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About Central-Eurasia-L

The Harvard Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus runs an e-mail distribution list called Central-Eurasia-L to distribute announcements about matters of interest to Central Eurasian studies.  Subscribers receive e-mail announcements regarding events, programs, opportunities, publications, and similar matters related to Central Eurasia.  Currently the list has about 3,000 subscribers in many countries.

Anyone is welcome to subscribe at no cost.  Anyone, whether subscribed or not, who would like to publicize events, opportunities, etc. -- or who is aware of such events and is generously inclined to share the knowledge -- should feel free to submit postings.

Geographically, the list encompasses primarily the five former Soviet Central Asian republics: Uzbekistan, Kazakstan, Kirghizstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.  Since Central Eurasia is inherently integrated with neighboring regions, the list has a secondary focus on regions ranging from Xinjiang, Afghanistan, the Caucasus, Muslim and Turkic-inhabited regions of Russia, etc.

Announcements and subscribers are welcome from the Central Eurasian studies community worldwide.

Please note that this is not a discussion list; our hope is that no one will feel disinclined to subscribe on the grounds that too much bulk is distributed, making it expensive for those who pay to receive mail or bothersome to those who are concerned about too much mail.

Therefore, postings should be well-formatted for good readability.  They should not contain opinions, scholarly views, or comments on other messages.

Announcements distributed by Central-Eurasia-L fall into the following general categories:

º Conferences and Lectures

º Program Information

º Publications and Publication Opportunities

º Job Opportunities

º Internships

º Fellowship and Grants

º Miscellaneous

These categories are not meant to be restrictive; anything of interest to any broad segment of the Central Eurasian Studies community may be submitted.

To subscribe to Central-Eurasia-L, you may either submit the form below and we will subscribe you.

To unsubscribe from Central-Eurasia-L, send a message with the subject "unsubscribe" to Central-Eurasia-L-request(a)

To send an announcement to Central-Eurasia-L, you must 1) include the marking "[CEL]" at the beginning of the subject line, 2) format it according to the guidelines, and 3) send it to CEL(a) (note that all postings are moderated so there may be some delay in the appearance of the posting).

List Characteristics:

º Established: 1995

º Current subscribership: ~6,000 (Nov. 2008)

º Subscription: Open

º Posting: By approval; Traffic: ca. 3 messages per day average

º Editor: John Schoeberlein / Harvard Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus <centasia(a)>

For examples of posted announcements, take a look at the Central-Eurasia-L Archive.

Editorial Guidelines

Central-Eurasia-L is for announcements only -- no discussion.  Postings should be well formatted for good readability.  They should not contain opinion, scholarly views, or comments on other messages.  They may include requests for information of a general nature that would be of interest to a broad segment of the list's subscribership, but subscribers are requested not to solicit information of primary relevance to their personal research, travel plans, etc.  (Note that a variety of discussion lists exist where one may discuss Central Eurasian topics and post information queries).

The kinds of announcements to be posted may include the following:

º Conferences.

º Seminars, special lectures, talks.

º Central Eurasia-related cultural events.

º Calls for papers - for conferences, journals, etc.

º Visits and appearances by international scholars and Central Eurasian public figures; this can be especially useful if such announcements can lead to scheduling more events, and thus maximizing such opportunities.

º Notices on new books, periodicals, or major articles in Central Eurasian Studies or closely related fields.

º Job openings (academic and non-academic).

º Grant and fellowship opportunities.

º Internship opportunities.

º Programs in Central Eurasian Studies -- including information about current language and area studies course offerings, major research projects, key faculty, and other particulars.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of topics; anything of interest to any broad segment of the Central Eurasian Studies community might also be submitted.

In writing postings, please keep in mind a few principles of format for quick reading:

º Introduce the posting with a term in all capital letters which designates what the announcement concerns--e.g., "PUBL.-", "CONF.-", "JOB-", etc.

º Divide points in the announcement into paragraphs with space between them for readability.

º Avoid centering, strings of asterisks, etc. which can be distorted as the posting goes through various e-mail systems.

º Do not use any boldface, italics or other formatting which does not function on many e-mail systems.

º Include complete information--especially telephone numbers and e-mail or postal addresses from which to request further information.

º Be concise.

º READ IT OVER CAREFULLY before submitting the posting.

Note the following guidelines for some categories of postings.  It is the responsibility of the person posting an announcement to insure conformity with these rules.  Postings that don't conform may be truncated or ignored:

º Bibliographic notices may include *only* notices of recent publications, and provide *only* basic publication data, plus a couple of phrases describing the item, if this is provided by the person making the submission.  If provided, an email or other address where the item my be obtain will also be included.

º There are *very* strict limitations on commercial notices.  Only *extremely brief* notices (name, address, and a one-phrase profile) of commercial offerings *directly* of relevance to Central Eurasian studies are allowed.  These will be posted only as a bunch, clearly marked as commercial.

º In order to avoid bulky postings, all notices should provide only the key information, while indicating where fuller information may be sought.

Postings to this list are moderated and may be shortened, corrected or reorganized, to ensure readability, brevity and quality of information.

Subscription Form

Surname [family name]:

Given Name(s) [first/middle name/initials]:

E-mail address:

Institutional Affiliation:

Former Address which you want unsubscribed (if any):

Note: In addition to Central-Eurasia-L, the Harvard Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus also operates an e-mail announcement list -- Central-Asia-Harvard-List -- which carries announcements pertaining to Harvard University and the Boston area (such announcements, as a rule, are not carried by Central-Eurasia-L).  Please indicate if you would like to be subscribed to this, as well:

Subscribe to Central-Eurasia-L (our main list): Yes  No
Subscribe to Central-Asia-Harvard-List:  Yes  No

Please verify the information provided above before submitting the form, and enter a single letter Y in the blank below.


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