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Alkhathlan, Saleh M. F. (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Anderson, David George

Ph.D., Cambridge, UK
Title: Lecturer
Affiliation: University of Aberdeen
Tel./Fax: [44](1224)272770
E-mail: david.anderson(a)
Address: Edward Wright Bldg. \ Dunbar St. \ Aberdeen AB24 3QY \ United Kingdom
Profile: I am a social anthropologist working in Taimyr and Evenkiia of Central and Eastern Siberia and in the Khakassian Republic of Southern Siberia. My research includes economic change, national identity, ecology, languages, and development issues. My recent book, from Oxford University Press, is called Identity and Ecology in Arctic Siberia.
Keywords: Siberia; Evenki; Dolgan; Development; Ecology; Identity
Language: English (1), Russian (2), French (4), Evenki (4)
Location: Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Arthur, Linda

Title: Assoc. Prof. and Curator of CTAHR Ethnic Costume Collection
Affiliation: University of Hawaii at Manoa
Tel./Fax: [1](808)956-2234; Fax: [1](808)956-2241
E-mail: larthur(a)
Address: Dept. of Family and Consumer Sciences \ University of Hawaii at Manoa \ 2515 Campus Road \ Honolulu, HI 96822 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: Linda B. Arthur is Associate Professor of Textiles and Clothing and Curator of the Ethnic Costume Collection at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. Dr. Arthur's research methods are ethnographic and/or qualitative, and her work focuses on an investigation of the numerous intersections between culture, gender and dress, with most research projects addressing the complex meanings underlying traditional textiles and clothing in Asia and the Pacific. She is working toward a more global and holistic understanding of the social construction of gender which is made visible in ethnographic costume and textiles throughout Asia. Dr. Arthur's numerous publications focus on the connections between culture, ethnicity, gender, religion and dress.
Keywords: Costume; Gender; Ethnicity; Textiles; Dress; Religion; Clothing; Apparel; Identity
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Betts, Alison V. G.

Title: Dr.
Affiliation: University of Sydney
Tel./Fax: [61](2)9351-2090
E-mail: alison.betts(a)
Address: Archaeology A14 \ University of Sydney \ NSW 2006 \ Australia
Profile: Archaeological fieldwork in Uzbekistan with special focus on the study of ancient nomads and on state development in Khorasmia
Keywords: Archaeology; Nomads; Khorezmia; Fortifications; Fire Temple
Language: English (1), French (3), German (3), Arabic (4), Russian (4)
Location: Sydney, Australia

Beynen, Bert

Title: Adjunct Philosophy Instructor and Evening Librarian
Affiliation: Des Moines Area Community College, Ankeny, Iowa
Tel./Fax: [1](515)965-7066
E-mail: gkbeynen(a)
Address: 3320 Valdez Drive \ Des Moines, IA 50310-4944 \ USA
Web Links: Guide to Scholars of Central Asia
Profile: Shota Rustaveli and his place in Courtly Literature.
Keywords: Rustaveli; Courtly Literature
Language: English (1), Russian (1), Georgian (4)
Location: Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Binay, Mehmet (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Bukharaev, Ravil

Title: Producer
Affiliation: BBC World Service
Tel./Fax: [44](171)5571740
E-mail: ravil.bukharaev(a)
Address: 65 Crescent Wood Road \ Dulwich, SE26 6SA \ United Kingdom
Profile: Author of, among others, the following books: "Islam in Russia", "The Four Seasons", Curzon Press Limited, England, 2000; "The Model of Tatarstan under Presdient Mintimer Shaimiev", Curzon Press Ltd, England, 1999; "Historical Anthology of Kazan Tatar Verse", with D. J. Matthews, Curzon press Ltd, 2000: a number of articles on Islamic and Turkic issues. Presently I work as a BBC radio Journalist with a daily programme on politics and economics of the former Soviet Union (BBC Russian Service/Radius)
Keywords: Islamic Cultural History; Tatarstan; Kazan Tatars
Language: Kazan Tatar, Hungarian, Russian, English (1), German, Turkish, French, Italian, Turkic tongues of the former USSR (4)
Location: London, United Kingdom

Cagla, Cengiz (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Chang, Claudia

Ph.D., Anthropology
Title: Professor of Anthropology
Affiliation: Sweet Briar College
Tel./Fax: [1](804)381-6191
E-mail: cchang(a)
Address: '7 Woodland Road \ Sweet Briar, VA 24595 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: My husband Perry A. Tourtellotte, and I have lived in Almaty, Kazakhstan for three years: 1994-1995 when I taught as a Fulbright Scholar at the Kazakh National University, and in 1997-1999 as an Independent Researcher. We have conducted over seven field seasons of archaeological field work on late Bronze age and Iron age pastoral nomadism since 1994. We have excavated sites and conducted regional surveys along the northern edge of the Tian Shan Mountains. Our collaborative research project has been carried out through the Institute of Archaeology, the Kazakh National Academy of Sciences and with the Central State Museum.
Local archaeologists on our team include Dr. Karl M. Baipakov, Fedor P. Grigoriev, and others. Our international team consists of specialists from France, Germany, the Russian Federation, and the U.S.
Keywords: Saka/Scythians; Andronovo Culture; Kazakhs; Pastoralism; Archaeology; Anthropology; Kazakhstan; Geographic Information Systems
Language: English (1), Russian (3), French (4), Modern Greek (4)
Location: Sweet Briar, Pennsylvania, USA

Chiang, Su-Yih (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Choi, Han-Woo

Ph.D., Altaic Studies
Title: Assoc. Prof
Affiliation: Handong University
Tel./Fax: [182](54)260-1396
E-mail: ankara(a)
Address: Handong University \ Pohang, 791-708 \ Korea
Web Links:
Profile: Graduated from Hacettepe University in Turkey, Ph.D. in Altaic Studies. Chief Editor of the International Journal of Central Asian Studies, published by the Institute of Asian Culture and Development. Associate Professor of Handong University, School of International Studies and Languages, Pohang, S. Korea. Some articles in the Central Asiatic Journal.
Keywords: Comparative Linguistics; Altaic Languages; Comparative Cultural Studies; Korean Language, Ancient; Korean History
Language: Turkish (1), English (2), Uzbek (3)
Location: Pohang, Korea

Cotner, Douglas M. (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Cotter, Michael (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Daly, M. Catherine

Title: Research Associate and Assistant Adjunct Professor
Affiliation: University of Minnesota (Department of Design, Housing and Apparel) and University of Nebraska at Omaha (Center for Afghanistan Studies)
Tel./Fax: 612-325-8824
E-mail: mcdaly(a), cdaly(a)
Address: P.O. Box 8098 \ St. Paul, MN 55108 \ Afghanistan and Pakistan
Profile: My area of expertise is Muslim women, textile craft economies and economic sustainability. My area of specialization is Central Asia particularly. Muslim women of Afghanistan and Pakistan and the diaspora communities in which they live. I have extensive experience documenting "traditional" and contemporary textile and apparel practices with economic implications for sustainability. My interest is textile craft economies which include embroidery, dressmaking and weaving, the primary income generating activities of women. I am also interested in human rights issues especially those rights denied women on the basis gender, class, race, and ethnicity reflected in their physical appearance and regional dress practices. I am an expert on the Afghan woman's chaadar and chaadaree (burka).
Keywords: Afghanistan and Pakistan; Afghan women; Human rights and discrimination issues; Central and South Asia; Textile and apparel practices; Textile craft economies; Economic sustainability; Muslim women's dress; Chaadar and chaadaree
Language: Dari (4), Pushtun (3), Arabic (3)
Location: St. Paul, MN, United States

Dirks, William D.

