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Note: Postings in this archive were originally distributed by the Central-Eurasia-L Announcement List.  They appear here in reverse chronological order, from the most recent posting to the list's beginning (1996).

Central-Eurasia-L Announcement Archive
3. Publications
Page 1

ON-LINE PUBLICATION- Turkistan-N, the Turkistan Newsletter

Posted by: Mehmet Tutuncu <sota(a)>
Posted: 27 May 1997

ON-LINE PUBLICATION- Turkistan-N, the Turkistan Newsletter

[This is somewhat abbrieviated version of the message from M. Tutuncu.  --CA-L]

Turkistan-N is an electronic newsletter based roughly on the model of
Johnson's Russia List (JRL), Psycholoquy (Prof. Steven Harnad), and
LINGUIST-L.  Turkistan-N (TN) is a newsletter whose purpose is to report on
the "Land of the Turks".  Book reviews, commentaries, articles, and letters
from the readers can also be published by TN. You may submit such articles
to TN, simply by replying to this newsletter or by mailing them to
Turkistan-N(a) is a domain name registered at

To subscribe, simply send the command:
        subscribe turkistan-N

to the address


The official languages of Turkistan-N are primarily English and Turk* (where
* is the Unix *).  Famous quotes and expressions in other languages are also
allowed (Russian, French, etc.), but must be kept to the minimum in order to
make the postings understandable to the other members. Remember, the primary
interest of Turkistan-N is to allow for the dissemination of information
about "Turks" to each other and to the rest of the world.  All effort will
be made to keep English as the major language, however knowing that some
people who might want to receive Turkistan-N might be in the Turkic states
and that they might not know English, the usage of the Turk* languages will
be allowed.

The Turkistan-N list's subscribers are of many ethnicities, religious,
political and other beliefs. But the one thing, it is assumed that they have
in common, is an interest in matters Turk*. The purpose of Turkistan-N is to
provide a medium for all to discuss these interests, and be beneficial to
the world community and especially those for whom Turkistan-N has been formed.

Despite the fact that this list is not a discussion list, some discussion is
allowed in the newsletter. However, there are rules which must be *strictly*
adhered to ensure high quality discourse. The subscription to the list may
be revoked, with or without notice, if any of the rules is broken
(especially during the first months of existence of the list. As time passes
by, we will gradually revise all the guidelines):

1) Articles must be related to the purposes of Turkistan-N as outlined above;

2) No excessively polemical postings; obscene plagiarism and academic
   dishonesty, including the deliberate misattribution of quotations from
   historical documents and figures;

3) No posts containing profanity or excessive rudeness; posts that lack
   appropriate civility. While well-placed heckles are acceptable,
   flamewars are not. No posts containing personal abuse, slander or

4) Propagation of national, religious, racial, sexual, or ethnic
   hostility or animosity -- including posts openly justifying violence,
   war crimes, or ethnic cleansing;

5) Binary files are NOT permitted, even if they are related to
   Turkistan-N.  However, pointers to a Web site, USENET Newsgroup or
   other mailing list or archive may be used. Turkistan-N may have its own
   website and an unmoderated discussion list in the future.

6) Upon removal from the list only one appeal in a single e-mail message
   will be accepted. No appeals on behalf of others, nor collective
   appeals will be taken into consideration. Owners of the list must
   reply within three (3) weeks after the appeal is made, upholding or
   reversing the removal decision. A removal decision is made and
   administered by the list owners, mainly by taking into consideration
   complaints from other list members.

Editor/Manager: Mehmet Tutuncu
Business: H. Savas, S. Bogut
Features: I. Izmirli, Y. Puersuen
Associate Editors: A. Baguirov, A. Eren
Technical: T. Ates, K. Cagiltay
Editorial Board: Dr. T. Kocaoglu, Dr. M. Hubey
letters or reactions: Turkistan-N(a)

Turkistan-N: Vol-97-1:1   27 May 1997


        1.  Call for help from Russia
        2.  Call for help from Italy
        3.  Turkish-American Day Parade in NYC
        5.  Kyrgyzstan 2 journalists arrested
        5.  RFE/RFL News
        Upper Karabakh
        Kazak President on privatization
        Yastrzhembskii on Russian military bases in CIS
        6.  Kazakh oil through Ceyhan  (Milliyet)
        7.  Religious Right leader Erbakan calls on Israelis to participate
        in projects in Turkey worth millions of dollars (Cumhuriyet)
        8.  Announcement- New Turkic Languages Journal
        9.  World Economic Competetiveness
        10. Erbakan-Ciller Coalition on the rocks?
        11. Tupolev-Iranian Connection

Mehmet Tutuncu
(SOTA) Research centre for Turkestan, Azerbaijan,
    Crimea, Caucasus and Siberia
P.O. Box 9642
2003 LP Haarlem
The Netherlands
e-mail: <mtutuncu(a)> or <sota(a)>
Turkish World Home Page:<>
Crimean Tatars Home-Page: <

PUBLICATION- Transition to Market Economy in Central Asia, Inst. of Developing Economies, Tokyo

Posted by: Natsuko Oka <oka(a)>
Posted: 5 May 1997

PUBLICATIONS- IDE, Tokyo: Transition to Market Economy in Central Asia

Institute of Developing Economies (IDE, Tokyo) has started a project
entitled "The Transition to a Market Economy in Central Asia" in April 1994.
Until now we published four reports in Russian and English, and one book in
Japanese.  The reports are the results of our joint research with local and
other research institutes.  Below is a list of available publications.
Copies may be requested free of charge by contacting:
        Natsuko Oka <oka(a)>

Natsuko Oka
Institute of Developing Economies (Azia Keizai Kenkyusyo)
42, Ichigaya-Hommura-cho
Tokyo 162 Japan
phone:  +81-3-3353-4231
fax:    +81-3-3226-8475
e-mail: oka(a)


Manabu SHIMIZU, ed., Chuo ajia: shijo keizaika no tenbo, kaigai kyodo kenkyu
(Central Asia: prospects of the transition to a market economy, joint
researches with foreign institutes), IDE, March 1995.

 - Arynov E.M., Zhulamanov R.K., Spanov M.U., Muzapparova L.M., Iskakov N.A.
        (Institute for Development of Kazakhstan),
   "Kazakhstan: spetsifika i trudnosti perekhoda k rynku" (in Russian)

 - Vitalii SHUVYDKO (Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences)
   "Rosia to chuo ajia syokoku ni okeru keizai kaikaku no hikaku" (A
        comparative study on economic reforms in Russia and the Central Asian
        Republics) (in Japanese)

 - Ui-Sup SHIM (Myongji University, Republic of Korea)
   "Transition to Market Economy in the Central Asian Republics -
        Korean Community and Market Economy" (in English)

Manabu SHIMIZU, ed., Chuo ajia no sijo keizai ka - kazafusutan to kirugisu no
keiken - , kaigai kyodo kenkyu (The transition to a market economy in
Central Asia - experiences of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyz Republic, joint
researches with foreign institutes), IDE, February 1996.

 - Zhulamanov R.K., Kazhmuratov K.K., Spanov M.U., Myzaparova L.M.
        (Institute for Development of Kazakhstan)
   "Perekhod k rynochnoi ekonomike v respublikakh tsentral'noi azii (na
        primere Respubliki Kazakhstan)" (in Russian)

 - Abdynasyrov U.T. (International Institute of Strategic Studies under the
        president of the Kyrgyz Republic)
   "Ekonomicheskie reformy v Kyrgyzskoi Respublike: nyneshnii etap i
        ocherednye zadachi" (in Russian)

 - Thomas Roehm (Ifo Institute of Economic Research, Germany)
   "Economic Reforms and Transition to Market Economy in Kazakhstan and the
        Kyrgyz Republic" (In English)

Manabu SHIMIZU, ed., Chuo ajia: shijo keizaika to kokka no yakuwari -
uzubekisutan to torukumenisutan no keiken -, kaigai kyodo kenkyu (daiichi
bunsatsu) (Central Asia: the transition to a market economy and a role of
the state - experiences of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, joint researches
with foreign institutes, No.1), IDE, March 1997.

 - R. Saifulin, Ya. Muslimov, M. Fazylova, V. Ten, R. Alimov, I. Adinaeva,
        M. Pikulina, S. Russ (Institute for Strategic and Regional Studies
        under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan)
   "Razvitie ekonomiki Uzbekistana v perekhodnyi period" (in Russian)

 - Bairamov D.B., Badykova N.Kh. (Economic Institute under the Cabinet of
        Ministers of Turkmenistan)
   "Rasvitie ekonomiki Turkmenistana v perekhodnyi period" (in Russian)

Manabu SHIMIZU, ed., Chuo ajia no shijo keizai ka - sijo ka katei ni aru
uzubekisutan no nougyou keizai -, kaigai kyodo kenkyu (daini bunsatsu) (The
transition to a market economy in Central Asia -  Uzbekistani agricultural
economy in transition, joint researches with foreign institutes, No.2), IDE,
March 1997.

 - Viktor RASTYANNIKOV (Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of
   "Agrarnaya ekonomika Uzbekistana na puti k rynku: problmy i perspektivy"
        (In Russian)

ON-LINE PUBLICATION- Kyrgyz Business News List

Posted by: Dennis McConnell- Maine Business School <mac(a)>
Posted: 3 May 1997

ON-LINE PUBLICATION- Kyrgyz Business News List

Kyrgyz Business News is an on-line educational project managed by students
at the Kyrgyz-American School in Bishkek.  The project is supported by the
IREX Kyrgyzstan Freenet Program, sponsored by the USIA.

To subscribe:
1. Address e-mail to : kbn-request(a)
2. In SUBJECT: subscribe
3. Leave MESSAGE blank
4. Then SEND the message

        Edil Baisalov <edil(a)>
        Alia Kerimbaeva <alia(a)>
        Bolot Kerimbaev <bolot(a)>

Postal address:
        Kyrgyz-American School of Business, Law and Humanities
        52 Erkindik Prospekt
        Bishkek 720000
        Kyrgyz Republic

PUBLICATIONS- Materials on Kazakstan, Assoc. of Kazak Sociologists & Political Scientists

Posted by: Yelena Kalyuzhnova <y.kaluyzhnova(a)>
Posted: 3 May 1997

PUBLICATIONS- Materials on Kazakstan
        Association of Sociologists and Political Scientists
        of Almaty, Kazakstan & the University of Reading

The Centre for Post-Soviet Studies (Reading, UK) is proud to announce its
association with and promotion of the the Association of Sociologists and
Political Scientists of Almaty City in Kazakstan.  The Web pages can be
found at:

As part of our relationship, the Centre for Post-Soviet Studies would like
to draw your attention to the list of present and forthcoming publications
from the Association, which can be found listed at:

>From February 1997, the Centre for Post-Soviet Studies is both a patron of
and representing the interests of the Association of Sociologists and
Political Scientists of Almaty City in the West.  The Centre is proud to be
associated with such a non-governmental research association in Kazakstan,
and believes that support like this is important in the difficult period of
transition.  The list of publications will be regularly updated, and
inquiries can be made either directly to the Association of Sociologists and
Political Scientists of Almaty City or to the Centre for Post-Soviet
Studies.  Publications are in Russian, but the Centre can provide English
translations on request with prices available on application.

Dr Yelena Kalyuzhnova, Co-ordinator
The Centre for Post-Soviet-Studies
GSEIS, The University of Reading
Whiteknights, PO Box 218,
Reading, RG6 6AA  UK
tel:  44 118 9316637
fax: 44 118 9755442

PUBLICATION- Journal of Turkic Languages, vol.1 no.1

Posted by: Reinhard Hahn <rhahn(a)>
Posted: 29 Apr 1997

PUBLICATION- Journal of Turkic Languages, vol.1 no.1

Edited by Lars Johanson in co-operation with A'. Berta, H. Boeschoten, B.
Brendemoen, E'.A. Csato', E. Gu"rsoy-Naskali, I. Muravyova, D. M. Nasilov,
S. A. O"zsoy, with the editorial assistance of Vanessa Locke and Sevgi

Turkic Languages appears biannually Vol. 1 (1997).- Ca. 300 pages
DM 178,- 16S 1299,- /sFr 158,- Special subscription offer (only for vol. 1)
until 1 June 1997; DM 144, - o"S 105 1, - /sFr 128
Harrassowitz Verlag - Wiesbaden.  Orders can be placed either with every
bookseller or subscription agency.

Contents of Volume I (I 1997), Number I

Lars JOHANSON: An anchorage for Turkic language studies
Karl-Heinrich MENGES: Der neuen Zeitschrift, Turkic Languages" zum Geleit
Bernard COMRIE: Turkic languages and linguistic typology
Geoffrey L. LEWIS: Turkish language reform: the episode of the
        Sun-Language Theory
Hendrik BOESCHOTEN & Ad BACKUS: Code-switching and ongoing linguistic change
Marcel ERDAL: Further notes on the "Irk Bitig"
Remy DOR: Counting-out rhymes of Turkey
Claus SCHO"NIG: A new attempt to classify the Turkic languages (1)
Reports and Reviews

Turkic Languages is devoted to linguistic Turcology.  It addresses
descriptive, comparative, synchronic, diachronic, theoretical and
methodological problems of the study of Turkic languages including questions
of genetic, typological and areal relations, linguistic variation and
language acquisition.  The journal aims at presenting work of current
interest on a variety of subjects and thus welcomes contributions on all
aspects of Turkic linguistics.  TL contains articles, review articles,
reviews, discussions, reports, and surveys of publications.

