Title: Research Fellow
Affiliation: South Asia Institute of Heidelberg University, Germany
Tel./Fax: [49](6221)548913; fax:[49](6221)548819
E-mail: h93(a)
Address: Im Neuenheimer Feld 330 \ 69129 Heidelberg \ Germany
Web Links:
Profile: Research fellow at the Department of International and Development Economics, South Asia Institute of Heidelberg University, Germany, since 1971. Worked for six years in Pakistan and India, traveled extensively in South Asia. Research in the fields of agricultural, development, international, regional and social economics. Publications on South Asian affairs, mostly on the economy and related agricultural, ecological, political, social and security problems. Recent assignment: Study on disaster management in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Keywords: Afghanistan; Pakistan; India; Development; Ecology; Economy; International Relations; National Security
Language: German (1), English (1)
Location: Heidelberg, Germany

Ziyamov, Shahobitdin (see entry under Politics and International Relations)


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