M.A. Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University
Tel./Fax: [966](3)341-0212; fax:[966](3)357-3009
E-mail: anazahqaan(a)
Address: TR/10/35 Sadaf \ POB 10025 \ Jubail Industrial City 31961 \ Saudi Arabia
Web Links:
Profile: Extensive experience in learning Central Asian Turkic languages, especially Kazakh and Uzbek gained both through university study at and 2+ years each in Xinjiang and Uzbekistan. Worked as lesson writer for Turkmen Language Project, have written 2 years' worth of Uzbek language materials and am currently putting together a comprehensive Uzbek-English dictionary.
Keywords: Uzbek Language; Uzbekistan; Kazakh Language; Xinjiang; Uyghur Language; Turkmen Language; Turkic Languages; Dialects (Turkic); Kazak Shamanism
Language: Uzbek (2), Kazakh (2), Uighur (4), Turkish (2), Turkmen (4), French (4), Arabic (4)
Location: Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia

Dwyer, Arienne M.

Title: Asst. Prof.
Affiliation: University of Kansas, Dept. of Anthropology
Tel./Fax: (785)864.2649
E-mail: anthlinguist(a)
Address: University of Kansas \ Dept. of Anthropology \ 1415 Jayhawk Blvd. - Fraser Hall \ Lawrence, KS 66044 \ USA
Profile: Assistant Professor of Linguistic Anthropology; Courses taught: Peoples and Languages of China, Linguistic Fieldwork, Ethnopoetics, Structure courses of Turkic and Mongolic languages.
Three major collaborative language and cultural documentation projects in Inner Asia: P.I. in the Documentation of Salar, Monguor and Baonan (2001-2006); Uyghur dialectology (2002-); co-P.I. of Love Song and Ritual in Northwest China (2000-).
Ten years fieldwork experience in Inner Asia, including a continuous two year project based in Xinjiang and ten other trips. Dissertation on the Turkic Salar language, 1996.
Keywords: Inner Asia; Language Endangerment/Documentation; Turkic Languages; Uyghur dialectology; Salar Language; Mongolic Languages of Qinghai; Chinese Minority Politics
Language: English (1), Mandarin Chinese (1), Uyghur (2), German (2), Salar (3), French (3), Kazakh (4), Uzbek (4), Pre-13th c. Turkic (4), Manchu (4), Russian (4)
Location: Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Esenova, Saulesh (see entry under Social Issues)

Fet, Victor (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Finkelstein, Gabriel

Ph.D., Princeton University, History, 1996
Title: Asst. Prof.
Affiliation: University of Colorado at Denver, Department of History
Tel./Fax: [1](303)556-4272
Address: Campus Box 182 \ P.O. Box 173364 \ Denver, CO 80217 \ USA
Profile: Historian of 19th-century scientific travel, focusing on the ill-fated Schlagintweit Mission to India and High Asia, 1854-1857, jointly funded by the East India Company and the Prussian Crown to complete the Magnetic Survey of India. Adolph Schlagintweit, the mission's leader, set an mountaineering altitude record of 22,259 ft. and was the first westerner to visit Kashgar since Marco Polo. Nevertheless, the mission cannot be considered a success. Adolph Schlagintweit was executed by Vali Khan upon his arrival. His head was later recovered and carried 1000 mi. by a Persian traveler to a colonial office in India, inspiring Rudyard Kipling's story "The Man Who Would Be King."
Keywords: Scientific Travel; Exploration; 19th Century; History; Magnetic Survey; Schlagintweit; Mountaineering; Alpinism
Language: English (1), German (2), French (3)
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

Foret, Philippe

Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1992
Title: Asst. Prof.
Affiliation: University of Oklahoma
Tel./Fax: [1](405)325-5325; fax:(405)325-6090
Contact Person: Kaye Carter
E-mail: pforet(a)
Address: 917 Cruce St. \ Norman, OK 73069 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: Extensive research experience on the inner frontiers of Chinese central Asia, the impact of Qing colonialism on Inner Mongolia, and the exploration and survey of Tibet by modern scientists. Special abilities: map analysis. Participation in numerous national and international conferences and workshops on the geography of China and central Asia. Book: Mapping Chengde. The Qing Landscape Enterprise (University of Hawaii, 2000). Book project on the mapping history of Tibet.
Keywords: Manchuria; Mongolia; Tibet; China; Qing; Geography; City; Environment; Cartography; Exploration
Language: French (1), English (1), Chinese (3), Japanese (4), German (4)
Location: Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Georg, Stefan

Affiliation: Vakgroep Vergelijkende Taalwetenschappen/University of Leiden, The Netherlands; Sprachwissenschaftliches Institut/University of Bonn, FRG
Tel./Fax: [49](228)691332
E-mail: georg(a)
Address: Heerstrasse 7 \ D-53111 Bonn \ Germany
Profile: * Extensive studies in descriptive, areal, and historical linguistics of Central Asia - M.A. degree in Mongolian studies - Ph. D. in Central Asian linguistics and area studies (Mongolian, Manchu-Tungus, Turkic, and Tibeto-Burman linguistics) - 6-year field-work experience in Nepal - field-work experience in Siberia/Russia
Keywords: Linguistics; Siberia; Mongolia; Manchu-Tungus Peoples; Siberian Peoples; Himalayan Peoples; Turkology; Minorities in Russia; Minorities in China; Philology
Language: German (1), English (2), Russian (2), Dutch (3), French (3), Turkish (4), Khalkha Mongolian (4), Georgian (4), Nepali (4), Various European and Asiatic Languages
Location: Bonn, Germany

Goodson, Larry P. (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Gorenburg, Dmitry P (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Grdzelidze, Tamara (see entry under Social Issues)

Guksch, Christian E.