Coming issues of TURKIC LANGUAGES:

Contributions to the next issue of TURMC LANGUAGES will include a report by
Dan I. Slobin on current developments in Turkish developmental
psycholinguistics, an article by Talat Tekin on the first Alti"n Ko"l
inscription, and an article by Stephen A. Wurm on Turkic-based hybrid
languages in China.  Coming issues will also contain contributions by
Gregory Anderson, A'rpa'd Berta, Bernd Brendemoen, Christiane Bulut, E'va A.
Csato', Gerhard Doerfer, Arienne Dwyer, Geoffrey Haig, Michael Hess, Gunnar
Jarring, Sergej G. Kljashtornyj, Andrei Malchukov, Irina Nevskaja, Lu"tfiye
Oktar, Klaus Ro"hrborn, Volker Rybatzki, Wolfgang-Ekkehard Scharlipp, Engin
Sezer, Marek Stachowski, Sabira Stahlberg, and other authors.  The editors
are looking forward to receiving further interesting contributions.

All correspondence concerning editorial matters should be sent to:
        Prof Dr. Lars Johanson
        Institute of Oriental Studies
        University of Mainz
        D-55099 Mainz  GERMANY

Fax: +49-6131-368662
E-mail: johanson(a)

PUBLICATION- Carvings in Northern Pakistan

Posted by: Martin Bemmann <martin.bemmann(a)>
Posted: 14 Apr 1997

I would like to draw your attention to our recent publication on rock
carvings and inscriptions from the upper Indus valley in the Northern
Areas of Pakistan:

Die Felsbildstation Shatial by G. Fussman and D. Koenig with contributions
by O. von Hinueber, Th.O. Hoellmann, K. Jettmar and N. Sims-Williams in
collab. with M. Bemmann. Mainz (Verlag Philipp von Zabern) 1997.
(Materialien zur Archaeologie der Nordgebiete Pakistans 2) 427 pages and
136 plates, hb., price less than 200 DM. ISBN 3-8053-2027-2

The second volume of "Materialien zur Archaeologie der Nordgebiete
Pakistans" is dealing with the petroglyph site Shatial, 60km west of
Chilas in the upper Indus valley of Pakistan. As manifested in the rock
carvings this place was a traffic junction where, during the first
centuries AD, influences from Central and South Asia met. The most
remarkable feature of this site is the unique concentration of more than
550 Sogdian inscriptions. Besides there are more than 400 inscriptions in
Brahmi and many representations of stupas of particular quality. Some of
the other engravings like tamgas, fire altars and animal drawings, too,
refer to the Sogdians, a lot of other carvings show other cultural

Key words: Rock Art, Buddhism, Archaeology South Asia, Iranian
Epigraphy, Indian Epigraphy, Onomastics.

Martin Bemmann

Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften
Felsbilder und Inschriften am Karakorum Highway
Karlstrasse 4 Postfach 102769 D-69017 Heidelberg  -- Germany

phone: ++49-6221-543276  fax: ++49-6221-543355
e-mail: martin.bemmann(a)

PUBLICATION- Central Asia Monitor, No. 2, 1997

Posted by: David Nalle <davidn5512(a)>
Posted: 9 Apr 1997

Central Asia Monitor No. 2, 1997 is now available.  For subscription,
advertising rates, and other info please see <>.

Table of Contents

   "Power Failure in the Caspian" (Article review)
   Topchubek Turgunaliev in Jail Again
 * Complicating Agricultural Reforms in  Uzbekistan: Observations on the
   Lower Zaravshan Basin (Conclusion), by Tom McCray
 * Kyrgyzstan Struggles to Modernize its Tax Law, by Scott Horton and
   Temirbek Kenenbaev
 * EVENTS IN THE FIELD: Awkward Rare Creatures Congregate on Two
   Continents, by Eric Sievers
 * CENTRAL ASIA IN THE 1990s. Fourth Bibliographic Supplement, prepared by
   Edward Allworth

NEW PUBLICATION- Petroglyphs of Central Asia; Kubarev & Jacobson

Posted by: Henri-Paul Francfort <francfor(a)>
Posted: 17 Mar 1997

Vladimir D. KUBAREV (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Siberian
        Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
Esther JACOBSON (Professor of Art History, University of Oregon, Eugene)

Repertoire des Petroglyphes d'Asie centrale, fasc. No.3:

Siberie du Sud 3 : KALBAK-TASH I (Republique de l'Altai)

(Memoires de la Mission Archeologique Francaise en Asie Centrale, Tome
V.3) Paris, 1996

ISSN 0989-5817, ISBN 2-907431-08-01

Publication in English of one of the most important sites of the Altay
Mountains in South Siberia.  Approximately 2000 rock images.  20 pages of
commentary, 13 photographic plates, 45 pp of catalogue, 210 plates of
original drawings. Price: 200FF Available from: Librairie de Boccard, 11,
rue de Medicis, 75006, Paris, France

Henri-Paul Francfort

PUBLICATION- Hsiung-nu Archaeology, St. Petersburg Asiatic Fund

Posted by: Sergei S. Minjaev <min(a)>
Posted: 7 Mar 1997

PUBLICATION- Hsiung-nu Archaeology, St. Petersburg Asiatic Fund

The St. Petersburg "Asiatic Fund" has published two issues in the series
"Archaeological sites of the Hsiung-nu".  The Hsiung-nu (Huns of Asia )
were nomadic tribes who headed a powerful  alliance of cattle-breeding
tribes from the late 3rd to the early 2nd century B.C. and dominated the
eastern part of Central Asia and Nothern China for two centuries, laying
the foundations for the emergence of tribal alliances there in the Middle
Ages. There are two books by Prof. A. Davydova:

1. "Ivolga fortress", complete publication of the main archaeological site
of the Hsiung-nu.

2. "Ivolga cemetery". The cemetery was investigated fully.  There are 216
tombs in the cemetery, in which were preserved details of the clothes,
the necklaces,  the beads unique  and the details of the belts - the
bronze plaques in "Ordos style", the bracelets etc.

The books consist of Russian text, large English summary (30 pages),
illustrations and a detailed description of all objects in English.

The cost of each is US$ 20 + postage.
For members of "Asiatic Fund" the books are distributed free.  Following
issue are planned now.

Sergei S. Minjaev
President of the St. Petersburg "Asiatic Fund"
E-mail: min(a)

PUBLICATION- New CD-ROM on the Silk Road

Posted by: Central Asian Studies <centasia(a)>
Posted: 26 Feb 1997

PUBLICATION- New CD-ROM on the Silk Road

Silkroad - Digital Journey
        Produced by Marek Gronowski
        DNA Multimedia Corp, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
        e-mail: info(a)

The Silk Road CD-ROM takes the user on a digital journey rich in adventure
and discovery, introducing the Peoples, History, Languages, Religions and
Explorers of the ancient route and the Silk Road today.  Ideas and
information  presented through a variety of interactive multimedia: rich
images and  collages, sound, music, color and design.  Choose your own
routes through  markets and hidden caves; follow the maps and hypertext to
see how Buddhism spread from India out along the valleys and over the
mountains to China.  Investigate Zaroastrianism, read about the importance
of Kashgar and the Tarim Basin, build a yurt, hear the sounds of Tibetan
monks, test your skill and earn a diploma from the University of Dunhuang.

PUBLICATION- C.A. Monitor, no. 1, 1997

Posted by: David Nalle <DavidN5512(a)>
Posted: 25 Feb 1997

PUBLICATION- C.A. Monitor, no. 1, 1997


 * News and Comments
 * On the Murder of Chris Gehring
 * Complicating Agricultural Reforms in Uzbekistan (Part 1), by Tom McCray
 * Shrine Pilgrimage in Turkmenistan, by David Tyson
 * Perspectives on Business:
   Kazakstan Further Refines Its Mining Regime, by Scott
   Horton and Zhaniya B. Ussen
 * Human Rights in Uzbekistan, comment on the State
   Department report, by Abdumonnob Polat

The Monitor's address is:
   RR 2, Box 6880, Fair Haven, VT 05743, USA.

Subscriptions for individuals are $60 for six issues per year, $24
additional for overseas airmail.  For further information and ToCs of all
previous issues, visit the Monitor's Online Supplement at:

PUBLICATION- Photo Album: "Once Upon a Time in Central Asia"

Posted by: Glenn R. Mack <grmack(a)>
Posted: 25 Feb 1997

PUBLICATION- Photo Album: "Once Upon a Time in Central Asia"
        available for purchase

The traveling photographic exhibit, "Between Empires: Turks of Central
Asia 1850-1925," is on display at the Texas Memorial Museum from February
16 - March 29, 1997 on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin.
Ninety archival photographs interspersed with contemporary photographs
from the region are featured.

"Between Empires"  is a rare collection of scenes from rural and urban
life, architectural monuments, and individual portraits, uniquely
illustrating the rich cultural heritage of Central Asia. The photos take
you along the Silk Road to visit the fabled cities of Samarkand, Bukhara,
and Khiva.  Witness the fascinating and bizarre sport of Buzkazhi, or
goat-pulling, and explore the felt tents of Turkic nomads of Southern
Siberia. This exhibit has been on public display in Tashkent, Uzbekistan,
Almaty, Kazakstan and Istanbul, Turkey.  The University of Texas at Austin
is the only scheduled venue for the exhibition in the United States.

Ergun Cagatay designed the exhibit and authored the accompanying photo
catalog "Once Upon a Time in Central Asia."  Both are part of a larger
project "Turkish Speaking Peoples," an overview of the cultures of the
peoples of Turkic origins and the transition from nomadic to sedentary way
of life.  The U.S. photo exhibit was funded jointly by the Texas Memorial
Museum, Center for Post-Soviet and East European Studies (CPSEES), and the
Center for Middle Eastern Studies at The University of Texas at Austin.

The photo catalog of the exhibit is available in the Museum Store and
costs $62.50 USD plus shipping.  The book is 214 pages with color and
black and white photographs.  The accompanying text is in Turkish, Russian
and English languages.  You may call the Texas Memorial Museum at 512-471-
1604 about the publication or contact Lynn Denton

Glenn Mack, Outreach Coordinator
Center for Post-Soviet and East European Studies
The University of Texas at Austin
Geography 106, A1600
Austin, Texas 78712

(512) 471-7782, Fax:  (512) 471-3368

PUBLICATION- Reproduction of "Yash Turkistan"

Posted by: Timur Kocaoglu <tkocaoglu(a)>
Posted: 24 Feb 1997

PUBLICATION- Reproduction of "Yash Turkistan" (1929-1939)

"Yash Turkistan" (Young Turkistan) was the second periodical by the
Central Asian emigree intellectuals published between 1929 and 1939 in
Paris.  It's language was "Turkistan Turkchasi" (Turkistani Turkic) in
Arabic script.  Mustafa Chokay-oghlu (Chokaev), the well-know politician
and leader of the both Alash-Orda and the Turkistani (in Kokand)
Autonomous governments in 1917-1918, was the chief-editor of this
important journal.  Only few libraries in the world have the all 117
issues of this journal in ten volumes. The foundation "Ayaz-Tahir
Turkistan Idil-Ural Vakfi" (Ankara, 1986) has started to republish this
10-volume journal in reproduction form. The first volume of this series
has just printed and is now available for sale.  Here are the details:

        Turkistan Milli Istiqlal Fikrige
        Xizmet Etuvchi Ayliq Mecmu'a
        Editor: Mustafa Chokay-oghlu
        Vol. 1 (No: 1-13)
        1929-1930 (Paris)
        Istanbul, 1997

Ayaz Tahir Turkistan Idil Ural Vakfi Yayinlari, No: 1
Editor of the reproduction volume: Timur Kocaoglu                 ISSN

The Contents of the first volume:

1. Preface by Tulay Duran, President of the Ayaz Tahir Foundation.
    5 pages (in Turkish, Latin alphabet)
2. Introduction: The History of Turkistani Press and the "Yash
    Turkistan" by Timur Kocaoglu. 20 pages (in Turkish, Latin alph.).
3. Photos of Mustafa Chokayoghlu between 1925 and 1939.
4. The Contents of "Yash Turkistan"s first 13 issues.
    (in Turkistani Turki with Turkish translations, in Latin alphabet).
     10 pages.
5. The photo reproduction of "Yash Turkistan"s first volume.
     435 pages in Arabic script.

The price of this first volume (about 480 pages, hardcover with expensive
cloth) is as follows:

Foreign countries:
USA, Japan & Australia: $30 (including shipment)
Europe & Middle East: $25 or DM 40 (German Marks) including shipment Order
details: tkocaoglu(a)

I can provide the contents of the "Yash Turkistan"s first 13 issues to
anyone who requests it.  It is rather a long list, so I don't want to
bother the whole list.

