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Appropriateness of Your Inclusion

When considering whether you are an "expert" appropriate for inclusion in the Directory, the following notes may serve as guide on who would typically be included:

º Someone with extensive formal training (such as a Ph.D.) on the relevant topics.

º Someone with substantial experience dealing with issues on the ground -- perhaps with one or more years of living and working in the region or five or more years of repeated visits to it.

º Someone with specialized skills and experience dealing with information about the region, typically having access to data resources which are inaccessible to others.

º Someone with significant direct experience of areas or aspects of life in the region.

One should also be someone who can make oneself available to interested parties, such as journalists and conference organizers. Generally, this means that a working knowledge of English is vital, as well as good accessibility via telephone and/or e-mail.

Scholarly Credentials

Cite the highest degree (or degrees, if you have qualifications in different fields).  If the title of your degree is not originally in the English-language system, you should give it in its original language.  This is necessary because some people, for example, represent their "Kandidat" degree as a "Ph.D.", which some people will consider to be a misrepresentation.

Profile of Qualifications and Expertise

Consider what will help a Directory user to quickly identify your relevant expertise (users will most often either search for keywords or do very cursory browsing.  For examples, you can look at other entries in the Experts Listing.

Keywords for Topic Index

Include geographic and thematic terms which will help people search the index for your expertise.  It is best to include some general terms as well as more specific terms (e.g., Islam and Sufism or Naqshbandiya).  Do not include more than 10 terms, as the extra terms will be ignored.  Do not include commas within terms (for example, do not write "Caucasus, Northern") as these will be treated as separate terms.  You may separate terms by a carriage return or a comma.

Contact Information

The contact information must remain up-to-date for continued inclusion in the Directory.  Make a note to yourself of the page address for sending updated information when you change work, etc.

Web Links

With any web links you provide, include an identifier indicating what the page is--e.g., "Resume:".  Note that you can Search «CESWW» to find references to your publications, dissertation, conference participation, etc.

Sample Entry

The following is a fictitious example.

Social Issues [section of listing]

Abdukarim, Tursun

Ph.D. Univ. of Eastern California, Sociology, 1999
Affiliation: University of New York, Dept. of Sociology; Post-doctoral Fellow
Tel./Fax: +1 (202) 111-1111 fax: +1 (202) 111-1112
E-mail: abdukerim(a)
Address: 2100 Broadway, New York, NY 10000-1234, USA
Web Links:
Profile: - Extensive sociological research in Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan examining the impact of post-communist reforms on women and the elderly.
- A total of two years in the region in four visits since 1993.
- Experience consulting in social assessments for International NGOs.
- Special abilities: Able to conduct focus groups and analysis the results of focus groups in Uzbek and Azeri (near-native ability).
- Participation in numerous conferences and workshops on sustainable participatory development.
- Interested in issues of social human rights, and willing to share information on human rights in these countries.
- Ph.D. Thesis: "Limits on Women's Participation in International Development Initiative: A Comparison of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan."
Keywords: Sociology, Development, Participatory Development, Gender, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Social Assessment, Elderly, Human Rights, Social Safety Net
Language: English (1), Turkish (2), Azeri (2), Uzbek (3), Russian (4), Persian (4)
Location: New York, USA

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