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Dissertations in Central Eurasian Studies

Bat-Ireedui, Jantsan

Title: The structure, meaning and function of Mongolian synonyms
Date: 1998
Name of Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Institution: Mongolian Academy of Science, Institut of Language and Literature
Country: Mongolia
Keywords: Linguistics
Bibl. Info.: In Mongolian, Abstarct in English
Contact Information:
Institution: School of Mongolian Studies, National University of Mongolia
Address: Ulaanbaatar 210646 \ P.O. Box 727 \ Mongolia
Phone: [976](1)32-54-35
E-mail: batireeduij(a)

Dwyer, Arienne M.

Title: Salar Phonology
Date: 1996
Name of Degree: Ph.D.
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle
Department: Asian Languages and Literatures
Country: USA
Keywords: Language Contact, Turkic Languages, Phonology
Contact Information:
Institution: University of Kansas
Address: Department of Anthropology \ 1415 Jayhawk Blvd. - Fraser Hall 614 \ Lawrence, KS 66044 \ USA
Phone: [1](785)864-2649
E-mail: anthlinguist(a)

Georg, Stefan

Title: Marphatan Thakali: Untersuchungen zur Sprache des Dorfes Marpha im Oberen Kali-Gandaki-Tal/Nepal
Date: 1995
Name of Degree: Doktor phil.
Institution: Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Department: Seminar für Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft Zentralasiens
Country: Germany
Keywords: Thakali, Grammar, Tibeto-Burman Linguistics, Tamangic Languages, Language Typology
Bibl. Info.: publ.: LINCOM Studies in Asian Linguistics 02, München/Newcastle: LINCOM-EUROPA 1996, ISBN 3-89586-098-0
Contact Information:
Institution: Vakgroep Vergelijkende Taalwetenschappen \ Rijksuniversiteit Leiden
Address: \ Netherlands
E-mail: georg(a), georg(a)

Grivelet, Stéphane

Title: La digraphie: changements et coexistences d'écritures [Digraphia: changes and coexistence of scripts]
Date: 1999
Name of Degree: Doctorat
Institution: Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier III
Department: Département de Sciences du Langage
Country: France
Keywords: Mongolia, Sociolinguistics, Writing Systems, Grammatology, Language Planning
Bibl. Info.: 372 pp., 4 pp. illus., inclusion of samples of writing systems used in Mongolia and recent materials
Contact Information:
Institution: Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia
Address: 33 rue Beausoleil \ 66000 Perpignan \ France
Phone: [42](1)743427961
E-mail: stephane_grivelet(a)

Iskandarova, Diloro Mukaddasovna

Title: Fazovye znacheniia kak komponent polia aspektual'nosti v Tadzhikskom iazyke v sopostavlenii s Telugu
Date: 1997
Name of Degree: Doktor filologicheskikh nauk
Institution: Tadzhikiskii gos. natsional'nyi universitet
Country: Tajikistan
Keywords: India, Tajikistan, Tajik Language, Telegu Language, Comparative Linguistics
Contact Information:
Institution: Tadzhikskii gos. natsional'nyi universitet \ Kafedra istorii iazyka i tipologii
Address: 734025 Dushanbe \ pr. Rudaki, 17 korp. 11 \ Tajikistan
Phone: [992](3772)21-77-11

King, Julian Ross Paul

Title: Russian sources on Korean dialects
Date: 1991
Name of Degree: Ph.D.
Institution: Harvard University
Department: Linguistics Dept.
Country: USA
Keywords: Korean Dialects
Contact Information:
Institution: Centre for Korean Studies \ School of Oriental and African Studies \ University of London
Address: Thornhaugh Street \ Russell Square \ London WC1H OXG \ United Kingdom
Phone: [44](71)323-6179
E-mail: kingx29(a)