Timur Kocaoglu
Koc University
Cayir cad. 5
Istinye 80860, Istanbul

NEW PUBLICATION- Kazakstan Economic Trends

Posted by: Tatjana Tribakova <tribakova(a)>
Posted: 13 Feb 97

NEW PUBLICATION- Kazakstan Economic Trends

Since early 1996,  the German Institute for Economic Research, Berlin and
the Centre for Economic Reforms, Almaty have been  publishing the
"Kazakstan Economic Trends" (KET).  KET is published in English, Russian
and Kazak on a quarterly basis.  In addition to annotated statistical
tables and charts, the quarterly editions contain analytical  papers by
German and Kazak experts regarding the progress of economic reforms in
Kazakstan.  The latest data are available via monthly statistical updates.

The project is funded by the TACIS Policy and Legal Advice through the
European Expertise Service.  The subscription for the KET is free of
charge. Only printed copies are distributed.

In a few days the latest edition of the Kazakstan Economic Trends  (4th
quarter 1996) will be available to subscribers.  The table of contents is
given below:

Kazakstan Economic Trends Fourth Quarter 1996


0        Editorial

1        Economic Analyses
1.1     Economic Development of the Republic of Kazakstan in 1996
1.2     Industrial Relations and Wage Bargaining in Kazakstan
1.3     Unemployment and the Social Security System in Kazakstan

2        Economic and Political Events: A Diary
3        Output
4        Employment
5        Wages and Inflation
6        Exchange Rates
7        Maney and Credit
8        State Budget
9        Foreign Trade and the Balance of Payments
10       Privatisation 11        Arrears

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PUBLICATION- Central Asia Monitor No. 6, 1996

Posted by: David Nalle <DavidN5512(a)>
Posted: 28 Jan 1997

Final issue of 1996 now available for subscribers --

        No. 6, 1996

Table of Contents

 * News And Comments

 * Eastern Pamir on Verge of Enviromental  Catastrophe, by V. Dronov and
   G. Melnikova

 * Uzbekistan's Tajiks: A Case of Repressed Identity? by Richard Foltz

 * Interethnic Relations in the Republic of Uzbekistan, by Vladimir Mesamed

 * Religion in Transition: The Kazakstani Experience, by Alma Sultangalieva

 * Learning Kyrgyz Culture Through Kyrgyz Art,  by Patricia Ann Brock

 * Tengir Too Biosphere Reserve Project

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RR 2, Box 6880, Fair Haven, VT 05743.
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PUBLICATION- Recent German Bibliography on CA

Posted by: Nasrin Dadmehr <nda(a)>
Posted: 27 Jan 1997

[Many thanks to Nasrin Dadmehr for her efforts in providing this
bibliography.  For the sake of brevity, I have omitted subject information
and a few items translated into German from English or French.  You may
contact me if you want a copy of Ms. Dadmehr's complete list.
--John Schoeberlein <schoeber(a)]

Author(s):              Baldauf, Ingeborg [Hrsg.]
Corporate author(s):    ESCAS <4, 1991, Bamberg
Title:                  Bamberger Zentralasienstudien
Subtitle:               Konferenzakten
Author(s)/Contrib.:     ESCAS IV, Bamberg 8. - 12. Oktober 1991 / Ingeborg
        Baldauf ; Michael Friederich (Hrsg.)
Place of publication:   Berlin
Publisher:              Schwarz
Publication year:       1994
Pages/size:             X, 381 S. : Ill. ; 24 cm
Collective title:       Islamkundliche Untersuchungen ; Bd. 185
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-87997-235-4 brosch.

Author(s):              Dieter, Heribert [Hrsg.]
Title:                  Regionale Integration in Zentralasien
Author(s)/Contrib.:     hrsg. von Heribert Dieter
Place of publication:   Marburg
Publisher:              Metropolis-Verl.
Publication year:       1995
Pages/size:             348 S. ; 21 cm
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-89518-062-9

Author(s):              Dis, Adriaan van
Uniform title:          Een barbaar in China <dt.
Title:                  Ein Barbar in China
Subtitle:               eine Reise durch Zentralasien
Author(s)/Contrib.:     Adriaan van Dis. Aus dem Niederländ. von Frank
Place of publication:   Köln
Publisher:              Volksbl.-Verl.
Publication year:       1993
Pages/size:             99 S. ; 20 cm
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-926949-16-3 kart. : DM 19.80

Corporate author(s):    Fachkonferenz Ökologische Situation und
        Umweltkonflikte auf dem Gebiet der Ehemaligen
        UdSSR <1994, Berlin
Title:                  Ökologische Situation und Umweltkonflikte auf dem
        Gebiet der ehemaligen UdSSR
Subtitle:               Zentralasien und Russland ; dokumentiert in
        überarbeiteter Fassung einige Referate, die auf der
        Fachkonferenz "Ökologische Situation und
        Umweltkonflikte auf dem Gebiet der Ehemaligen
        UdSSR am 13. und 14. Juni 1994 in Berlin gehalten
Author(s)/Contrib.:     vom Institut für Internationale Politik in
        Zusammenarbeit mit dem Buntstift e.V., Göttingen
Place of publication:   Berlin
Publisher:              Inst. für Internat. Politik
Publication year:       1994
Pages/size:             79 S. ; 30 cm
Collective title:       Arbeitspapier, Working-Paper des Instituts für
        Internationale Politik ; Nr. 27
ISBN/Binding/Price      kart. : DM 13.00

Author(s):              Fragner, Bert G. [Hrsg.]
Title:                  Bamberger Mittelasienstudien
Subtitle:               Konferenzakten, Bamberg 15. - 16. Juni 1990
Author(s)/Contrib.:     Bert G. Fragner ; Birgitt Hoffmann (Hrsg.)
Place of publication:   Berlin
Publisher:              Schwarz
Publication year:       1994
Pages/size:             238 S. : Ill. ; 24 cm
Collective title:       Islamkundliche Untersuchungen ; Bd. 149
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-87997-221-4 kart.

Author(s):              Fritsche, Klaus
Title:                  Die indisch-pakistanische Rivalität und Zentralasien
Author(s)/Contrib.:     Klaus Fritsche. [Bundesinstitut für
        Ostwissenschaftliche und Internationale Studien,
Place of publication:   Köln
Publisher:              Bundesinst. für Ostwiss. und Internat. Studien
Publication year:       1994
Pages/size:             40 S. ; 30 cm
Collective title:       Berichte des Bundesinstituts für Ostwissenschaftliche
        und Internationale Studien ; 1994,64
ISBN/Binding/Price      kart.

Author(s):              Graves, Charles
Title:                  The Asian origins of Amerindian religions
Author(s)/Contrib.:     by Charles Graves
Place of publication:   Bochum
Publisher:              Brockmeyer
Publication year:       1995
Pages/size:             VIII, 268 S. ; 21 cm
Collective title:       Bochum publications in evolutionary cultural
        semiotics ; 37
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-8196-0318-2 kart. : DM 44.80

Author(s):              Graves, Charles
Title:                  Proto-religions in Central Asia
Author(s)/Contrib.:     by Charles Graves
Place of publication:   Bochum
Publisher:              Brockmeyer
Publication year:       1994
Pages/size:             223 S. ; 21 cm
Collective title:       Bochum publications in evolutionary cultural
        semiotics ; 34
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-8196-0118-X kart. : DM 44.80

Author(s):              Grousset, René
Uniform Title:          Sur les traces du Bouddha <dt.
Title:                  Die Reise nach Westen oder wie  Hsüan-Tsang den
        Buddhismus nach China holte
Author(s)/Contrib.:     René Grousset. Aus dem Franz. von Peter Fischer in
        Zusammenarbeit mit Renate Schmidt. Mit einer Einl.
        von Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer
Edition statement:      Neuausg.
Place of publication:   München
Publisher:              Diederichs
Publication year:       1994
Pages/size:             342 S. : Ill., Kt. ; 19 cm
Collective title:       Diederichs gelbe Reihe ; 110
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-424-01164-9 kart. : DM 26.00

Author(s):              Halbach, Uwe
Title:                  Weisses Gold, weisser Tod ...
Subtitle:               materielle Krise und ethnische Unruhe in Sowjetisch-
Author(s)/Contrib.:     Uwe Halbach. [Bundesinstitut für
        Ostwissenschaftliche und Internationale Studien]
Place of publication:   Köln
Publisher:              Bundesinst. für Ostwiss. und Internat. Studien
Publication year:       1991
Pages/size:             54 S. ; 30 cm
Collective title:       Berichte des Bundesinstituts für Ostwissenschaftliche
        und Internationale Studien ; 1991,2
ISBN/Binding/Price      kart.

Author(s):              Hambly, Gavin [Hrsg.]
Title:                  Zentralasien
Author(s)/Contrib.:     hrsg. von Gavin Hambly. [Harald und Ruth Bukor
        zeichneten die Abb.]
Edition statement:      60. - 61. Tsd.
Publication year:       1991
Pages/size:             364 S. : Ill., Kt.
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-596-60016-2 kart. : DM 19.80

Author(s):              Heissig, Walther [Hrsg.]
Corporate author(s):    Epensymposium <6, 1988, Bonn ;
        Sonderforschungsbereich Zentralasien <Bonn>
Title:                  Vorträge des 6. Epensymposiums des
        Sonderforschungsbereichs 12
Subtitle:               Bonn 1988
Author(s)/Contrib.:     hrsg. von Walther Heissig
Place of publication:   Wiesbaden
Publisher:              Harrassowitz
Publication year:       1992
Pages/size:             X, 373 S. : Noten ; 25 cm
Collective title:       Fragen der mongolischen Heldendichtung ; Teil 5 ;
        Asiatische Forschungen ; Bd. 120
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-447-03231-6 Gewebe : DM 180.00

Author(s):              Jacobson, Esther
Title:                  The art of the Scythians
Subtitle:               the interpenetration of cultures at the edge of the
        Hellenic world
Author(s)/Contrib.:     by Esther Jacobson
Place of publication:   Leiden ; New York ; Köln
Publisher:              Brill
Publication year:       1995
Pages/size:              XVIII, 305, [84] S. : Ill., Kt. ; 25 cm
Collective title:       Handbuch der Orientalistik : Abt. 8, Zentralasien ;
        Vol. 2
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 90-04-09856-9 Gewebe : hfl 215.00 (freier Pr.)

Author(s):              Kassenov, Umiserik T.
Title:                  Zentralasien und Russland
Subtitle:               der dornige Weg zu gleichberechtigten Beziehungen
Author(s)/Contrib.:     Umiserik T. Kassenow. [Übers.: Bernd Bentlin.
        Bundesinstitut für Ostwissenschaftliche und
        Internationale Studien]
Place of publication:   Köln
Publisher:              Bundesinst. für Ostwiss. und Internat. Studien
Publication year:       1995
Pages/size:             34 S. ; 30 cm
Collective title:       Berichte des Bundesinstituts für Ostwissenschaftliche
        und Internationale Studien ; 1995,14
ISBN/Binding/Price       kart.

Author(s):              Lensch, Jürgen [Hrsg.]
Title:                  Der Yak (Bos grunniens) in Zentralasien
Author(s)/Contrib.:     hrsg. von Jürgen Lensch ...
Place of publication:   Berlin
Publisher:              Duncker und Humblot
Publication year:       1996
Pages/size:             268 S.
Collective title:       Osteuropastudien der Hochschulen des Landes Hessen
        : Reihe 1, Giessener Abhandlungen zur Agrar- und
        Wirtschaftsforschung des europäischen Ostens ; Bd.
ISBN/Binding/Price     ISBN 3-428-08443-8 brosch. : DM 40.00,

Author(s):              Li, Ping
Title:                  Geschichte der Länder westlich von China zwischen
        dem 4. und 6. Jahrhundert
Subtitle:               kommentierte Teilübersetzung des Kapitels 97 der
        Geschichte der Nördlichen Dynastien
Author(s)/Contrib.:     von Ping Li
Edition statement:      Mikrofiche-Ausg.
Place of publication:   Marburg
Publisher:              Tectum-Verl.
Publication year:       1995
Pages/size:             2 Mikrofiches
Collective title:       Edition Wissenschaft : Reihe Orientalistik ; Bd. 2
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-89608-992-7 : DM 68.00

Author(s):              Mangott, Gerhard [Hrsg.]
Corporate author(s):    Österreichisches Institut für Internationale Politik
Title:                  Bürden auferlegter Unabhängigkeit
Subtitle:               neue Staaten im post-sowjetischen Zentralasien
Author(s)/Contrib.:     Österreichisches Institut für Internationale Politik
        (ÖIIP). Gerhard Mangott (Hrsg.)
Place of publication:   Wien
Publisher:              Braumüller
Publication year:       1996
Pages/size:             ca. 250 S. ; 24 cm
Collective title:       Laxenburger internationale Studien ; 10
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-7003-1132-X kart. : ca. DM 45.00,
        ca. sfr 40.00, ca. S 320.00