Dr. phil., Heidelberg, Germany
Title: Senior Consultant
Affiliation: Commission on Education and Science under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, Government House, KS-720003 Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
Tel./Fax: [996](312)222867; Home: 661571
E-mail: guksch(a)
Address: Erkindik 3 *11 \ Bishkek \ Kyrgyz Republic
Profile: Broad knowledge of the educational system of the former Soviet Union, long-term experience with donors, foundations, and scholarship organizations, planning and implementation of international projects, educational management experience, experience in organizing complex meetings and large seminars, human resources, intercultural communication skills, strong analytical skills. Setting up programs and their infrastructure. 6 years residence in Kyrgyzstan scientific publication record, ethnoarchaeology
Keywords: Education; Teaching; Science and Research; Science Administration; Project Management; Scholarships; Cultural Resource Management; Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology
Language: German (1), English (1), Russian (4), French (4)
Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Gursoy-Naskali, Emine

Ph.D., Istanbul Univ., Turkology 1981; B.A., M.A., Oxford University
Title: Prof.
Affiliation: Marmara University, Dpt. of Turkish Language and Literature, Head of the Turkish Language Dpt., Director of the Center for Turkic Studies, vice president of Marmara University. Board member of the Turkish Languade Academy (Turk Dil Kurumu), Ankara. Member of the History Foundation (Tarih Vakfi), Turkish Culture Foundation (Turk Kulturune Hizmet Vakfi).
Tel./Fax: [90](216)418-7117, 360-3148
E-mail: naskali(a)
Address: Marmara Universitesi \ Fen Edebiyat Fakultesi \ Goztepe \ Istanbul \ Turkey
Web Links:
Profile: Turkic philology, ancient and modern. Edition of texts and anthologies in Ottoman, Chaghatay, New Uighur, Uzbek, Turkmen, Kumyk. Grammar terminology of Turkic languages. Lexicology, Altay-Turkish Dictionary and work in progress on other Siberian Languages. History of Kirghiz literature. Cultural and other changes since independence in Kirghizistan. Edited and translated the Kirghiz epic Manas, edited and translated the Altay epic Maaday-Kara. Hagiography, Muslim saints, including Central Asian saints (Ph.D.). Language and alphabet policies in Turkey and Central Asia. Convenor of symposiums on cultural, literary and political topics. Brief and extended stays in Iran, Azerbaijan, Kirghizstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Russian Federation (South Siberia, Yakutia, Tatarstan, Bashkortistan). Worked in the Dept. of Asian and African Studies (Altaic studies), Univ. of Helsinki (7 years).
Keywords: Turkic Philology; Language Policies; Lexicology; Ottoman; Kirghiz; Uzbek; Turkmen; Altai; Siberia; Kumyk; New Uyghur; Epics; Hagiography
Language: Turkish (1), English (1), French (3), Finnish (3), Persian (4), and working knowledge of most Turkic languages
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Halemba, Agnieszka Ewa

M.A., Cultural Anthropology
Affiliation: University of Cambridge
Tel./Fax: [44](1223)300586; fax:[44](1223)300589
E-mail: aeh31(a)
Address: Corpus Christi College \ Cambridge CB2 1RH \ United Kingdom
Web Links:
Profile: Extensive research in the field of social anthropology in southern and south-western Siberia on national identity and religious beliefs. A total of 1.5 year in the region (full year in 1998/99). Participant in the UNESCO/Hirayama Silk Road project. Member of the Mongolian and Inner Asian Studies Unit, University of Cambridge. In preparation - Ph.D. thesis: "Unity and Diversity - contemporary spiritual life of the Telengits of Kosh Agach region (Republic of Altai)". Research interests: religion (Shamanism, Buddhism, Burkhanism, local religious movements, Orthodox Christianity); national identity and contemporary processes of nation building (MA thesis "Ethnic processes and a question of national identity in the Republic of Altai"; individualism and community; intuition as knowledge.
Keywords: Siberia; Altay; Tuva; Khakassia; Shamanism; Religion; Anthropology; Identity; Post-Soviet Studies; Nationalism
Language: Polish (1), Russian (1), English (2)
Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Harrison, K. David

Title: Assistant Professor and Research Affiliate
Affiliation: Swarthmore College, Yale University
E-mail: altaisayan(a)
Address: \ USA
Web Links:;
Profile: I have conducted fieldwork and research since 1995 on the languages, cultures and peoples of south central Siberia
(including Tuva, Tofalaria, the Altai, and Xakasia) and western Mongolia (including the Tsengel Tuvans, Hovd Tuvans, and Dukha peoples). My research and publications on the region focus on linguistics (phonology, lexicography) and ethnography (ethnozoology, animism, material culture). I have co-authored a grammar of Tuvan (1999) and a Tuvan-English dictionary (2002), and am currently completing work on a co-authored grammar of the Tofa(lar) language.
Keywords: Tuva; Tofa; Tofalar; Phonology; Linguistics ; Animism; Shamanism; Nomad; Altai; Mongolia
Language: English (1), Polish (2), Russian (2), Tuvan (4)
Location: New York, USA

Hauner, Milan L. (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Hettger, Joel A.

M.S., Administration, Master of Library Service
Affiliation: Retired Federal employee
E-mail: joel417(a)
Address: P.O. Box 2018 \ Arlington, VA 22202 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: Professional librarian, American Peace Corps Volunteer, Tehran University, Faculty of Law and Political Science, Central Library and Documentation Center, Jordan Library of the Tehran Polytechnic, 1970-72. Visited Herat, Afghanistan in 1971 and 1972.
Keywords: Herat; Afghanistan; Library Science
Language: English (1) Persian (2)
Location: Arlington, Virginia, USA

Houston, Donald R. (see entry under Social Issues)

Huntington, John C.

Ph.D., UCLA, 1968
Title: Prof.
Affiliation: The Ohio State University, Department of the History of Art
Tel./Fax: [1](614)688-8198
E-mail: huntington.2(a)
Address: Department of the History of Art \ 100 Hayes Hall \ 108 North Oval Mall \ Columbus, OH \ USA
Web Links: Huntington Photographic Archives:
Profile: Study Buddhist art and practice Extensive travel and photographic documentation of Buddhist art Throughout Asia. Numerous publications on Buddhist including Gandhara, Bactria, Kashmir, Ladakh, and Dunhuang
Keywords: Art History; Buddhism; Buddhist Iconography; Cultural History; Bactria; Gandhara; Swat Valley; Kashmir; Ladakh; Tibet
Language: English (1), Tibetan (3), Japanese (3), Chinese (4), Sanskrit (4)
Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Kabbani, Shaykh Muhammad Hisham

Degree in Islamic Divine Law, Damascus, Syria
Title: Chairman
Affiliation: Islamic Supreme Council of America
Tel./Fax: [1](202)661-4654
Contact Person: Dr. Hedieh Mirahmadi
E-mail: hedieh(a)
Address: 1400 Sixteenth Street NW B112 \ Washington, DC 20036 \ USA
Web Links:,,
Profile: A prominent scholar of mainstream, traditional Islam, Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani has spent his life spreading the teachings of peace, tolerance, respect and love which are the message of Islam throughout the world. Here in the United States for the last nine years, Shaykh Kabbani has continued to disseminate the light and peace of Islam's spiritual dimension to people of every background, ethnicity, race, and belief.
Credentials: * Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon.
* Medical Doctorate granted in Louvain, Belgium.
* Degree in Islamic Divine Law, Damascus, Syria.
* License to teach, guide and counsel students in Islamic spirituality from the renowned Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil, authority of the Hanafi school of Islamic law in the Middle East and world leader of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order.
Keywords: Islam; Sufism; Naqshbandiyya; Tariqat; Chechnya; Imam Shamil; Daghestan; Relief
Language: Arabic (1), English (2), French (2), Turkish (2)
Location: Washington, DC, USA

Karasik, Theodore (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Keshavjee, Salmaan (see entry under Social Issues)

Khabibullaev, Akram T.