Mawkanuli, Talant

Title: The phonology and morphology of Jungar Tuva
Date: 1999
Name of Degree: Ph.D.
Institution: Indiana University, Bloomington
Department: Dept. of Central Eurasian Studies
Country: USA
Keywords: Junghar Tuva, Sociolinguistics, Descriptive Grammar, Language Survival, Ethnic Identity, Altay
Contact Information:
Institution: Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia, University of Wisconsin
Address: 1240 Van Hise Hall, 1220 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706-1397 \ USA
Phone: [1]608-262-3012
E-mail: tmawkanuli(a)

Roos, Marti

Title: The Western Yugur (Yellow Uygur) language: Grammar, texts, vocabulary
Name as it appears on dissertation: Roos, Martina Erica
Date: 2000
Name of Degree: Doctor
Institution: Universiteit Leiden
Department: Vakgroep Vergelijkende Taalwetenschappen [Dept. of Comparative Linguistics]
Country: Netherlands
Keywords: Western Yugur, Yellow Uyghur, Turkic Languages, China
Contact Information:
Address: \ Netherlands
E-mail: roosme(a), martiroos(a)

Rysbergen, Kyzdarkhan

Title: Istoriko-lingvisticheskii analiz toponimov Iuzhnogo Kazakhstana
Date: 1993
Name of Degree: Kandidat filologicheskikh nauk
Institution: Iuzhno-Kazakhstanskii gos. universitet
Country: Kazakstan
Keywords: Historical Linguistics, Kazakstan, Onomastics, Toponyms, Turkic Languages, Kazak Language
Contact Information:
Institution: Institut iazykoznaniia MN-RK
Address: 480021 Almaty \ ul. Kurmangazy, 29 \ Kazakstan
Phone: [7](3272)62-87-64
E-mail: adm(a)

Sezer, Engin

Title: Issues in Turkish syntax
Name as it appears on dissertation: Sezer, F. Engin
Date: 1991
Name of Degree: Ph.D.
Institution: Harvard University
Department: Linguistics Dept.
Country: USA
Keywords: Turkish, Syntax
Contact Information:
Institution: Harvard University \ Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Address: 6 Divinity Avenue, Room 309 \ Cambridge, MA 02138 \ USA
Phone: [1](617)496-8559
E-mail: sezer(a)

Shirinova, Irade

Title: Stilisticheskie povtory v sonetakh Shekspira i problemy ikh perevoda na Azerbaidzanskii iazyk [Stylistic reiterations in Shakespeare's sonnets and problems of translation into Azerbaijani]
Date: 1990
Name of Degree: Kandidat filologicheshikh nauk [Ph.D.]
Institution: Azerbaidzhanskii Pedagogicheskii Institut Russkogo Iazyka
Department: Kafedra inostrannykh iazykov [Dept. of Foreign Languages]
Country: Azerbaijan
Keywords: Stylistics, Translation in Azerbaijani, Shakespeare, Poetry
Bibl. Info.: 179 pp. of bibl.
Contact Information:
Institution: The Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts and Science, Near East University
Address: P.O. Box 670 \ Lefkosha, Mersin 10 \ Turkey
Phone: [90](392)223-4475; Mob.: [90](542)854-2207
E-mail: aras(a)

Sultonsaidova, Saodat

Title: Causative voice forms and conception of the category of voices
Date: 2001
Name of Degree: Kandidat nauk
Country: Uzbekistan
Keywords: Uzbek, Language, Turkic Studies
Bibl. Info.: 5 pages, 2,085 words
Contact Information:
Institution: The Uzbekistan State World Languages University, International Journalism Department
Address: Mukimy St, 104 \ Tashkent City \ Uzbekistan
Phone: [998](712)53-26-42

Yakup, Abdurishid

Title: [Synchronic description of the language of Uyghur Manichean texts (in Chinese)]
Date: 1996
Name of Degree: Ph.D.
Institution: Central University for Nationalities, Beijing
Country: P. R. of China
Keywords: Chinese Central Asia, Uyghurs, Yellow Uyghurs, Salars, Tuva, Manichean Texts
Contact Information:
Institution: Xinjiang University \ Dept. of the Languages of China
Address: Shengli Road 14 \ Urumchi 830046 \ P. R. of China
Phone: [86](991)2879-251
E-mail: abdyakup(a)


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