Author(s):              Müller, Michael ; Müller, Stefan
Title:                  Erben eines Weltreiches
Subtitle:               die mongolischen Völker und Gebiete im 20.
        Jahrhundert ; China - Mongolei - Russland
Author(s)/Contrib.:     Michael Müller ; Stefan Müller
Place of publication:   Bonn
Publisher:              Verl. für Kultur und Wiss.
Publication year:       1992
Pages/size:             431 S. : Kt. ; 21 cm
Collective title:       Disputationes linguarum et cultuum orbis : Sect. Z,
        Untersuchungen zu den Sprachen und Kulturen
        Zentral- und Ostasiens ; 1
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-926105-99-2 kart. : DM 59.80

Author(s):              Pander, Klaus
Title:                  Zentralasien
Subtitle:               Usbekistan, Kyrgysstan, Tadschikistan, Turkmenistan,
Author(s)/Contrib.:     Klaus Pander
Place of publication:   Köln
Publisher:              DuMont
Publication year:       1996
Pages/size:             ca. 400 S. : Ill.
Collective title:       DuMont-Kunstreiseführer
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-7701-3680-2 kart. : DM 49.00

Author(s):              Paul, Jürgen
Title:                  Die politische und soziale Bedeutung der
        Naqsbandiyya in Mittelasien im 15. Jahrhundert
Author(s)/Contrib.:     Jürgen Paul
Place of publication:   Berlin ; New York
Publisher:              de Gruyter
Publication year:       1991
Pages/size:             X, 275 S. ; 24 cm
Collective title:       Studien zur Sprache, Geschichte und Kultur des
        islamischen Orients ; N.F., Bd. 13
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-11-012720-2 Gewebe : DM 178.00

Author(s):              Raschmann, Simone-Christiane
Title:                  Baumwolle im türkischen Zentralasien
Subtitle:               philologische und wirtschaftshistorische
        Untersuchungen anhand der vorislamischen
        uigurischen Texte
Author(s)/Contrib.:     Simone-Christiane Raschmann
Place of publication:   Wiesbaden
Publisher:              Harrassowitz
Publication year:       1995
Pages/size:             VIII, 219 S. ; 24 cm
Collective title:       Veröffentlichungen der Societas Uralo-Altaica ; Bd.
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-447-03698-2 kart. : DM 128.00

Author(s):              Raschmann, Simone-Christiane
Title:                  Philologische und wirtschaftshistorische
        Untersuchungen zur Bedeutung des Baumwollstoffes
        (Böz) anhand der  alttürkischen Texte aus Zentralasien
Subtitle:               (9. - 14. Jh. u.Z.)
Publication year:       1992
Pages/size:             296, 4 Bl. ; 30 cm

Author(s):              Sagaster, Klaus [Hrsg.]
Corporate author(s):    Sonderforschungsbereich Zentralasien <Bonn>
Title:                  Ikonographie und Symbolik des tibetischen
Author(s)/Contrib.:     hrsg. von Klaus Sagaster
Place of publication:   Wiesbaden
Publisher:              Harrassowitz
Pages/size:             25 cm
Collective title:       Asiatische Forschungen ; ...

Author(s):              Scharlipp, Wolfgang-Ekkehard
Title:                  Die frühen Türken in Zentralasien
Subtitle:               eine Einführung in ihre Geschichte und Kultur
Author(s)/Contrib.:     Wolfgang-Ekkehard Scharlipp
Place of publication:   Darmstadt
Publisher:              Wiss. Buchges., [Abt. Verl.]
Publication year:       1992
Pages/size:             XIV, 147 S. ; 22 cm
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-534-11689-5 Pp. : DM 44.00

Author(s):              Shams, Rasul
Title:                  Die neuen Entwicklungsländer in Zentralasien und im
Subtitle:               Wirtschaftsstruktur und entwicklungspolitische Perspektiven
Author(s)/Contrib.:     Rasul Shams. HWWA-Institut für
        Wirtschaftsforschung Hamburg
Place of publication:   Hamburg
Publisher:              HWWA-Inst. für Wirtschaftsforschung
Publication year:       1992
Pages/size:             27 S. : Kt. ; 30 cm
Collective title:       HWWA-Report ; Nr. 106
ISBN/Binding/Price      kart.

Title:                  Tempel der Götter
Subtitle:               auf den Spuren westlicher Kunst und Kultur in
Place of publication:   München
Publisher:              TR-Verl.-Union
Publication year:       1994
Pages/size:             42 S. : Ill. ; 21 cm
Collective title:       Tele-Manuskriptdienst
ISBN/Binding/Price      kart. : DM 11.10 (nicht im Sortimentsbuchh.)

Author(s):              Walravens, Hartmut
Title:                  Die ost- und zentralasienwissenschaftlichen Beiträge
        in der Orientalistischen Literaturzeitung 1976 - 1992
Subtitle:               Bibliographie und Register
Author(s)/Contrib.:     hrsg. von Hartmut Walravens
Place of publication:   Berlin
Publisher:              Akad.-Verl.
Publication year:       1994
Pages/size:             187 S. ; 25 cm
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-05-002512-3 Pp. : DM 220.00

Author(s):              Waltmann, Frank
Title:                  Formen der regionalen Zusammenarbeit am
        Schwarzen Meer und in Zentralasien vor dem
        Hintergrund europäischer Integrationserfahrungen
Subtitle:               geostrategische Implikationen für die Aussenpolitik
        der Türkei
Author(s)/Contrib.:     vorgelegt von Frank Waltmann
Edition statement:      [Mikrofiche-Ausg.]
Place of publication:   [Egelsbach ; Frankfurt (Main) ; St. Peter Port]
Publisher:              [Hänsel-Hohenhausen]
Publication year:       1995
Pages/size:             286 S.
Collective title:       Deutsche Hochschulschriften ; 2276
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-8267-2276-0 : DM 98.00 (freier Pr.)

Author(s):              Zieme, Peter
Title:                  Religion und Gesellschaft im uigurischen Königreich
        von Qoco
Subtitle:               Kolophone und Stifter des alttürkischen
        buddhistischen Schrifttums aus Zentralasien
Author(s)/Contrib.:     von Peter Zieme. [Hrsg. von der Rheinisch-
        Westfälischen Akademie der Wissenschaften]
Place of publication:   Opladen
Publisher:              Westdt. Verl.
Publication year:       1992
Pages/size:             98 S. ; 24 cm
Collective title:       Abhandlungen der Rheinisch-Westfälischen
        Akademie der Wissenschaften ; Bd. 88
ISBN/Binding/Price      ISBN 3-531-05106-7 engl. brosch. : DM 42.00

Title:                  Zentralasien zwischen den Imperien: am Beispiel von
        Tibet und der Mongolei (18. - 20. Jahrhundert)
Author(s)/Contrib.:     Autorin: Sabine Dabringhaus
Publication year:       1992
Pages/size:             95 S.
ISBN/Binding/Price      kart.

PUBLICATION- Call for Submissions; International Law Journal

Posted by: Patrick Kurkoski <pjk(a)>
Posted: 18 Jan 1997

The International Legal Perspectives is a law journal focusing on topics
of transnational, comparative, and foreign law.  We are seeking articles
for publication in upcoming issues.

In past issues we have featured articles on constitution making in the
former East Bloc, banking in the Czech Republic, a forum on California's
Proposition 187, Germany's packaging law and possible WTO consequences, as
well as other topics of international interest.

Please submit articles in hardcopy to:

International Legal Perspectives
Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College
10015 SW Terwilliger Blvd.
Portland, Oregon  97219

For more information contact Patrick Kurkoski at pjk(a)

Patrick Kurkoski
Submissions Editor
International Legal Perspectives

PUBLICATION- Bitig: Journal of Turkic World, January Issue

Posted by: Mehmet Tutuncu <sota(a)>
Posted: 1 Jan 1997

BITIG: Journal of Turkic World

Next number of BITIG (Journal of Turkic World) is to the printing-office.
Hereunder you find the table of contents.
BITIG is a bilingual Journal (Turkish and English) of our Centre,
dedicated to the Turkic peoples of former soviet Union. From the headers
you can deduce which article is in which language.

If you want a sample copy, please let me know this (via e-mail) as soon as

BITIG (Journal of Turkic World / Turk Dunyasi Dergisi)

Table of Contents - Issue No. 12, january 1997

- Mehmet Tutucu Basredaktorden Mektup / Letter from the Editor

- SOTA'dan Haberler ve Yorumlar / News and Comments from SOTA
- SOTA on the Net / SOTA Internette
- Kirim Tatar'lari Internet'te / Crimean Tatars in Internet
- International Journal of Turkish studies
- Gundem: Bati Trakyadan yeni bir ses
- Dogu Turkistan Kurultayina dogru
- Chechnya's Status
- Dudayev hangi Sartlar altinda sehit oldu.
- Enver Paa'nin naasinin Turkiye'ye getirilmesi uzerine

- Anthony M. Bichel Political Parties in Central Asian (Turkestan) Republics
- Uzbekistan Political Parties
- Turkmenistan Political Parties
- Kyrgyzstan Political Parties

- Erk Demokratik Partisi Internet'te / Erk Democratic
  Party of Uzbekistan on Internet

- International Security and Boundaries Bulletin

- Kazak Yazar Haci Omar Shabdan: 72. Yasinda Cin
  Zindanlarinda: Amnesty International Kampanyasi

Kultur ve Sanat / Culture & Art
- On the meaning of BITIG,
- Poetry from The Turkic World
- Mahmut Bahar: Cevherler Cogaltir cenneti,
- Sabir Rustemhanli: Azerbaycan yaþayacag
- Ismail Semenov: Stalin Xalkibizni
- Bilal Laypanli : Xalkim, Ana Tilim, Tuwghan Cerim

- Punished Peoples: The mass deportations of the 1940's

- H.M. Hubey: Karachay Malkars

- Merhat Sharipzhan: Kazakhs of Eastern Turkestan

- Yeni Yayinlar: /New Publications
Bay dergisi ve Balkanlar Turk Kultur Hizmet/
BILIG / Adamianis  Uplebebi (Human Rights), Contested Borders in the Caucasus

- Mehmet Binay: The Great Game on Oil and Poer in Transcaucaucasia and Eurasia

- Bruno De Cordier: Afghanistan after the Fall of Kabul: towards a final
  breakup? Afghan  Turkestan holding the balance

- Information about coming conference on Conflicts in Caucasus

Mehmet Tutuncu
(SOTA) Research centre for Turkestan, Azerbaijan, Crimea, Caucasus and Siberia
P.o. box 9642
2003 LP Haarlem
The Netherlands
e-mail: <mtutuncu(a)> or <sota(a)>
Turkish World Home Page:<
Crimean Tatars Home-Page: <

PUBLICATION- Recent French Books on Central Asia

Posted by: Nasrin Dadmehr <nda(a)>
Posted: 17 Dec 1996

Source: Nasrin Dadmehr
        supplemented by John Schoeberlein

Title: Architecture orientale [sous la dir. de Mario Bussagli, trad. de
l'italien par Isabelle Robinet, photogr. par Federico Borromeo]
Publ: Paris: Gallimard / Milan: Electa
Date: 1995
Desc: 414 p., ill. en noir et en coul., couv. ill. en coul., 24 cm
ISBN 2-07-015023-2
Price: 350 F

Title: L'Art de l'Asie centrale
Publ.: Bornemounth (Royaume-Uni): Parkstone Date: 1996
Desc.: 176 p. ill. en coul., 29 x 23 cm ISBN 1-85995-158-9
Price: 235 F

Author: Aubin, Jean [1927-..]
Title: Emirs mongols et vizirs persans: dans les remous de l'acculturation
Publ: Paris: 13 rue de Santeuil, 75005, Association pour l'avancement des
    etudes iraniennes
Date: 1995
Desc: 96 p., couv. ill., 26 cm
Series: Studia iranica, Cahier, 15
ISBN 2-910640-01-9
Price: 120 F

Author: Bernard, Paul and Frantz Grenet, eds.
Title: Histoire et cultes de l'Asie centrale preislamique: sources ecrites
et documents archeologiques: actes du Colloque international du CNRS,
Paris, 22-28 novembre 1988
Publ.: Paris: Editions du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Date: 1991.
Desc.: 297 p.
ISBN 2-222-04598-3
Price: 460 F

Author: Bibliotheque nationale, France, Departement des monnaies,
medailles et antiques
Title: Monnaies greco-bactriennes et indo-grecques: catalogue raisonne
[Bibliotheque nationale, Cabinet des medailles et des antiques]
[red. par Osmund Bopearachchi]
Publ: Paris: Bibliotheque nationale
Date: 1991
Desc: 459 p.-69 p. de pl., couv. ill., 30 cm ISBN 2-7177-1825-7
Price: 400 F

Author: Bogdan, Henry
Title: Histoire des peuples de l'ex-URSS: du IXe siecle a nos jours
Publ: Paris: Hachette
Date: 1995
Desc: 446 p., cartes, couv. ill. en coul., 18 cm Series: Pluriel, 8706
ISBN 2-01-278706-1
Price: 58 F

Author: Cagnat, Rene [1942?-..] et Michel Jan
Title: Le Milieu des empires: entre URSS, Chine et Islam, le destin
        de l'Asie centrale
Publ: Paris: R. Laffont
Date: 1990
Desc: 438 p.-[12] p. de pl., cartes, couv. ill. en coul., 24 cm
Series: Notre epoque
ISBN 2-221-06989-7
Price: 120 F

Author: Carrere d'Encausse, Helene
Title: L'URSS de la Revolution a la mort de Staline, 1917-1953
       [ed. par Nicolas Rousselier]
Publ: Paris: Ed. du Seuil
Date: 1993
Desc: 375 p., couv. ill. en coul., 18 cm Series: Points, Histoire, 179
ISBN 2-02-014049-7
Price: 42 F

Author: Carrere d'Encausse, Helene
Title: La gloire des nations ou La fin de l'empire sovietique
Publ: Paris: Librairie g n rale fran aise Date: 1992
Desc: 469 p., cartes, couv. ill. en coul., 17 cm
Series: Le livre de poche, 4377
ISBN 2-253-06108-5
Price: 42 F

Author: Carrere d'Encausse, Helene
Title: Victorieuse Russie
Publ: Paris: Librairie generale francaise Date: 1994
Desc: 381 p., carte, couv. ill. en coul., 17 cm
Series: Le livre de poche, 13598
ISBN 2-253-13598-4
Price: 35 F

Author: Casanova, Michele
Title: La vaisselle d'albatre de Mesopotamie, d'Iran et d'Asie centrale
aux IIIe et IIe millenaires avant J.-C
Publ.: Paris: Editions recherche sur les civilisations Date: 1991
Series: Memoires de la Mission archeologique francaise en Asie centrale, 4.
Centre de recherches d'archeologie orientale, Universite de Paris I, 9.
Desc.: 112+23 p.
ISBN 2-86538-217--6
Price: 140 F

Title: CEMOTI: Cahiers d'etudes sur la Mediterranee Orientale et le monde
Publ.: Paris
Date: 1994-..