Doctor of Philosophy
Title: Senior Researcher
Affiliation: Al-Beruni Institute for Oriental Studies, Uzbek Academy of Sciences
Tel./Fax: [998](71)162-54-61
E-mail: athabib(a)
Address: P.O. Box 5794 \ Tashkent 700000 \ Uzbekistan
Profile: I am specialist on the medieval history of Arabic Literature and Culture of Central Asia and expert of Arabic manuscripts. I have received my Ph.D. in 1994 from Uzbek academy of Sciences. In 1994 I had taken one month course on Description and Cataloguing of Islamic Manuscripts, organized by al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation at Sulaymaniya Library, Turkey. From April to August 1997 I was at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies as a visiting scholar. From September 1998 to April 1999 I was at the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Department of the University of Pennsylvania, USA as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar. I am author more than 30 scholarly articles.
Keywords: Central Asia; History; Literature; Arabic; Islam; Manuscripts; Sources
Language: Uzbek (1), Russian (1), Arabic (2), English (2), Turkish (4), Persian (4)
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Khan, Ijaz (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Kim, Hyo-Joung

Ph.D., Turkic Linguistics
Title: Asst. Prof.
Affiliation: Pusan University of Foreign Studies
Tel./Fax: [182](51)640-3441
E-mail: joung(a)
Address: Pusan University of Foreign Studies \ Uam-dong \ Nam-Gu \ Korea
Profile: Graduated from Hacettepe University, Ph.D. in Turkic Studies. Major interest is Oghuz Group Turkic languages. Chairperson at the Department of Central Asian Studies, Pusan University of Foreign Studies, Pusan, Korea
Keywords: Turkic Linguistics; Oghuz Turkic; Turkish; Uzbek; Comparative Phonology
Language: Turkish, Uzbek, English, Russian
Location: Pusan, Korea

Kocaoglu, Timur

Title: Assoc. Prof
Affiliation: Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel./Fax: [90](212)229-3006 ext. 422; fax:[90](212)229-0680
E-mail: tkocaoglu(a)
Address: Koc University \ Cad. 5 \ Istinye 80860, Istanbul \ Turkey
Web Links: Guide to Scholars of Central Asia; Central-Eurasia-L Archives
Profile: Comparative Turkic languages, Turkic linguistics, political and cultural history of Central Asia and other Turkic lands, the Jadid movement in Turkestan
Keywords: Turkic Philology; Language Policy; Lexicology; Turkistan; Eastern Turkistan; China; Afghanistan; Jadidism; Central Asia
Language: Turkish (1), Uzbek (1), Persian/Tajik (2), English (2), German (4), Russian (4)
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Krueger, Carolyn P.

M.A., UCLA, Dance, 1988
Tel./Fax: [1](818)244-9398
E-mail: gulistan(a)
Address: \
Web Links:
Profile: Specialist in Central Asian dance performance/ethnology/history for 15 years including traditions of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Afghanistan, Turkey.
Recipient of two Collaborative Grants from ArtsLink, a program of CEC International Partners, for study, documentation and performance in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, with People's Artist of Uzbekistan, Vilayat Akilova (1994, 1997).
Total of three dance research trips to Uzbekistan since 1989 plus travel to Tajikistan and Azerbaijan (1989) and Turkey (1988) for dance study.
Gave solo concert on Tashkent Television in a 30-minute documentary about work with V. Akilova.
First foreign professional dancer to perform in Official Navroz Festival in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Founded Gulistan Dance Theater, 1994, to present and preserve women's dance traditions of the Silk Route and neighboring cultures.
Keywords: Dance; Uzbekistan; Tajikistan; Azerbaijan; Armenia; Iran; Afghanistan; Turkey; Silk Route; Navruz
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Lawergren, Bo

Ph.D., The Australian National University, 1964
Title: Prof.
Affiliation: Hunter College of the City University of New York
Tel./Fax: secr.:[1](212)772-5248
E-mail: bo.lawergren(a)
Address: Hunter College \ 695 Park Ave \ New York, NY 10021 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: The music of the ancient Silk Road. Representative publication: "The Spread of Harps Between the Near and Far East During the First Millennium A.D.: Evidence of Buddhist Musical Cultures on the Silk Road", Bo Lawergren. 16,500 words. Silk Road Art and Archaeology 4 (1996) 233 - 275. Many publications on ancient (3000 BCE-500 CE) music in westerns and eastern Asia, Egypt and the Aegean.
Keywords: Ancient Music
Language: Swedish, English (1), German, French (4)
Location: New York, New York, USA

Lemberanskaya, Larisa M. (see entry under Social Issues)

May, Timothy

M.A., Central Eurasia Studies, Indiana University
Title: Ph.D Candidate (UW) Instructor (CUW)
Affiliation: University of Wisconsin-Madison; Concordia University-Wisconsin
E-mail: yammit(a)
Address: Department of History \ 4118 Humanities Building \ 455 N. Park St. \ Madison, WI 53706 \ USA
Profile: B.A. in history and anthropology (1993) College of William and Mary; M.A. in Central Eurasian Studies (majored in Mongolian Studies) (1996) Indiana University. 1996-present Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Comparative World History (majors Middle Eastern/Russian; minor: Central Asian history);M.A. thesis: Chormaqan Noyan: the First Mongol Military Governor in the Middle East. Proposed Ph.D.: The Mechanics of Expansion: An examination of the methods of conquest and governance by the Mongol Empire. Have participated in numerous conferences on Central Asian studies. Interests: Mongolian history (pre-historic to present); nomadic empires; the Mongol Empire; the Kalmyks; Timur-i Leng.
Keywords: Mongolia; Mongol Empire; Chinggis Khan; Timur; Shamanism; Kalmuks; Oirats; Russian-Inner Asian Relations; Russian Expansion
Language: English (1), Arabic (3), French (3), Mongolian (3), Classical Mongolian (4), Russian (4), Persian (4)
Location: Stougthon, Wisconsin, USA

McKay, Alexander C.

