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Dissertations in Central Eurasian Studies

Barkhudaryan, Arman

Title: State support to small business in transitional economies
Date: 2000
Name of Degree: Kandidat ekonomicheskikh nauk
Institution: Armenian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Economics
Country: Armenia
Keywords: Small Business, State Support Policy, Economy of Transition
Bibl. Info.: 146 pp., 17 graphs
Contact Information:
Institution: International Finance Corporation, Armenia Field Office
Address: #2 Khorertarani Str. \ Yerevan 375010 \ Armenia
Phone: [374](2)54-52-41
E-mail: arman_bar(a)

Bilici, Hamit

Title: Turkmenistan's energy structure and natural gas
Date: 1998
Name of Degree: MA
Institution: Istanbul University
Department: International Relations
Country: Turkey
Keywords: Turkmenistan, Energy, Natural Gas, Pipelines, Russian Influence, Iran, Turkey
Bibl. Info.: 80 p
Contact Information:
Institution: Istanbul university, international reations, PhD Candidate
Address: istanbul \ Turkey
Phone: [90](212)639-60-05
E-mail: a.bilici(a)

Birkenes, Robert Michael

Title: The development of fiscal federalism in economies in transition: Problems in the Russian Federation
Date: 1996
Name of Degree: Ph.D.
Institution: Indiana University, Bloomington
Country: USA
Keywords: Tajikistan, Pamir Region, Family, Household Economy, Bazaar
Contact Information:
Institution: United States Agency for International Development \ Europe and NIS Bureau
Address: 1331 Pennsylvania Ave., #1425 \ Washington, DC 20004 \ USA
Phone: [1](202)661-5810
E-mail: rbirkenes(a)

Guchgeldiev, Oleg

Title: Economic analysis of cotton production sector of Turkmenistan
Name as it appears on dissertation: Guchgeldiev, Oleg
Date: 2000
Name of Degree: MSc. Public Economic Management
Institution: University of Birmningham
Department: International Development Dept.
Country: United Kingdom
Keywords: Turkmenistan , Agriculture, Central Asia, Cotton Production
Contact Information:
Address: T. Berdyev 19-12 \ Ashgabat 744000 \ Turkmenistan
Phone: [993](12)39-63-60
E-mail: gtzagro(a)

Kadyrov, Alisher Dzabbarovich

Title: Effektivnost' razmesheniia proizvoditel'nikh sil regiona (na primere Tadzhiksoi SSR) [The Effectiveness of the location of the productive forces of the region (the example of the Tajik SSR)]
Date: 1991
Name of Degree: Kandidat ekonomicheskikh nauk
Institution: Sovet po izucheniiu proizvoditel'nikh sil pri Gosplane SSSR [The Council for the study of the productive forces of the State Planning Commitee of the USSR]
Department: Otdel metodologicheskikh i metodicheskikh problem razmesheniia proizvodstva [Dept. of metodology problems of lthe location of industry]
Country: Russia, USSR
Keywords: Economics, Location of Productive Forces, Industry, Infrastructure
Bibl. Info.: 198 pp.
Contact Information:
Address: \
E-mail: alisherkadyrov(a), alisherkadyrov(a)

Pizur, Anthony

Title: Pererabatyvaiushchaia promyshlennost' Kyrgyzstana: Voprosy reakkumuliatsii kapitala [The reconstruction of Kyrgyz industry: Issues of capital reaccumulation]
Date: 1999
Name of Degree: Doktor Philosophii
Institution: Kyrgyzstan El Aralyk Universiteti [The International University of Kyrgyzstan]
Department: Vysshei Shkoli Ekonomiki
Country: Kyrgyz Republic
Keywords: Kyrgyzes, Reform, Agriculture, Government, Tax, Economics
Contact Information:
Institution: New Hampshire College
Address: 2500 North River Road \ Manchester, NH 03106-1045 \ USA
Phone: [1](603)668-2211ext. 2028
E-mail: a_pizur(a)

Ünal, Ömer Faruk

Title: Privatization of canned vegetables and fruits factories in Azerbaijan
Name of Degree: Ph.D.
Institution: Azerbaycan Elmi Tedqiqat Kend Teserrüfatinin Iktisadiyyati Ve Teskili Institutu
Department: Iktisadiyat-Ekonomiks
Country: Azerbaijan
Keywords: Privatization, Canned Food Industry, Azerbaijan
Bibl. Info.: 150 pp.
Contact Information:
Institution: Qafqaz University
Address: Neriman Nerimanov Pros. 103 \ Baku \ Azerbaijan
Phone: [994](12)38-34-15
E-mail: ofunal(a)

Verme, Paolo

Title: Transition, recession and labour supply in Kazakstan (1990-1996)
Date: 2000
Name of Degree: Ph.D
Institution: London School of Economics and Political Science
Department: Development Studies Institute
Country: United Kingdom
Keywords: Transition, Economic Development, Kazakstan, Labor Market, Labor Supply
Contact Information:
Institution: London School of Economics and Political Science
Address: Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE \ United Kingdom
E-mail: p.verme(a)


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