Author: Chaliand, Gerard
Title: Les empires nomades de la Mongolie au Danube: Ve-IVe siecles av.
J.-C., XVe-XVIe siecles ap. J.-C.
Publ.: Paris: Perrin
Date: 1995.
Desc.: 220 p.
ISBN 2-262-01080-3
Price: 125 F

Author: Choukourov, Charif et Roustam [Shukurov, Sharif and Rustam Shukurov]
Title: Peuples d'Asie Centrale
Publ.: Paris: Syros
Date: 1994.

Title: Le cinema d'Asie centrale sovietique [sous la dir. de Jean
       Radvanyi, textes d'Ato Akhorov, Termikan Diouchekeev, St phane A.
       Dudoignon... [et al.], trad. de Marilyne Fellous]
Publ: Paris: Centre Georges Pompidou
Date: 1991
Desc: 191 p., ill., couv. ill., 24 cm
Series: Cinema/pluriel
ISBN 2-85850-567-5
Price: 270 F

Author: Dehau, Etienne
Title: Terre mongole [textes et photogr., Etienne Dehau]
Publ: [Strasbourg]: D. Amez
Date: 1994
Desc: Non pagine [66] p.-[82] p. de pl. en coul., ill., 23 x 33 cm
ISBN 2-909242-04-8
Price: 490 F

Author: Digard, Jean-Pierre and Jean-Pierre Digard, eds.
Title: Le fait ethnique en Iran et en Afghanistan
Publ.: Paris: Editions du CNRS.
Date: 198l
Series: Colloque international du Centre National de la recherche scientifique
Desc.: 301 p.
ISBN 2-222-04095-7
Price: 200 F

Title: Disparition et renaissance des empires au Moyen-Orient et en Asie
        Centrale [table ronde, Paris, 18 novembre 1991] [organisee par le]
        Cercle de reflexion et d'etudes sur les problemes internationaux
        [et l'] Institut de relations internationales et strategiques
Publ: Paris: Dunod
Date: 1992
Desc: 139 p., 21 cm
ISBN 2-10-001488-9
Price: 80 F

Author: Djalili, Mohammad-Reza and Frederic Grare, eds.
Title: Le Tadjikistan   l'epreuve de l'independance Publ.: Geneve
Date: 1995
Desc.: 203p. ill. maps.  Institut universitaire de hautes etudes internationales.

Author: Dor, Remy, ed.
Title: L'Asie Centrale et ses voisins influences reciproques
Publ.: Paris: INALCO
Date: 1990
Desc.: 238p. ill. maps
Series: Colloques Langues'O
Desc.: 238 p.
ISBN 2-85831-035-1
Price: 100 F

Title: En Asie centrale sovietique: ethnies, nations, Etats  [ESCAS-III]
        [organise par l'Institut d'etudes turques de Paris III et le Centre
        d'etudes sur l'URSS, l'Europe centrale et le domaine turc de
        l'EHESS] Publ: Paris: Ed. de l'Ecole des hautes etudes en sciences sociales
Date: 1991
Desc: 166 p., 24 cm
Series: "Cahiers du monde russe et sovietique" ISBN ?
Author: ESCAS-III, 1989, Paris

Title: L'Etat de toutes les Russies: les etats et les nations de l'ex-URSS
        [sous la dir. de Marc Ferro, avec la collab. de Marie-Helene Mandrillon
Publ: Paris: Ed. la Decouverte
Date: 1993
Desc: 446 p., ill., couv. ill. en coul., 23 cm Series: L'etat du monde
ISBN 2-7071-2248-3
Price: 170 F

Author: Ferro, Marc
Title: Histoire des colonisations: des conquetes aux independances, XIIIe-XXe
Publ: Paris: Seuil
Date: 1996 [Nouv. ed.]
Desc: 593 p., cartes, couv. ill. en coul., 18 cm Series: Points, Histoire, 229
ISBN 2-02-029371-4
Price: 56 F

Author: Ferro, Marc
Title: Les Origines de la perestroika
Publ: Paris: Ed. Ramsay
Date: 1990
Desc: 147 p., couv. ill. en coul., 24 cm Series: Essai
ISBN 2-85956-871-9
Price: 90 F

Author: Fourniau, Vincent
Title: Histoire de l'Asie Centrale
Publ.: Paris: Presses Universitaires de France Date: 1994
Desc.: 128p. 1 map
Series: Que sais-je?
ISBN 2-13-046012-7
Price: 40 F

Author: France, Assemblee nationale
Title: Rapport d'information sur les etats d'Asie centrale et les
        perspectives d'evolution dans le contexte regional [depose par la
        Commission des affaires etrangeres... ; presente par Aymeri de
Publ.: Paris: Assemblee nationale
Date: [ca 1994]
Desc.: 79 p.- [4]f. de cartes en coul. ; 24 cm;
Titre de couv. : "Asie centrale, une independance inachevee".
Series: Les documents d'information / Assemblee nationale, Commission des
        affaires etrangeres
ISSN 1240-831X ; 69/94

Author: France, Direction des relations economiques exterieures ; Poste
        d'expansion economique a Moscou
Title: Kirghizstan, Ouzbekistan, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan
Publ.: Paris : CFCE
Date: 1993
Desc.: 290 p. : tabl. ; 30 cm.
Series: Dossiers pays / Direction des relations economiques exterieures)
ISBN 2-279-63101-6
Price: 600 F

Author: Gazagnadou, Didier
Title: La poste a relais: la diffusion d'une technique de pouvoir a
        travers l'Eurasie: Chine-Islam-Europe
Publ: Paris: Ed. Kime
Date: 1994
Desc: 178 p., ill., couv. ill. en coul., 24 cm Series: Le sens de l'histoire
ISBN 2-908212-86-2
Price: 140 F

Author: Goldenchtein, Iouri
Title: Samarcande: Boukhara, Chakhrisiabz, Khiva [trad. du russe par
        Sylvia Melkoyan]
Publ: Courbevoie: ACR
Date: 1995
Desc: 192 p., ill. en coul., couv. ill. en coul., 19 cm
Series: Poche couleur, 14
ISBN 2-86770-074-4
Price: 120 F

Author: Gonzalez de Clavijo, Ruy
Title: La Route de Samarkand au temps de Tamerlan: relation du voyage de
        l'ambassade de Castille a la cour de Timour Beg, Ruy Gonzalez de
        Clavijo, trad. et commentee par Lucien Kehren
Publ: Paris: Imprimerie nationale
Date: 1990
Desc: 354 p., ill. en noir et en coul., 31 cm Series: Voyages et decouvertes
ISBN 2-11-081049-1
Price: 490 F

Author: Grare, Frederic
Title: Le Pakistan face a l'Asie centrale: l'affaire afghane et la
        "nationalisation" de l'islam
Publ.: Geneva, Switzerland: Graduate Institute of Internatinal Studies, [1995]
Date: 1995
Series: PSIS occasional paper ; no. 1

Author: Grenet, Frantz et collab.
Title: L'Asie centrale preislamique: bibliographie critique, 1977-1986
Publ: Teheran/Paris: Institut francais de recherche en Iran, cop. 1988
Desc: 178 p., couv. ill., 26 cm
Series: Abstracta iranica, Volumes hors-serie, 3 ISBN ?
Price: 160 F

Author: Grousset, Rene
Title: L'Empire des steppes: Attila, Gengis-Khan, Tamerlan
Publ: [Paris]: le Grand livre du mois
Date: 1994
Desc: 656 p., cartes, couv. ill. en coul., 23 cm ISBN ?
Price: 170 F

Author: Gruber, Albert
Title: Peuples d'Asie centrale [Solange sie noch leben] [trad. de l'allemand]
Publ: Fontenay-sous-Bois: Anako ed.
Date: 1995
Desc: 120 p., ill. en coul., couv. ill. en coul., 24 x 25 cm
ISBN 2-907754-24-6
Price: 160 F

Author: Guillaume de Rubrouck
Title: Voyage dans l'empire mongol, 1253-1255 [Itinerarium ad partes
        orientales] [trad. du latin et comment. de Claude-Claire et Rene
        Kappler, photogr., Roland Michaud]
Publ: Paris: Impr. nationale
Date: 1993
Desc: 300 p., 31 cm
Series: Voyages et decouvertes
ISBN 2-11-081197-8
Price: 490 F

Author: Guillaume de Rubrouck
Title: Voyage de Guillaume de Rubrouck en Orient [Itinerarium ad partes
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Publ: Steenvoorde: 5 Av. Foch, 59114, Foyer culturel de l'Houtland
Date: 1991
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Price: 140 F

Author: Hedin, Sven
Title: Trois ans de lutte dans les deserts d'Asie, 1894-1897 [En faerd
        genom Asien] [trad. abregee du suedois de Charles Rabot, pref. de
        Michael Taylor]
Publ: Paris: Pygmalion
Date: 1991
Desc: 221 p., ill., couv. ill. en coul., 24 cm ISBN 2-85704-335-X
Price: 99 F

Title: Histoire secrete des Mongols: chronique mongole du XIIIe siecle
        [trad. du mongol, presente et annot. par Marie-Dominique Even et
        Rodica Pop...
Publ: [Paris]: Gallimard
Date: 1994
Desc: 349 p., couv. ill. en coul., 23 cm ISBN 2-07-073690-3
Price: 140 F

Author: Huc, Evariste Regis
Title: Mais qui songe a la Tartarie?: lettres de voyage, 1839-1848...
[presentees et annotees par Jacqueline Thevenet] Publ: Paris: Ed. Kime
Date: 1993
Desc: 194 p. carte, couv. ill., 24 cm
Series: Manuscrits retrouves
ISBN 2-908212-45-5
Price: 125 F

Author: Humboldt, Alexander von
Title: Tableaux de la nature [trad. par Charles Galuski] [pref. par
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Publ: Nanterre: 89 rue Sartoris, 92250 La Garenne-Colombes: Ed.
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Date: 1990
Desc: XXVIII-328 p.-[37] f. de pl., ill., 32 cm, Reprod. en fac-sim.
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Series: Memoria Americana
ISBN 2-7388-0071-8
Price: 380 F

Author: Klopprogge, Axel
Title: Ursprung und Auspragung des abendlandischen Mongolenbildes im 13.
Jahrhundert: ein Versuch zur Ideengeschichte des Mittelalters
Publ: Wiesbaden: O. Harrassowitz
Date: 1993
Desc: VIII-277 p., 25 cm, Diss. Philosophische Fakultat: Aachen,
        Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule, 1990
Series: Asiatische Forschungen, 122
ISBN 3-447-03385-1

Author: Le Fevre, Georges
Title: La croisiere jaune: expedition Citroen Centre-Asie, Haardt-Audouin-
        Dubreuil [suivi de La Haute Asie par Paul Pelliot, avant-propos de
        Vadime Elisseeff, pref. d'Andre Citroen,  introd. de Louis Audouin-
        Dubreuil, ill. d'Alexandre Iacovleff
Publ: Paris: l'Asiatheque
Date: 1991
Desc: XXI-343 p.-[16] p. de pl., cartes, 25 cm ISBN 2-901795-39-0
Price: 175 F