Title: Dr.
Affiliation: The International Institute for Asian Studies
Tel./Fax: [31](71)527-22-27; fax:[31](71)527-41-62
E-mail: dungog(a)
Address: P.O. Box 9515 \ 2300 RA Leiden \ Netherlands
Profile: Indo-Tibetan Historian. BA Hons. Religious Studies and History, London University School of Oriental and African Studies, Ph.D. South Asian History, London University School of Oriental and African Studies. Author of "Tibet and the British Raj: The Frontier Cadre", 1904-1947, Richmond U.K., Curzon Press 1997; and around a dozen articles on Indo-Tibetan history and culture. Editor of "Pilgrimage in Tibet" Richmond U.K., Curzon Press 1998; "The History of Tibet" (3 volumes), Richmond U.K. Curzon Press forthcoming 2001. Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society, member of the American Academy of Religion. I have spent around three years in South and Central Asia, traveling, researching, and working (in Bangladesh). My areas of expertise are the history and culture of Tibet and the Indian Himalayas, the British period in India, the historical development of Hinduism and Buddhism, with particular regard to pilgrimage and asceticism.
Keywords: Tibet; Indian Himalayas; British Raj; History; Religious Studies; Pilgrimage
Language: English (1)
Location: Leiden, Netherlands

Megoran, Nicholas W.

BA [Honours], Geography [European Studies]
Affiliation: Department of Geography, University of Cambridge
E-mail: nwm20(a)
Address: Downing Street, Downing Site \ Cambridge \ United Kingdom
Profile: Extensive traveling and research in Central Asia but particularly the Ferghana Valley into ethnographic and ethnic issues: * Have lived three and a half years in the area since 1995.
* Know Uzbek and Kyrgyz well.
* Conducting research at Cambridge into the effects of borders on daily lives and their role in political discourse; particular interest in ethnic minorities.
* Eager to further intellectual cooperation and development in the Ferghana Valley.
* Special Advisor to OSCE's ethnic conflict monitoring project in southern Kyrgyzstan.
* Written on many different social and political themes relating to Central Asia.
* Enjoys being in Central Asia a great deal!
Keywords: Ferghana Valley; Uzbekistan; Kyrgyzstan; Osh; National Identity; Ethnic Relations; Politics; Borders; Gender; Religion
Language: English (1), Uzbek (2), Kyrgyz (3), Danish (3), Russian (4)
Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Miller, Rick

M. Arch. [Terminal Degree], Southern California Institute of Architecture
Title: Designer (Practice in Architecture)
Tel./Fax: [1](323)766-9000
E-mail: ricksomething(a)
Address: 1248 3rd Ave. \ Los Angeles, CA 90019 \ USA
Profile: Field Research of Mongolian Architecture (Photographic Database); Nomadic Architecture and Homelessness
Keywords: Mongolia; Nomads; Architecture
Language: English (1)
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Mock, John

Ph.D., University of California, South and Southeast Asian Studies, 1998
Title: Visiting Scholar
Affiliation: Center for South Asia Studies, University of California, Berkeley
E-mail: jmock(a)
Address: P.O. Box 946 \ Occidental, CA 95465 \ USA
Web Links:; also: Guide to Scholars of Central Asia
Profile: 20+ years experience in Karakoram and Hindukush mountain regions of northern Pakistan, focus on languages and cultures. Dissertation: "The Discursive Construction of Reality in the Wakhi Community of Northern Pakistan". Consultant with: World Wildlife Fund on Khunjerab National Park; IUCN-The World Conservation Union on Biodiversity and Ecotourism; National Geographic Society (USA) on Hunza. Co-author of "Trekking in the Karakoram and Hindukush" (Lonely Planet Publications, 1996). Member IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas.
Keywords: Folklore; Language; Biodiversity; Ecotourism; Pakistan; Parks and Protected Areas
Language: English (1), Urdu (2), Hindi (2), Wakhi (2), Nepali (2), French, Persian, Russian, Spanish (4)
Location: Occidental, California, USA

Motika, Raoul (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Nalle, David

BA, Princeton University
Title: Washington Editor
Affiliation: Central Asia Monitor
Tel./Fax: [1](202)466-8410; Fax: 202-296-0994
E-mail: davidn5512(a)
Address: 1402 21st Street, N.W. \ Washington, DC 20036 \ USA
Web Links:
Profile: Background includes a twenty-eight year career in the foreign service of USIA, with residence in Afghanistan, Iran, Jordan, Syria and the USSR, as well as official travel to all the other countries of North Africa, the Near East and South Asia. After retirement from the government, personal study has concentrated on the history and culture of Iran, Afghanistan and the countries of the former Soviet Central Asia. As editor of the bimonthly journal Central Asia Monitor since 1993, I visited Central Asia in 1995 and 1999, with a particular focus on the Ferghana Valley, recruiting indigenous authors. I regularly teach, write and speak on the area.
Keywords: Central Asia; Iran; Afghanistan; Ferghana Valley; Silk Road; Islam; History
Language: English (1), Persian (4), Russian (4), French (3)
Location: Washington, DC, USA

Neumann Fridman, Eva Jane

Tel./Fax: [1](978)443-9843; fax:[1](978)443-3543
E-mail: joneva(a)
Address: 25 Christopher Lane \ Sudbury, MA 01776 \ USA
Web Links: CASWW Dissertation Listing; Guide to Scholars of Central Asia
Profile: Have done fieldwork research in Kalmykia, Buryatia, Tuva and Mongolia -1995, 1996 and 1999. Worked actively with Kalmyk, Buryat, Tuvinian, and Mongolian scholars in researching the regeneration of shamanism and Buddhism in these areas in post-Soviet times. Frequent contacts with Geshe Thinley, Spiritual Representative of the Dalai Lama to Russia and Mongolia. Close contacts with many shamans in Russia and Mongolia. Dissertation: Sacred Geography: Shamanism in the Buddhist Republics of Russia. Have published articles on my research; editor of "Turkic and Siberian Shamanism in the former USSR: Historical Roots and Contemporary Practices" Anthropology of Consciousness, Vol. 10, No. 4, December 1999. Specialist on healing practices of shamans, with access to their practices. I am also a psychotherapist, with a clinical practice since 1958 in mental and emotional disorders. Extensive visual representations - photographic materials.
Keywords: Regeneration of Religion; Kalmuks; Old Believers; Buryats; Shamanism; Tuvans; Shamanistic Healing; Siberia, Southern; Ethnography; Buddhism in Russia; Natural Locale
Language: English (1), German (1), French (2), Russian (4)
Location: Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA

Neva, Elena

Kandidat iskusstvovedeniia [Ph.D.]
Affiliation: Independent Scholar
Tel./Fax: tel./fax:[1](781)391-1825
E-mail: lenasu(a)
Address: P.O. Box 1008 \ Boston, MA 02205 \ USA
Profile: Art history, history of jewelry; Former name: Negmatullaeva-Landman
Keywords: Art History; History of Jewelry; Central Asia; Bactria; Tajikistan; Uzbekistan
Language: Russian, Hebrew, English
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Nicolini, Beatrice

Title: PhD researcher
Affiliation: Dept. of Political Sciences, Catholic University, Milan-Italy
Tel./Fax: tel. home: 0039-0376-324755 fax: 0039-376-220585
E-mail: bnicolin(a)
Address: Catholic University, Largo Gemelli, 1, 20123, Milan, Italy \ Italy
Profile: History of Baluchistan- Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia with special focus on western Indian Ocean connections during the XIX century
Extensive archive and field work research in Baluchistan, Oman and Zanzibar
Doctoral thesis on Anglo-French relations within Western Indian ocean during XIX century
Keywords: Baluchis; Pakistan; Afghanistan; Central Asia; Western Indian Ocean
Language: Italian, English, German, French
Location: Milan, Italy

