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Dissertations in Central Eurasian Studies
Buddhist Studies

Solonin, Kirill

Title: Formirovanie kitaiskykh buddiiskykh shkol v tangutskon gosudarstve Si-Sia [The formation of the Chinese Buddhist Schools in the Tangut State of Hsi-Hsia]
Date: 1996
Name of Degree: Kandidat filosofskikh nauk
Institution: St. Petersburg State University
Department: Dept. of Philosophy, Chair of the History and Philosophy of Religions
Country: Russian Federation
Keywords: Tangut, Buddhism, Chan, Huayan, Guifeng Zong-mi, Manuscripts
Bibl. Info.: 202 pp.; A brief version had been published in St. Petersburg by St.Petersburg University Press in 1996.Separate topics had been covered in a number of publications, both Russian and international.
Contact Information:
Institution: St. Petersbrg State University, Department of Philosophy, the Chair of Oriental Culture and Thought. Assistant Professor.
Address: 191123 St.Petersburg, Furshtadskaya 56-25 \ Russian Federation
Phone: [7](812)2735526
E-mail: msun1995(a)

Yakup, Abdurishid

Title: Studies in some late Uighur Buddhist texts preserved in Russia
Date: 2000
Name of Degree: Doctor of Literature (Bungaku Hakushi, Ronhaku)
Institution: Kyoto daigaku daigakuin bungaku kenkyuka [Kyoto University]
Department: Graduate School of Letters, Dept. of Linguistics
Country: Japan
Keywords: Buddhism, Uyghur Buddhism, Uyghur Textology
Bibl. Info.: iv + 454 pages
Contact Information:
Institution: Seminar für Orientkunde . Turkologie, Universitaet Mainz, Germany
Address: D-55099 Mainz \ Germany
E-mail: yakup(a)

Yamabe, Nobuyoshi

Title: The sutra on the ocean-like samadhi of the visualization of the Buddha: The interfusion of the Chinese and Indian cultures in Central Asia as reflected in a Fifth Century apocryphal Sutra
Date: 1999
Name of Degree: Ph.D.
Institution: Yale University
Department: Religious studies
Country: USA
Keywords: Chinese Central Asia, Buddhism, Mural Paintings
Contact Information:
Institution: Kyushu Ryukoku Junior College \ Dept. of Buddhist Studies
Address: 1350 Iwaide, Murata Tosu \ Saga 841-0072 \ Japan
Phone: [81](942)85-11-21
E-mail: nobuyoshi.yamabe(a)


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