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Dissertations in Central Eurasian Studies

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(«CESWW» is a project of the Harvard Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus)

About Inclusion in the Dissertation Listing


Included in the list will be scholars from any part of the world who: a) received their PhD-equivalent degree in the last 8 years, and b) wrote their PhD dissertation making significant use of materials pertaining to Central Eurasia.

º REGION: "Central Eurasian Studies" is defined broadly to include all fields of humanities and social sciences pertaining to the region from Iranian Azerbaijan and Turkic/Muslim regions of southern Russia in the west, through northern Afghanistan and southern Siberia, to Tibet and Mongolia in the east.

º INTERVAL: We include those who have received their PhDs in the last 8 years -- as an approximate cut off. Earlier, but still "recent" PhD recipients are welcome to submit their information (as we recognize that there is a lot of flux in this field, and many of the functions defined above are relevant in cases of earlier PhD recipients).

º DEGREES: The "PhD-equivalent" is defined as the degree which is recognized in your part of the world as the ordinary minimum credential for teaching in universities in fields of humanities and social sciences (for example, in former Soviet countries, this might be the "Kandidat" degree). Please note that inclusion in the list is not a certification of the equivalency of the degree to the PhD -- it is largely up to the individual scholars to make this determination.

If you have any questions, please look at a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and if that fails to answer them, please contact us at <centasia(a)>.

Questionnaire Instructions

IMPORTANT: Read the instructions carefully before submitting your information.

Quality Submissions: It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure completeness of the information -- if submitted information is incomplete, it may not be included. Because we will not edit submissions extensively, please submit it in a form that you would be proud to have represent you to the world. [Typical "embarrassments" include misspellings in ones own name or dissertation title, bibliographic information that does not conform to scholarly standards, failure to provide the actual title of the degree (e.g., listing as "PhD" what is actually a "k.i.n."), and the like].

Full Reference Info: Note that the key information that will enable a user of the list to find the dissertation is essential; therefore the information MUST include the title in its original language, the institution that approved it and archives it, and the correct spelling of the author's name as it appears on the dissertation.

Submission: Please return the information if at all possible in the form provided below.  If for some reason you cannot submit via this on-line form, we can accept it submitted via e-mail -- for this purpose you should contact us for the correct e-mail form at <centasia(a)>.

Indexing: This on-line list will be searchable with subject keyword index.  Therefore, we ask you to include keywords in ordinary spellings to be included in the index, which will allow users of the list to find what interests them.

Contact Info: We include contact information to enable interested persons to contact you. Note that we will not guarantee that this information is kept up-to-date on the on-line list over the years (since following the moves of new PhDs would be too demanding). Therefore, consider what you can provide to help people track you down several years from now.

Character Set: Because of the limitations of the World Wide Web (which allow any given page to appear only in one character set, such as Windows-1251, which includes Cyrillic and Latin), we limit the listing to standard Latin letters.  However, you can enter your dissertation title or address, for example, in Cyrillic characters as we will convert these automatically to Latin.  The easiest way to enter this information in the web form is often to cut and paste into the form.

Before submitting your information, have a look at some entries to see the format in which it will appear.  You may also want to look at a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Please fill the form out CAREFULLY and ensure that your submission is as you wish it to remain, as only essential corrections will be made once the entry is added to the list.

If your information does not appear in the on-line directory immediately, don't be concerned -- we have many other things to attend to, and we'll get to it with time.


1. Your Surname as it appears on the dissertation:

2. Given Name(s) as on dissertation:

3. Your Surname as you currently prefer [if different; e.g., married name]:

4. Your Given Name(s) as you currently prefer [if different]:

5. Dissertation title [use ORIGINAL LANGUAGE, with a translation, if you wish]:

6. Year of Degree [regarding undefended theses, see FAQ]:

7. Name of Degree [in ORIGINAL language; e.g., "Kandidat istoricheskikh nauk", "Ph.D.", "Doctorat de 3e cycle", etc.]:

8. Degree Granting Institution: University or Institute [use ORIGINAL LANGUAGE, with a translation, if you wish]:

9. Department [use ORIGINAL LANGUAGE, with a translation, if you wish]:

10. Country [where this instition is located]:

11. Dissertation major subject [heading under which listing will appear; e.g., "History", "Political Science", "Linguistics", "Turkic Studies" -- see a list of Subject Headings; see FAQ for clarification]:

12. Dissertation subject keywords, separated by commas or carriage returns [words to include in index which characterize the topic of the dissertation, which may include a) discipline(s), b) region(s), c) themes, such as "ethnicity", "agriculture", "democratization" -- see a list of Keywords; see FAQ for clarification].  Maximum 6:

13. Additional Bibliographic Information on the dissertation [e.g., no. of pages, no. of pages of bibl., inclusion of maps, illus., etc.; if the diss. has been published, provide the bibliographic reference]:

14. Your current institutional affiliation/contact information [optional]:
   o Institution:

   o Street Address - City - Postal Code:

   o Country:

  o Telephone:

   o Email Address:

15. If information is submitted on someone else's behalf -- Name of person submitting:

16. Email address of person submitting [if not the author]:

17. Optional - Dissertation Abstract:

Please verify the information provided above before submitting the form, and enter a single letter Y in the blank below.

«Central Eurasian Studies World Wide» is a project of the
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