Nijman, Werner (see entry under Social Issues)

Nissman, David Barkalow

Ph.D., Columbia, 1968
Title: Editor, RFERL Iraq Report
Affiliation: RFERL, Prague
Tel./Fax: [42](2)2112-2081
E-mail: nissmand(a)
Address: Rubesova 2 \ 120 00 Praha 2 \ Czech Republic
Profile: Expert in Turkic/Central Asian/Caucasian cultural history. Have written monograph on the Mamluk Kipchak orthography in the 13th century. Have written book on the relationship between northern Azerbaijan and Iranian Azerbaijan during the XXth century. Also, lengthy articles on modern Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. Encyclopedia articles also on Kyrgyzstan. Frequent travels in region(s) over last ten years. Well connected in the area. Currently the editor of the RFERL Iraq Report, specializing in minority affairs in Northern Iraq, primarily Kurdish, Turkmen and Assyrian as well as Shi'i-Sunni relations in the current context
Keywords: History; Kyrgyzes; Turkmens
Language: English (1); Azeri (2); Turkmen (2); German (2); Russian (3); Arabic (4); Uzbek (2-3); Tatar (2/3)
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Northrop, Douglas Taylor

Title: Asst. Prof.
Affiliation: University of Georgia, Department of History
Tel./Fax: [1](706)542-2503
E-mail: northrop(a)
Address: Department of History \ LeConte Hall \ University of Georgia \ Athens, GA 30602-1602 \ USA
Web Links:;
Profile: Ph.D. in Soviet history from Stanford University (1999). Specialty in Soviet Central Asia, especially Uzbekistan. Extensive fieldwork and research in Russia and Central Asia.
Keywords: History; USSR; Central Asia; Uzbekistan; Social History; Cultural History; Women; Gender Relations; Soviet Period
Language: English (1), Russian (2/3), Uzbek (2/3), Turkish (4), German (4), French (4)
Location: Athens, Georgia, USA

Oda, Juten

M.A., Univ. of Kyoto, Oriental History, 1962
Title: Prof. Director of the College Library
Affiliation: Toyohashi Sozo College
Tel./Fax: [81](532)41-04-44, fax:[81](532)41-91-48
E-mail: juten(a)
Address: 77 Kitaura, Futagawa-cho \ Toyohashi 441-31 \ Japan
Profile: Turkish Buddhist Culture and History of Uighurs. Studies on languages and manuscripts in Uighur from Turfan and Dunhuang: "When was the Sakiz yukmak yaruq sutra translated?" (Turk Dilleri Arastirmalari, 9 [1999]: 17-28), and a chronology on the Uighur-Buddhist texts. Old Turkish Buddhist scripture brought from the Turfan basin and the Dunhuang caves are a most excellent inheritance in the culture of Silk Road during about six hundred years from the ninth century to the fourteenth century.
Keywords: Buddhist Scriptures; Turkic Languages; Uyghurs; Turfan; Dunhuang; Hami; Manichaeism; Soghd; Brahmi Script; Cultural History
Language: Japanese (1), Turkish (2), English (4), Germany (4), French (4), Chinese (4)
Location: Toyohashi, Japan

Pagel, Ulrich

Ph.D., Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies, SOAS, University of London, 1992
Title: Lecturer
Affiliation: School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Tel./Fax: [44](207)7898-4782
E-mail: up1(a)
Address: Russell Square \ Thornhaught Street \ London WC1X 0ES \ United Kingdom
Web Links:
Profile: Tibetan Literature, Tibetan Historiography, Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies, Buddhism in Central Asia; 1993-1997, Curator, Tibetan Collections, British Library; 1997-1999, Assistant Professor, Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, Dept. of Asian Languages and Literature, University of Washington, Seattle. 1999-, Lecturer, Language and Religion in Tibet and Middle Asia, SOAS, University of London
Keywords: Tibet; Mongolia; Indo-Tibetan Buddhism; Kanjur Research; Buddhism; Tibetan Literature; Mahayana Buddhism
Language: German (1), English (1), Tibetan (reading), Sanskrit (reading),
Location: London, United Kingdom

Paksoy, H. B.

D. Phil.
Title: Faculty
Affiliation: Franklin University
E-mail: paksoy(a)
Address: '201 S. Grant Ave. \ Columbus, OH 43215 \ USA
Web Links:
several volumes on various aspects of Central Asia
Keywords: History; Culture; Literature; Religion; Politics; Folklore
Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Paul, Jürgen

Title: Prof.
Affiliation: Institut fuer Orientalistik, Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle
Tel./Fax: [49](345)55-24071; fax:[49](345)55-27123
E-mail: paul(a)
Address: Institut fuer Orientalistik \ Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle \ D-06099 Halle/S \ Germany
Web Links:
Profile: Research on medieval and early modern history of Muslim Central Asia. Specializing in the history of Sufi brotherhoods. Research in social issues (landholding, irrigation, organized loyalties).
Keywords: History; Uzbekistan; Transoxiana; Sufism; Naqshbandiyya; Manuscripts
Language: German (1), English, French, Russian (2), Persian (3), Arabic, Turkic (4)
Location: Halle/Saale, Germany

Pizur, Anthony (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Privratsky, Bruce G.

Title: Docent, Research Associate
Affiliation: Hoja Ahmet Yasawi Kazak-Turkish International University, Archeology and Ethnology Research Section
Tel./Fax: [325](33)41147
E-mail: bruce.p(a)
Address: Intimak koshesi, 15 \ 487010 Turkistan (Shymkent obl.) \ Kazakstan
Profile: Ph.D. in anthropology, University of Tennessee, 1998, for a study of Muslim belief and behavior in southern Kazakstan. I have lived 8 years in the small city of Turkistan near Shymkent and am familiar with the traditional configurations of Muslim life among the Kazaks, not with political issues. I speak Kazak, not Russian.
Keywords: Islam; Muslim; Sufi; Sharia; Yasawi; Turkistan; Anthropology; Ritual
Language: English (1), Kazak (2), German (4), French (4), Turkish (4)
Location: Turkistan, Kazakstan