Author: Leomy, Fabrice
Title: Tamerlan: le condottiere invaincu Publ: Paris: Ed. France-Empire
Date: 1996
Desc: 353 p., cartes, couv. ill. en coul., 24 cm
Series: Les grands conquerants
ISBN 2-7048-0788-4
Price: 120 F

Author: Levi, Mario Attilio
Title: I Nomadi alla frontiera: i popoli delle steppe e l'antico mondo
Publ: Roma: "L'Erma" di Bretschneider
Date: 1989
Desc: 143 p.-pl., 24 cm
Series: Monografie: Centro ricerche e documentazione sull'Antichita
        classica, 13 ISBN 88-7062-663-6

Author: Magraner, Jordi
Title: Methode d'analyse des temoignages oraux sur la presence d'hominides
        inconnus en Asie centrale
Publ: Paris:25 rue Cuvier, 75005, J. Magraner Date: 1992
Desc: 8 f., 30 cm

Author: Magraner, Jordi
Title: Notes sur les hominides reliques d'Asie centrale: district de
        Chitral, NWFP, Pakistan
Publ: Paris: 25 rue Cuvier, 75007, J. Magraner Date: 1992
Desc: [56] f., ill., carte, 30 cm

Author: Maillart, Ella
Title: Oasis interdites: de Pekin au Cachemire: une femme a travers l'Asie
        centrale en 1935 [pref. de Nicolas Bouvier]
Publ: Paris: Payot
Date: 1994
Desc: 241 p., cartes, couv. ill. en coul., 19 cm
Series: Petite bibliotheque Payot: voyageurs, 175 ISBN 2-228-88745-5

Author: Maillart, Ella
Title: Des monts c lestes aux sables rouges Publ: [Paris]: Payot
Date: 1990
Desc: 339 p., cartes, couv. ill. en coul., 21 cm Series: Voyageurs Payot
ISBN 2-228-88263-1

Author: Matarasso, Michel, ed.
Title: Chamanes et chamanismes au seuil du nouveau millenaire
Publ.: Paris: Gallimard
Date: 1992
Series: Diogene, 158

Title: Nomades et sedentaires en Asie centrale: apports de l'archeologie
        et de l'ethnologie: actes du [3e] Colloque franco-sovietique [sur
        l'archeologie de l'Asie centrale], Alma Ata, Kazakhstan, 17-26
        octobre 1987 [textes reunis par H.-P. Francfort]
Publ: Paris: Ed. du Centre national de la recherche scientifique Date: 1990
Desc: 240 p., ill., couv. ill. en coul., 27 cm ISBN 2-222-04427-8
Price: 270 F

Author: Ossendowski, Ferdynand Antoni [1878-1945] Title: Betes, hommes et
        dieux: l'enigme du Roi du Monde [trad. de l'anglais par Robert Renard]
Publ: Plazac-Rouffignac: Ed. Arista
Date: 1991
Desc: 295 p., carte, couv. ill. en coul., 22 cm ISBN 2-904616-50-0
Price: 95 F

Author: Poujol, Catherine, ed.
Title: Asie Centrale: Aux confins des empires, reveil et tumulte
Publ.: Paris: Editions Autrement
Date: 1992
Desc.: 253p.
Series: Serie monde

Author: Roux, Jean-Paul [1925-..]
Title: Tamerlan
Publ: [Paris]: Fayard
Date: 1991
Desc: 380 p., cartes, couv. ill. en coul., 22 cm ISBN 2-213-02742-0
Price: 140 F

Author: Roux, Jean-Paul
Title: Histoire de l'empire Mongol
Publ.: Paris: Fayard
Date: 1993
Desc.: 597 p.
ISBN 2-213-03164-9
Price: 190 F

Author: Roy, Olivier, ed.
Title: En Asie Centrale Sovietique: Ethnies, nations, etats Publ.: Paris
Desc.: 166p
Series: Cahiers du monde Russe et Sovietique, 32(1) Date: 1991

Author: Roy, Olivier, ed.
Title: Des ethnies aux nations en Asie Centrale Series: Revue du Monde
        Musulman et de la Mediterranee, 1991(1/2).
Publ.: Aix-en-Provence: Editions Edisud Date: 1991
Desc.: 162p.

Author: Roy, Olivier
Title: Genealogie de l'islamisme
Publ: [Paris]: Hachette
Date: 1995
Desc: 140 p., 17 cm
Series: Questions de soci t
ISBN 2-01-235160-3

Author: Roy, Olivier
Title: Groupes de solidarite au Moyen-Orient et en Asie centrale: Etats,
        territoires et reseaux
Publ: Paris: CERI, Centre d'etudes et de recherches internationales,
        Fondation nationale des sciences politiques Date: 1996
Desc: 46 p., 21 cm
Series: Les cahiers du CERI, 16

Author: Roy, Olivier
Title: L'Echec de l'Islam politique
Publ: Paris: Ed. du Seuil
Date: 1992
Desc: 251 p., couv. ill. en coul., 21 cm Series: Collection Esprit
ISBN 2-02-014153-1
Price: 130 F

Author: Sellier, Jean and Andre Sellier Title: Atlas des peuples d'Orient:
        Moyen-Orient, Caucase, Asie Centrale
Publ.: Paris: La Decouverte
Date: 1993
Desc.: 200p. ill. maps
ISBN 2-7071-2222-x
Price: 295 F

Author: Sourdel, Janine et Dominique Sourdel Title: Dictionnaire historique
        de l'islam
Publ: Paris: Presses universitaires de France
Date: 1996
Desc: XII-1010 p., ill., 25 cm
ISBN 2-13047320-2
Price: 480 F

Title: Terres secretes de Samarcande: ceramiques du VIIIe au XIIIe siecle
        [exposition], Institut du monde arabe, Paris, 26 juin-27 septembre
        1992, Musee de Normandie, Caen, 23 octobre 1992-25 janvier 1993,
        Musee des Augustins, Toulouse, 4 mars-7 juin 1993
Publ: Paris: Institut du monde arabe, Musee de Caen ISBN 2-906062-45-6
Price: 120 F

Title: Le voyage en Asie centrale et au Tibet: anthologie des voyageurs
        occidentaux, du Moyen age a la premiere moitie du XXe siecle
       [textes choisis et presentes par Michel Jan]
Publ: Paris: R. Laffont
Date: 1992
Desc: XXXII-1482 p., cartes, couv. ill. en coul., 20 cm Series: Bouquins
ISBN 2-221-05912-3
Price: 170 F

Author: Yerasimos, Stephane
Title: Questions d'Orient: fronti res et minorit s, des Balkans au Caucase
Publ: Paris: d. la D couverte
Date: 1993
Desc: 246 p., cartes, couv. ill., 20 cm Series: Livres "H rodote"
ISBN 2-7071-2235-1
Price: 135 F

Author: Zhang, Guangda
Title: La Chine et les civilisations de l'Asie centrale du VIIe au XIe
        siecle: College de France, Chaire internationale, lecon
        inaugurale faite le... 14 janvier 1994 [par M. Zhang Guangda]
Publ: Paris: College de France
Date: 1994
Desc: 26 p., 26 cm, carte, 1 f. depl.
ISBN 2-7226-0019-6
Price: 30 F

PUBLICATION- Turkmenistan v XX veke

Posted by: Arne.Haugen(a) (Arne Haugen)
Posted: 16 Dec 1996

The Turkmen historian Shokrat Kadyrov, presently staying in Norway,
presents for sale his recently finished book "Turkmenistan v XX veke".

The book, which is in Russian, contains:

- 429 pages
- tables, maps and illustrations
- index of names

The book deals with social, cultural and political aspects of Turkmenistan
in the 20th century. The price is 80 US Dollars + postage

Orders can made at the following e-mail address: arne.haugen(a)

Arne Haugen
University of Bergen, Norway

PUBLICATION - C.A. Monitor No. 5, 1996

Posted by: David Nalle <davidn5512(a)>
Posted: 4 Dec 1996

PUBLICATION - Central Asia Monitor, No. 5, 1996

Central Asia Monitor: A bi-monthly magazine

No. 5, 1996 - Table of Contents

 * News and Comments
 * Celebrating Amir Timur, A Report from Tashkent by Ken Petersen
 * Building Social Tolerance: The Case of Kyrgyzstan by Paul Kubicek
 * Reflections on the Constitution of Kazakstan:
     What the 1995 Constitution Means To the People of Kazakstan by Lowry
     Commentary on Lowry Wyman's Article by Evgeniy Zhovtis
 * Perspectives on Business:
     Uzbekistan Lays the Foundation for a Securities Market  by
        Tatyana S. Geller and John T. Connor, Jr.
 * Central Asia in the 1990s. An Annotated Bibliography (Third Supplement)
     by E. Allworth
 * Greenwomen by Lidia Astanina
 * Opening Night at the Central Asia Institute, a CAM report

PUBLICATIONS- Recent Books on Central Asia

Posted by: John Schoeberlein <centasia(a)>
Posted: 3 Dec 1996

PUBLICATIONS- Recent Books on Central Asia

The following list of books related to Central Asia derives from "The
Internet Book Shop" (U.K.) and the books may be ordered through:  The posting of this message does not amount
to an endorsement of this bookshop.  I have included prices (in British
Pounds) which will help to assess costs in other countries.

As the list is rather long and may be a KByte burden to some, I would like
to solicit feedback on whether the posting of similar lists in the future
is desirable.  I would also like to take this opportunity to invite
subscribers' views on any way in which CentralAsia-L might be improved.
And I would remind you that CentralAsia-L is only as useful as the
information that people share with it, so I would encourage you to take an
active role in sharing any relevant information -- on either programs/
opportunities/etc. which you may be involved with, or perhaps which you
simply come across.

John Schoeberlein (CentralAsia-L Moderator) (please reply to:

Akiner, Shirin etc. (Ed.)
Sustainable Development in Central Asia Price: UK 40.00
Format: 23cm.240.
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 05/1996
Publisher: Curzon P

Bainbridge, Margaret (Ed.)
Turkic Peoples of the World
Price: UK 75.00
Format: 23cm.392. 18M.
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 05/1993
Publisher: Kegan Paul Internat

Baldick, Julian
Imaginary Muslims: Uwaysi Sufis of Central Asia Price: UK 39.50
Format: 22cm.300.
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 30/09/1992
Publisher: IB Tauris

Bondarevskii, G.L.; Englefield, Greg
Boundary Issues in Central Asia
Price: UK 9.95
Format: 23cm.60.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 07/1996
Publisher: Royal Inst. of Internat. Affairs Category: Political Science

Cave, Peter
Soldier M: SAS - Invisible Enemy in Kazakhstan Price: UK 4.99
Format: 18cm.224.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 21/07/1994
Publisher: 22 Books

Centre for Cooperation with the Economies in Transition Investment Guide
for Uzbekistan
Price: UK 20.00
Format: 27cm.119. tabs.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 05/1996
Publisher: OECD

Curzon, George Nathaniel
Russia in Central Asia in 1889 and the Anglo-Russian Question Price: UK 35.00
Format: D8.xxiv,477. 53ill.2fldg.M. n.e.
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 03/1967
Publisher: F Cass

Damollah, Muhammad Ali; Jarring, Gunnar (Ed.) Stimulants Among the Turks
of Eastern Turkestan: An Eastern Turki Text Price: UK 5.80
Format: 23cm.40.; approx.price
Publication Date: 01/1993
Publisher: Almqvist

Ehteshami, Anoushiravan (Ed.)
From the Gulf to Central Asia: Players in the New Great Game Price: UK 14.95
Format: 23cm.300. M.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 02/1995
Publisher: Univ. Exeter P

Extreme Continental: Blowing Hot and Cold Through Central Asia Whittell, Giles
Price: UK 6.99
Format: 20cm.224. n.e.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 20/06/1996
Publisher: Indigo

Ferdinand, Peter
New Central Asia and Its Neighbours
Price: UK 25.00
Format: 22cm.128.
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 21/10/1994
Publisher: Pinter Publrs

Forsythe, Rosemarie Crisostomo
Politics of Oil in the Caucasus and Central Asia Price: UK 13.99
Format: 22cm.67.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 25/07/1996
Publisher: Oxf. UP

Harvey, Janet
Traditional Textiles of Central Asia
Price: UK 24.95
Format: 30cm.160. 262ill.(212col.).
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 29/04/1996
Publisher: Thames & H

Hostler, Charles Warren
Turks of Central Asia
Price: UK 49.50
Format: 24cm.256.
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 11/1993
Publisher: Praeger

Humphreys, Andrew etc.
Central Asia: A Travel Survival Kit
Price: UK 11.99
Format: 18cm.448. Col.ill.M.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 03/06/1996
Publisher: Lonely Planet Pubns, Australia

Hunter, Shireen
Central Asia Since Independence
Price: UK 43.95
Format: 23cm.216.
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 04/1996
Publisher: Praeger

Jarring, Gunnar (Ed.)
Culture Clash in Central Asia: Islamic Views on Chinese Theatre Price: UK 8.75
Format: 24cm.40. Ill.; approx.price
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 08/1991
Publisher: Almqvist

Kangas, Roger
Uzbekistan in the Twentieth Century
Price: UK 34.00
Format: 22cm.300.
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 11/1994
Publisher: Macmillan P

Kaser, Michael
Economics of Kazakstan and Uzbekistan
Price: UK 5.00
Format: 25cm.40.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/12/1996
Publisher: Royal Inst. of Internat. Affairs

Kulchik, Yuri
Transition and Instability in Central Asia: The Fergana Valley Price: UK 9.95
Format: 23cm.60.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 03/1996
Publisher: Royal Inst. of Internat. Affairs

Kyrgyz Republic (Recent Economic Developments) Format: 88pp, 300mm, paperback
Publication Date: December 1995
Publisher: HMSO
Series: IMF Staff Country Report: 95/38

Leeuwen, Carel van etc.
Nomads in Central Asia: Animal Husbandry and Culture in Transition Price: UK 11.95
Format: 22cm.88.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 11/1994
Publisher: Royal Tropical Institute, Netherlands

Levin, Theodore
Hundred Thousand Fools of God: Musical Travels in Central Asia Price: UK 29.50
Format: 24cm.334.
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 01/1997
Publisher: Indiana UP

MacLeod, Calum; Mayhew, Bradley
Price: UK 12.95
Format: 20cm.320.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/1996
Publisher: Guide Book Co, Hong Kong

Makhtumkuli; Azemoun, Yusuf (Tr.); Aldiss, Brian (Ed.) Songs from the Steppes of
Central Asia: Selected Poems of Makhtumkuli Price: UK 15.00
Format: 21cm.120. 7ill.(2col.).
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 11/1995
Publisher: Society of Friends of Makhtumkuli

Menashri, D.
Central Asia Meets Middle East
Price: UK 30.00
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 99/99/9999
Publisher: F Cass

Micklin, Philip
Water and the New States of Central Asia Price: UK 12.50
Format: 25cm.40.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/1997
Publisher: Royal Institute of International Affairs

Morgan, Gerald
Anglo-Russian Rivalry in Central Asia, 1810-1895 Price: UK 28.00
Format: D8.264. 4M.
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 10/1981
Publisher: F Cass

Odling-Smee, John
Format: 111pp, 280mm, paperback
Publication Date: December 1995
Publisher: HMSO
Series: IMF Economic Reviews: 18 (1994)

Odling-Smee, John
Kyrgyz Republic
Format: 98pp, 280mm, paperback
Publication Date: December 1993
Publisher: HMSO
Series: IMF Economic Reviews

Odling-Smee, John
Format: 103pp, 280mm, paperback
Publication Date: December 1994
Publisher: HMSO
Series: IMF Economic Reviews: 14 (1994)

Odling-Smee, John
Turkmenistan: Economic Review
Price: Sorry price temporarily unavailable Format: 88pp, 280mm, paperback
Publication Date: December 1992
Publisher: HMSO
Series: Economic Review

Oztopcu, Kurtulus etc.
Dictionary of Turkic Languages
Price: UK 50.00
Format: 23cm.396.
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 01/05/1996
Publisher: Routledge

Pomfret, Richard W.T.
Economies of Central Asia
Price: UK 27.50
Format: 23cm.200. Fr.30tabs.4M.
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 01/1996
Publisher: Princeton UP

Rau, Pip
Ikats: Woven Silks from Central Asia
Price: UK 16.99
Format: D4.96. Ill.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 31/03/1988
Publisher: Blackwell

Republic of Kazakhstan (Background Paper and Statistical Appendix)
Format: 107pp, 280mm, paperback
Publication Date: July 1995
Publisher: HMSO
Series: IMF Staff Country Report: 95/7

Serinbayeva, Klara
Price: UK 39.95
Format: 35cm.280. Ill.(some col.).M.
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 06/1995
Publisher: Flint River P

Shah, Sirdar Ikbal Ali
Escape from Central Asia
Price: UK 11.00
Format: M8.179.
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 11/1980
Publisher: Octagon P

Svanberg, Ingvar
Kazak Refugees in Turkey: Study of Cultural Persistence and Cultural
Price: UK 12.50
Format: 23cm.211. Ill.figs.tabs.; approx.price Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 07/1990
Publisher: Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis

Teague, Ken
Metalcrafts of Central Asia
Price: UK 3.50
Format: 21cm.64. 45ill.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 26/04/1990
Publisher: Shire Pubns

Turkmenistan (Background Paper and Statistical Appendix)
Format: 118pp, 300mm, paperback
Publication Date: July 1995
Publisher: HMSO
Series: IMF Staff Country Report: 95/27

Price: UK 11.99
Format: 25cm.64. Col.ill. 3BCD.
Binding: Paperboards
Publication Date: 07/03/1993
Publisher: Lerner, US
Category: Children's Books

Wenmin, Liu; Jiang Ying (Tr.)
Silk Road: An Ancient Road to Central Asia Price: UK 15.95
Format: 29cm.158. Col.ill.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 05/1993
Publisher: China Three Gorges Publishing House

Whittell, Giles; Kentli, Suzan (Ill.); Hadley, Peter Neville- (r.);
Davis, Katherine (r.)
Central Asia: The Practical Handbook
Price: UK 15.99
Format: 21cm.356. 20M.40ill.S.Kentli. 2r.e.P.N-.Hadley & K.Davis
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 07/05/1996
Publisher: Cadogan Bks

Wimmel, Kenneth
Alluring Target: In Search of the Secrets of Central Asia Price: UK 15.50
Format: 23cm.xvi,236. Ill.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 09/1996
Publisher: Trackless Sands P

Winrow, Gareth M.
Turkey in Post-Soviet Central Asia
Price: UK 9.95
Format: 23cm.53.
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 09/1995
Publisher: Royal Inst. of Internat. Affairs

Woff, Richard
Brassey's Armed Forces of the Former Soviet Union; 1996, v.2:
Trans-Caucasian States, Central Asia, the Western Borderlands Price: UK 120.00
Format: 23cm.
Binding: Cloth
Publication Date: 08/1996
Publisher: Brassey's

PUBLICATION- Muslim Culture in Russia and Central Asia

Posted by: awagner(a) (Alan G. Wagner)
Posted: 10 Dec 1996

Ed. Michael Kemper, Anke von Kügelgen, Dmitriy Yermakov. Islamkundliche
Untersuchungen. Band 200. Klaus Schwarz Verlag. Berlin, 1996, 482p.
ISBN 3-87997-253-2.

Articles in German and English.

PUBLICATION- Asia-Plus, Tajikistan Bulletin

Posted by: Umed Babakhanov <umed(a)>
Posted: 10 Dec 1996

"Asia-Plus", a new independent private information-analytic agency,
recently began its work in Tajikistan.

The Agency issues a bi-weekly English-language information bulletin,
highlighting major events and processes in the life of the Tajikistan
society - problems of economics, international relations, social sphere,
science, legislation, defense and security, etc.

The "Asia-Plus" bulletin will publish the latest statistics on development
of the country, new legislative and regulatory acts of the President, the
Parliament, the Government, news on privatization. We intend to keep our
readers aware of the changes in the investment policy of Tajikistan, of
enterprises looking for partners abroad.

Our bulletin is sent to many International Organizations, different
structures of the United Nations Organization, European Union, foreign non-
governmental organizations and embassies, functioning in Tajikistan and
abroad. "The Financial Times", BBC, "Baker & Mackenzie" International Law
Firm, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development are among our

In addition to that, the A-P experts can:

- prepare information and analysis on the topics of your interest;
- provide consultation on the procedure of registration of a joint venture
in Tajikistan;
- prepare reviews of the periodicals of Tajikistan; - provide assistance
in the field of public relations; - place your commercial information in
the mass media of Tajikistan and CIS.
Subscribers outside of Dushanbe get the bulletin be e-mail.
Subscription prices are:
3 months - US$ 60;
6 months - US$ 110;
12 months - US$ 220.

If you have any proposals for cooperation, please don't hesitate to
contact us by telephone, fax or e-mail noted above.

Director: Umed Babakhanov
BOKHTAR str.,35/1, 8 floor

Sat. tel: /3772/ 51-01-36; Tel. /3772/ 21-78-63,21-21-93 Fax. 21-78-63;
e-mail: umed(a)

PUBLICATION- Lettre d'Asie Centrale

Posted by: F. Witt-Frison <101770.702(a)>
Posted: 6 Dec 1996

Here is the table of contents of latest issue of the French newletter,
"Lettre d'Asie Centrale". The articles are in French:


- The necessity of a new nationality pact in Kazakhstan, C. Poujol.
- Meskhet Turks in Kazakstan, B. Balci
- Uighurs in Central Asia, F.-J. Besson
- About privatization of the agricultural sector in Uzbekistan, C. Liscia
- The appearance of post-Soviet armies: The Uzbekistan Case,
  C. Bacarere-Becane and E. Sieca
- The political geography of the Tajik-Afghan border, A. Ruffier
- Turkmenistan: Cultural cooperation policy, P.S. Blacher

Current Research

- Falconry in Central Asia, S. Jacquesson
- The main associations advocating the interests of Russian-speaking
  populations in Central Asia before the collapse of the Soviet Union,

Scientific News
- Some significant steps in development of French scholarly research in
  Central Asia, D. Balland
- UNESCO's Conference on the occasion of Tamerlane's 660th Birthday, C.

Book Reviews

The publication, "La lettre d'Asie centrale," is published in Paris by the
Association de recherches et d'information sur l'Asie centrale. It began
publication in 1994.

Maison des Sciences de l'Homme
Bureau 108
54, boulevard Raspail
75006 Paris
fax: 49-54-21-33

Source: F. Witt-Frison <101770.702(a)>
supplemented by John Schoeberlein <schoeber(a)>

PUBL.- Video about the Uighurs of Kazakhstan

Posted by: Sean Roberts <sroberts(a)>
Posted: 24 Nov 1996

PUBLICATION- Video about the Uighurs of Kazakhstan

This is to announce the availability of a video documentary on the Uighurs
of Kazakhstan.  This video is the product of about two years of work which
included shooting in Kazakhstan and Xinjiang.  I produced it with the
intention of adding to the sparse teaching materials on Central Asia. Since
I had to invest much of my savings into making the video, I am trying to
distribute it in order to cut my loses.  Although I eventually hope to find
a distributor to sell it for me, I am presently selling the first 50 copies
myself at the price of $150.00.  This is inexpensive for educational
documentaries since this cost includes the right to use the video in
teaching for as long as one likes.  If a distributor picks it up, it will
likely be more expensive.  I am also writing a study guide for the video
which comes with the documentary.  I expect that most people working at
Universities would be able to get their institutions or departments to buy
the video without any cost to themselves.  Contact me if you are interested
in purchasing a copy.  If people on the list would like a review of it,

perhaps I could send a copy to somebody for review purposes. I believe,
however, that people on this list should find it interesting and useful in
teaching.  Below I have included a synopsis.

PS - I am still working on the narration for the Uighur version, but soon I
will have both Uighur and English versions available.  Presently, it is
only in English

Waiting for Uighurstan: A Video Documentary by Sean R. Roberts

Shot while the filmmaker was conducting ethnographic fieldwork, this
documentary is about personal survival and nationalist desire in the
borderlands of the former Soviet Union.  It chronicles the experiences of
three Uighurs who live in the Republic of Kazakhstan.  In the 1950s and
60s, during the turmoil following Mao's revolution, they fled their
homeland in China's Xinjiang province for a new life in the USSR.  Cut off
from their homeland for over 20 years, they only re-established ties with
their family and friends in Xinjiang in the mid 1980s.  Since the fall of
the Soviet Union, they have survived by working in the tenuous trade
between Kazakhstan and their homeland in China.  Caught between the
politics of the Soviet Union, the Republic of Kazakhstan, and China, they
dream of the establishment of a Uighur state in their homeland which will
allow them to determine their own fate.

Sean Roberts

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS- Publication on Arabic Studies

Posted by: Joseph N. Bell <joseph.bell(a)>
Posted: 29 Nov 1996

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS- Publication on Arabic Studies

The Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies is now publishing and is
receiving submissions. Contributions are distributed in Adobe Acrobat PDF
format. Please consult the Journal's Web page at

Joseph Bell and Petr Zemanek

Joseph N. Bell
Professor of Arabic, Section Head
Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
University of Bergen
Hans Tanksgt. 19 N-5020 Bergen, Norway voice: (47) 5558 2860
       (47) 5558 4771
fax:   (47) 5558 9410

ON-LINE PUBLICATION- News Service from Mongolia

Posted by: Henry Schwarz <schwarz(a)>
Posted: 15 Nov 1996

ON-LINE PUBLICATION- News Service from Mongolia

It is now possible to subscribe to an e-mail news service from Mongolia,
with an option of daily news (Mon-Fri) with ca. 2 pages or weekly news,
with 4 pages every Monday.