Pstrusinska, Jadwiga

Doctor habilitowany. Jagiellonian University, Krakow (Poland), Iranian Linguistics, 1992; Doctor, Jagiellonian University, Krakow (Poland), Iranian Linguistics, 1981
Title: Assoc. Prof.
Affiliation: Institute of Oriental Philology, Jagiellonian University
Tel./Fax: home: [48](12)270-2903; office: [48](12)633-6377 ext. 2326, fax: [48](12)422-6793
E-mail: ryby(a)
Address: Al. Mickiewicza 9/11, 31-120 Poznan \ Poland
Profile: Specially tailored studies at Kabul University, Department of Letters and Humanities (1973-76) and extensive field research examining the sociolinguistic, ethnic and cultural situation in Afghanistan (1973-78). Numerous academic visits in several Asian countries (1973-94), total about four years. 1985-87 Refugee Studies Programme, Oxford University, UK
Author of numerous publications on sociolinguistic situation in Afghanistan (e.g. Afghanistan 1989 in sociolinguistic perspective, London 1990). Organisation of 3 conferences on Afghanistan, participation in numerous conferences on Afghanistan and Central Asia around the world. Creator and Head of Department of Interdisciplinary Eurasiatic Research.
Keywords: Afghanistan; Central Asia; Sociolinguistic Situation; Ethnic and Linguistic Groups; Dari Grammar; Pashto Grammar; Wakhan Corridor; Afghanistan, Culture; Afghan Exodus
Language: Polish (1), English (2), Russian (3), Dari (3), Pashto (4), German (4), French (4)
Location: Krakow, Poland

Reetz, Dietrich (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Saffery, Alan J. (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Sakirova, Sachro H.

Prof. Dr.
Title: Lecturer for Central Asian Turkology (Lehrbeauftragte für zentralasiatische Turkologie))
Affiliation: Institut für Kultur- und Sprachwissenschaften Zentralasiens (ZAS),University of Bonn
Tel./Fax: [49](228)73-0
Address: Regina-Pacis-Weg 5 \ 53111 Bonn \ Germany
Profile: Native Uzbek scholar in the field of linguistics with academic background at Uzbek, Russian (Moscow) and German universities.
* 1987 thru 1993 professor (chair) at the linguistic university of Andijan/Uzbekistan; since 1993 lecturer for Central Asian Turkology and comparative economic and cultural issues of the Central Asian NIS at Bonn University
Keywords: Uzbekistan; Uzbek Language; Uzbeks; Linguistics; Turkology; Ferghana Valley; Women; Education; Economy
Language: Uzbek (1), Russian (1), German (1), Kirghiz (2), Kazakh (2), English (3), Tajik (3)
Location: Bonn, Germany

Samii, A. William (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Sattarov, Rufat

B. A., J. D., Ph. D. candidate
Title: Director
Affiliation: Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Khazar University, Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel./Fax: [994](12)21-10-40
E-mail: rifat(a)
Address: Mesheti 11 \ Baku-370096 \ Azerbaijan
Profile: Extensive research in the following areas:
1. Islamic Law
2. Religion and Society in Modern Azerbaijan
3. Islam in Modern Azerbaijan and Tatarstan
4. Ecological culture and religion
5. Rites and rituals in Islam
Interests include the following subjects:
1. History of Islam
2. Women, Gender and Family in Islam
3. Sex culture in Islam
4. Muslim minorities in Azerbaijan
5. Jewish people in Azerbaijan
Participation in numerous conferences and workshops.
Keywords: Islamic Law; Gender; Azerbaijan; Tatarstan; Caspian Ecology and Environment; Culture; Customs; Islam; Jewish People in Azerbaijan; Sociological Questionnaires
Language: English (2), Russian (1), Hebrew (2), French (4), Arabic (4), Azeri (3), Turkish (4), Tatar (4)
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Schetter, Conrad Justus

Ph.D. Candidate
Title: Cand. Ph.D.
Affiliation: Center of development Research; University of Bonn
Tel./Fax: [49](228)263144
E-mail: c.schetter(a)
Address: Walter-Flx-Str. 3 \ 53113 Bonn \ Germany
Profile: M.A. in Geography and History. Field researches and publications about social and economic change of nomadism in Iran (1995-1997). Since 1997 Ph.D. about "ethnicity and ethnic conflicts in Afghanistan". 1998 field researches in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The topics of this research are the emergence of Afghan national ideologies, the ethnic policy of the Afghan state, and the instumentalization and mobilization of ethnic groups by state and non-state elites; this research covers the whole modern Afghan history up to the present.
Keywords: Afghanistan; Afghans; Ethnicity; Ethnic Conflict; Elites; Geography; Nationalism; Nomads; Political History; Pukhtuns; Tajiks
Language: German (1), English (2), French (4); Persian
Location: Bonn, Germany

Schimmelpenninck van der oye, David Hendrik

Title: Asst. Prof.
Affiliation: History Department, Brock University
Tel./Fax: [1](905)688-5550, ext. 3507
E-mail: dschimme(a)
Address: Brock University \ St. Catharines, ON L2S 3A1 \ Canada
Profile: 1. Russian Orientalism broadly defined - intellectual, academic (i.e. vostokovedenie), cultural and artistic perceptions of Central and Inner Asia. 2. Russian exploration of Central Asia and Inner Asia. 3. Russian expansion into Central Asia
Keywords: Russian Orientalism; Russian-Inner Asian Relations; Great Game; Imperial Russia; Diplomatic History; Intellectual History; Sino-Russian Relations; Exploration
Language: English, French, Dutch (1), Russian, German (2)
Location: St. Catharines, Canada

Schoeberlein, John S. (see entry under Social Issues)

Schwarz, Henry G. (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Shorish, M. Mobin (see entry under Social Issues)

Small, Ian

Master of Arts
Title: Research Associate, Consultant
Affiliation: Medecins Sans Frontieres, University of Toronto, McMaster University of Environment and Health
Tel./Fax: (1) 416 531 5268, (1) 416 480 6100 x 4753
E-mail: ibprivate(a)
Address: \
Web Links:
Profile: Has worked for more then 4 years in Central Asia (UZB/TKM/TAJ). Former Head of Mission for Medecins Sans Frontieres Aral Sea Area Programme and Ferghana Valley. MA thesis was on environmental scarcity (security) and the Aral Sea Area. Experise in programme management, tuberculosis, environmental health and environmental health research. Published over 12 articles/book chapters on the region. Current interests include environmental health research, solar water distillers, tree planting
Keywords: Aral Sea; Environmental Health; Health; Tuberculosis; Program Management; Humanitarian Assistance; Uzbekistan; Turkmenistan
Language: English (1), French (4), Russian (4)
Location: Toronto, Canada

Stebelsky, Ihor

Ph.D., University of Washington, Geography, 1967
Title: Prof.
Affiliation: Department of History, Philosophy and Political Science, University of Windsor
Tel./Fax: [1](519)253-4232 ext. 2177; fax:(519)973-7094
E-mail: stebels(a)
Address: University of Windsor \ 401 Sunset Avenue \ Windsor, Ontario N9B 3P4 \ Canada
Web Links:
Profile: Historical Geography of the Russian Empire and the USSR, with research in the libraries and archives of Moscow and Leningrad / St. Petersburg on the colonization and the development of agrarian problems and environmental degradation in the Central Russian Black Earth Region and Ukraine, on peasant migration to Siberia and Central Asia, on establishment of Slavic peasant colonies in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, on the migration and settlement of Ukrainians in Siberia, Kazakhstan, and Central Asia.
Keywords: Slavic Peasant Colonization; Siberia; Central Asia; Ukrainian Settlement in Siberia and Central Asia
Language: English (1), Ukrainian (1), Russian (3), French (4), Polish (4)
Location: Windsor, Canada

Suleimenova, Eleonora D.

Doktor filologicheskih nauk [Ph.D.], Moscow State University, 1992
Title: Chair of the Department of General Linguistics, Professor
Affiliation: Kazakh State National University al-Farabi
Tel./Fax: [7](3272)471786; Home: 534690
E-mail: esuleim(a)
Address: 9"b" Zein Shashkin Street, Apt.13 \ Almaty, 480090 \ Kazakstan
Profile: * Extensive research of to current problems of linguistics, sociolinguistics, language standardization language policy and pedagogy in Kazakhstan.
* Numerous publications and conference appearances on historical analyses of Language Policy in Kazakhstan from 1921-1991 (based on archival and official materials), and sociolinguistic analyses of the development of the language situation in modern Kazakhstan during the last 10 years.
* Heading the research project "A Lexicographical Description of Loanwords in Kazakh." (Grant INTAS, Call 1996).
* Research in the fields of the theory and practice of the acquisition of Kazakh (resulting textbook, written in co-authorship, received the Soros Foundation grant in 1995).
* Chair of the Republican Council Conferring Doctoral Degrees (General Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Typology, and Russian Linguistics).
* Expert of INTAS: Call 1996, Call 1997, Call 1999.
* Chair of the Kazakh branch of International Association of Teachers of Russian.
* Chair of Council of Education and Methodics of Russian Language and Literature under the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Keywords: Kazakstan; Linguistics; Semantics; Sociolinguistics; Comparative Linguistics; Language Planning; Language Policy; Kazak Language, Loanwords in; Pedagogy; Kazak Language Acquisition
Language: Kazakh (1), Russian (1), English (3), German (4)
Location: Almaty, Kazakstan

Tehranian, Majid (see entry under Politics and International Relations)

Uehling, Greta

Affiliation: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Tel./Fax: [1](734)669-4406
E-mail: gretau(a)
Address: '2305 Placid Way \ Ann Arbor, MI 48105 \ United States
Profile: Completed extensive, in-depth qualitative research in Uzbekistan, examining living conditions, ethnic relations, and migration intentions of Crimean Tatars resulting in Ph.D. scholarly publications and public presentations at numerous conferences.
Consulted with Russian NGO Social Sector Support Project, State of Oregon Children's Services Division, and Political, Economic, and Cultural Department of Embassy of United States of America on topic of refugees and/or Crimean Tatars.
Keywords: Needs Assessment; Outcome Evaluation; Qualitative Analysis; Human Rights; Refugees; Indigenous Peoples; Crimean Tatars; Ethnography; Focus Group Interviewing
Language: English (1), Russian (2)
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Wang, Jianping

Title: Assoc. Prof
Affiliation: Inst. of World Religions, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Tel./Fax: [86](10)65-13-77-44 ext.5483
E-mail: wangjp(a)
Address: 5 Jiannei Street, Inst. of World Religions \ CASS \ Beijing 100732 \ P. R. of China
Profile: Book and articles publication both in English and Chinese; frequently participating international conference and conference in China; have collecting and processing considerable materials and have being assistant professor and associate professor based in China for many years; fieldwork among the Muslim communities in China; with connection to the institutions and scholars both in China and in abroad.
Keywords: Islam; History; Hui Muslims; Turkic Muslims; Communities; Sufism; Political Islam; Central Asia; Iran; Afghanistan
Language: Chinese (1), classical Chinese (1), English (2-3), Arabic, Persian, French (4)
Location: Beijng, P. R. of China

Wei, Julie Lee

M.A., Chinese, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Title: Independent Scholar
Affiliation: independent scholar
Tel./Fax: Tel: 415-381-5941, 408-252-1062; fax: 408-252-1062
E-mail: jlwei2(a)
Address: 316 Deertrail Lane \ Mill Valley, CA 94941 \ USA
Profile: Author of a monograph, Julie Lee Wei, "Correspondences Between the Chinese Calendar Signs and the Phoenician Alphabet", Sino-Platonic Papers (editor: Victor H. Mair), 1999:94, Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania, Dept. of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.
Co-translator and editor, Julie Lee Wei, et al., a book, Prescriptions for Saving China: Selected Writings of Sun Yat-sen, Hoover Institution Press, 1992.
Author, "Tentative Readings of the Annau Seal, 2300 BCE", to be published on the internet.
Keywords: Paleo-Linguistics; Linguistics; Central Asian Languages; Central Asia; History; Pre-history; Archaeology; Art History
Language: English (3), Chinese (3), German (4), French (4)
Location: Mill Valley, California, USA

Whaley, Lindsay J.

Title: Assoc. Prof
Affiliation: Dartmouth College
Tel./Fax: [1](603)646-2044; fax:[1](603)646-3533
E-mail: lindsay.whaley(a)
Address: Program in Linguistics and Cognitive Science \ 6086 Reed \ Hanover, NH 03755 \ USA
Web Links:;
Profile: * Research in Inner Mongolia on the languages/cultures of Tungusic and Mongolic peoples. Spend most summers in various locations in Northern China on this project.
* Involved in a long term project comparing the Tungusic peoples of Northern China and Siberia.
* Interested in issues of cultural survival, language endangerment and policies that impact minority peoples.
* Participation in numerous conferences and workshops on endangered languages.
Keywords: Linguistics; Manchu-Tungusic; Mongolic; Ethnicity; China; Endangered Languages; Endangered Cultures
Language: English (1), French (3), Spanish (4), German (4)
Location: Hanover, New Hampshire, USA

White, Jr., Walter H. (see entry under Economy and Natural Resources)

Yagmur, Kutlay (see entry under Social Issues)

Yoshida, Setsuko

M.A., Hiroshima University, Social Anthropology, 1991
Title: Instructor
Affiliation: Department of Sociology. Shikoku Gakuin University
Tel./Fax: [81]877-62-2111 x393; Fax:[81]877-62-3934
E-mail: syoshida(a)
Address: 3-2-1 Bunkyo-cho, Zentsuji 765-0013 \ Japan
Profile: * Intensive social anthropological research in Kyrgyzstan dealing with the relationships between socio-economic changes and patrilineal kin in a village. -A total of four years in the region in four visits since 1992.
* Broad experiences in transitional situations of rural daily life as a long-term resident. -Oral presentations and participation in meetings on social sciences. -Interested in dynamics of family and kin relationships in local social circumstances of rural areas since sovietization.
* Ph.D. candidate for social anthropology.
Keywords: Social Anthropology; Social Organization; Kyrgyzes; Kyrgyzstan; Ethnography; Nomads; Pastoralism; Sedentarization; Islam; Social History
Language: Japanese (1), Kyrgyz (2), English (3), Chinese (4), Russian (4)
Location: Marugame, Japan

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