For further details, contact Mr. Ch. Ganbold at ganbold(a)

Submitted by:
Henry G. Schwarz
Center for East Asian Studies
Western Washington University

PUBLICATION- Series on Boundary Issues

Posted by: Andrew J Harris <A.J.Harris(a)>
Posted: 7 Nov 1996

PUBLICATION- Series on Boundary Issues

Three established series covering boundary issues, including many relating
to the former Soviet Union and Central Asia

Edited by: Clive Schofield, Peter Hocknell and Andrew Harris

Published by: The International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU)
University of Durham

The International Boundaries Research Unit is committed to providing
informed and impartial information on boundary and territorial issues
around the world. To this end, IBRU produces three important information


Published quarterly since 1991, this series is a powerful tool for keeping
informed about international boundary and security issues.
Drawing on a wide range of international news sources, the Bulletin
provides a selected survey of events on a region-by-region basis, covering
such aspects as boundary agreements, border incidents, ethno-territorial
conflicts and international peacekeeping operations.  Offering topical
news updates backed by expert comment and analysis in a number of articles
each issue, the Bulletin is essential reading for, and subscribed to by
many, policy advisers, diplomats, business executives, international
lawyers, academics and scholars, and journalists. The Bulletin is
generously illustrated with maps and provides a forum for reviews of
significant publications, conferences, seminars and exhibitions.


This important series provides a comprehensive assessment of key
territorial issues around the world. Each Briefing focuses on a specific
regional territorial problem or boundary-related technical issue. An
expert analysis of the issues is offered, including the geographical
context, legal and historical background, military, strategic and security
implications, and a summary of the current situation with an assessment of
future prospects.

Recent Briefings have included: "Cross-border crime in the former Soviet
Union", Territorial proposals for the settlement of the war in Bosnia-
Hercegovina" and "Positioning and mapping international land boundaries"
as well as a range of other titles.


This series presents detailed case studies and technical guides to
maritime boundary issues worldwide. Since the entry into force of the 1982
UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, maritime boundary issues are becoming
increasingly contentious, as technical developments unlock a wealth of
ocean resources, prompting a scramble for maritime space.  The Maritime
Briefings cover a range of legal and technical issues, and aim to provide
a comprehensive assessment of the changing status of maritime boundaries.

Recent Maritime Briefings have included "Transit passage in the Russian
Arctic Straits" and "Technical aspects of maritime boundary delimitation".

For further information, concerning subscriptions or content, please
contact: Miss Julia Morgan
International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU) Suite 3P, Mountjoy Research
University of Durham
Tel: +44 (0)191 374 7701
Fax: +44 (0)191 374 7702
E-mail: j.c.morgan(a)

Andrew Harris
IBRU, Suite 3P Tel: (0191) 374 7701
Mountjoy Research Centre Fax: (0191) 374 7702 Durham DH1 3UR
Email: A.J.Harris(a)

PUBLICATION- Central Asia travel guide

Posted by: Peter Neville-Hadley <pnh(a)>
Posted: 20 Oct 1996

PUBLICATION- Travel Guide: "Central Asia," Giles Whittell, New Edition

Those planning trips to Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan,
and Uzbekistan might like to note that the
second edition of Giles Whittell's 'Central Asia' guide is now out,
published by Cadogan Books. The Karakoram
Highway route from Pakistan through China, via Kashgar and Urumqi to
Bishkek and Almaty is also covered.
Although Whittell's lively prose has been left intact, the practical
information in this edition has been thoroughly
updated and expanded.

The book costs 15.99 pounds, or US$19.95, from bookshops worldwide, or
directly from the publishers:

Source: Peter Neville-Hadley <pnh(a)>

PUBLICATION- Eastern Turki Poetry, Gunnar Jarring

Posted by: Henry Schwarz <schwarz(a)>
Posted: 20 Oct 1996

Jarring, Gunnar
The Moen Collection of Eastern Turki (New Uighur) Popular Poetry, edited
with translation, notes, and glossary.
Lund, 1996. 46 p.
(Scripta Minora 1996-1997:1)

PUBLICATION- Bilig, vol. 2, 1996

Posted by: Hoca.Ahmet.Yesevi.Uluslararasi.Turk-Kazak.Univ <yesevi-e(a)>
Posted: 18 Oct 1996

Bilig: Journal of Culture and Science, vol.2, 1996


Bahtigul KALAMBEKOVA / "Kirghizistan: From where to where and How?"
Ken PETERSON / "History in Remaking: Post Soviet Ceditism In Uzbekhistan"
Oya AKGONENC MUGHISUDDIN / "Turkey's relations with Its East and South
        Neighbours In the Frame of Security and Foreign Policy"
Aynur COSKUN / "The Diplomatical Relations of Turkey with the Avrasian
Isa INANDI / "Mission In Turkish World"
Makas TATIMTEGI / "Turkish World"
Haluk OLCEKCI / "Russian Existence In Kazakhistan during the historical
Oya AKGONENC MUGHISUDDIN / "Turkey's relations with Its East and South
        Neighbours In the Frame of Security and Foreign Policy"
Metin HAKVERDIOGLU / "A Research on Nasreddin Hodja"
J. TANAWOVA / "Nasreddin Hodja In Kazakh Folk Literature"
K. Ahmet MEMMEDOV / Ependi's Gulku(Jokes)"
L. A. Abbas CINAR / Kazakh Public Poet Jambil Jabaev"
M. Zeki AHMETOV / "Jambil's Expertisation in Poem"
N. Ibrahim DILEK / " An Altai Story"
Leyla KARAHAN / "Little Turkistan:Anatolia"
Hayriye SULEYMANOGLU YENISOY / "The Effects of Turkish Folklore On
        Bulgarian Folklore"
Yusuf HUSEYINOV / "The Philosophical Side of Old Uguz Mits"
Akif IMANOV / "About the Ethimology of the Word 'Serur'"
Ismail ISRAFILOGLU / "The Problems of Family Training In Azerbaijan Folk
K. ERGOBEKOV / "Poem and Time"
Timur SILI / "The Language of the Stones"
Filiz KILIC / "A Poet In Ottoman Empire: Seyhzade Korkhut"
Ergunoz AKCORA / "The Immigrations In Turkish History and The Important
Nurjan ERBOSINOV / "The General Situation of Kazakh Foreign Currrency
        The Sunrise In Far
        Jambil Book
        The Ocean of Unity
        Turkish- Uzbekh, Uzbekh-Turkish Dictionary

To order, or for sample copies, contact:
        Taskent Cad.
        10. Sokak, No. 30

        tel.: (0312) 215 22 06
        fax: (0312) 215 22 09
        e-mail: yesevi-e(a)

Contact People:
        Ayse OZTEKIN - Himmet KAYHAN - Ilker TASLACIOGLU- Cengiz KELES

NEW PUBLICATION- Various New Books on Inner Asia

Posted by: Henry Schwarz <schwarz(a)>
Posted: 13 Oct 1996


Harvey, Janet
Traditional textiles of Central Asia. -- New York : Thames & Hudson, 1996. 160 p.

Humphrey, Caroline
Shamans and elders: experience, knowledge, and power among the Daur
Mongols. -- Oxford: Clarendon Press,
1996. 396 p.

Inner Asia: occasional papers. -- Cambridge, 1996- . Published by Mongolia
and Inner Asia Studies Unit,
Cambridge University.

Mongolia: investment environment and opportunities. -- Ulaanbaatar:
Institute of International and Oriental Studies,
1966. 67 p.

Shyaan am!: Tuvan folk tales. -- Bellingham: Udagan Books, 1996. 47 p.

Study tour report: implementing a market economy in Central Asia :
implications from the experiences of China,
Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. -- Tokyo: The Sasakawa Peace Foundation,
1996. 95 p.

[Provided by Henry Schwarz]

PUBLICATION- Two Journals on Central Asia from SOAS

Posted by: Central Asia Research Forum <jh20(a)>
Posted: 11 Oct 1996

PUBLICATIONS- Two Journals on Central Asia from SOAS

Edited by: Dr Shirin Akiner

Published by:
        Central Asia Research Forum
        School of Oriental and African Studies
        University of London

'Central Asia Newsfile'

'Central Asia Newsfile' has been published monthly since November 1992.
Since this time its subscription list has grown to include almost all the
major Western companies involved in Central Asia, as well as international
organisations and government departments and research institutes in many

Every month it carries 12 or 16 pages of up-to-date news from Central Asia,
covering Politics, Foreign and CIS relations, the Economy, Finance, Trade
and Industry, Energy, Agriculture, Transport, Society and Military affairs.

The subscription rates are:
UK              #200
Overseas        #220

'Labyrinth The Central Asia Quarterly'
(ISBN 1354-5809)

'Labyrinth: the Central Asia Quarterly' has been published quarterly since
the beginning of 1994. Its subscribers are principally academics and
private individuals with an interest in Central Asia. Each issue of
Labyrinth contains all the news and analysis from three editions of
Central Asia Newsfile, thus providing a full digest of news and events
over the last three months in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan,
Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. There are regular sections on Politics,
Foreign and CIS news, Economy, Finance, Trade and Industry, Energy,
Agriculture, Military and Society.

As well as this coverage of current affairs, Labyrinth includes longer
articles on social, political, economic and cultural aspects of Central
Asia by experts on and from the region. The journal contains a section of
advertisements for publications and notices of conferences, seminars and
other events relating to Central Asia.

The subscription rates are:
        UK           rest of the EU        worldwide
Individual      #29             #35                  #39
Institution     #55             #60                  #65

If you would like to receive a sample copy of Central Asia Newsfile or
Labyrinth, contact:
        Central Asia Research Forum
        School of Oriental and African Studies
        Russell Square
        WC1H 0XG
        Tel: +44 171 323 6300
        Fax: +44 171 436 3844
        Email: jh20(a)

PUBLICATION- TransCaucasus: A Chronology

Posted by: Richard Giragosian <giragosi(a)>
Posted: 4 Oct 1996

"TransCaucasus: A Chronology," providing coverage of significant events in
Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabagh. This issue includes
coverage of the events of September 1996. For more information, or to be
included in the free email distribution, please contact the author,
Richard Giragosian, via email, at: giragosi(a)

Richard Giragosian
Washington, D.C.
E-mail: giragosi(a)
Tel: 202-546-4996 ext.301 Fax: 202-547-7392

PUBLICATION- C.A. Monitor No. 4, 1996

Posted by: David Nalle <davidn5512(a)>
Posted: 1 Oct 1996

PUBLICATION- Central Asia Monitor: A bi-monthly magazine

Table of Contents - Issue No. 4, 1996

 * Mercy Corps International, a report by Karen R. Doyle and Lubov
 * Russia and Central Asia under Yeltsin, by Dr. Robert O. Freedman
 * History in the Remaking: Jadidist Thought
   in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan, by
        Kenneth Petersen
 * New Customs Union Leads Kazakstan to Liberalize Import/Export
        by Zhaniya Usenova and Scott Horton
 * Central Asia Institute Opens at SAIS, by Roger D. Kangas

Please note: Tables of Contents for all issues, 1992-1996, may be seen at
the Monitor's new web sites at

Special message: Our advertisement rates are very modest. It is also time
to think about your 1997 subscription -- only $96 institutional, $60 for
individuals -- for six valuable issues.

Source: Valery Chalidze, Editor-in-Chief
        RR 2, Box 6880, Fair Haven, VT 05743

PUBLICATION- French Institute for the Study of Central Asia

Posted by: John Schoeberlein <schoeber(a)>
Posted: 15 Sep 1996

PUBLICATIONS- French Institute for the Study of Central Asia

The French Institute for the Study of Central Asia in Tashkent, Uzbekistan,
has been very active during the past couple of years in produing publications.

They have created a new biannual jornal called "Les Cahiers d'Asie
centrale," the first issue of which has recently apeared under the special
title, "Inde-Asie centrale: Routes du commerce, routes des idees," in
which appear the papers from a conference which the Institute held in
October 1995. Up-coming issues will appear under the titles, "Boukhara,
ville de legendes," and "Asie centrale 97: La nouvelle donne, les
frontieres et les peuples."

Also, a special issue of the journal "Les Cahiers du Monde Russe" appeared
this spring including the papers from another of the Institute's recent
conferences, entitled "Les reformismes musulmans au Turkestan, in du XIXe
siecle-debut du XXe."

Those interested in more iformation about the French Institute for the
Study of Central Asia [L'Institut francais d'Etudes sur l'Asie centrale]
or its publications may address inquiries to:

Pierre Chuvin, Director
ul. Shpilkova, 18 A
700031 Tashkent

tel. (7-3712) 39-47-03, fax: 89-16-56

NEW PUBLICATION- The Arts of Central Asia

Posted by: Christer von der Burg <christer(a)>
Posted: 13 Sep 1996

Gies, Jacques ed: THE ARTS OF CENTRAL ASIA. The Pelliot Collection in the
Musee Guimet. Paris & London, 1996. 376; 454; 236 pp. 457 colour and 196
b/w plates and illustrations. 2 vols. 35x6 cm, plus 1 vol 30x21. Cloth,
slip-cases. The third, English volme is a complete translation of the text
and captions of the French volumes, by Heo Friesen in collaboration with
Roderick Whitfield.

Available Mid-October, 1996.

Available from:
Han-Shan Tang Books
42 Westleigh Avenue,
London SW15 6RL, UK
Tel (+44 18) 788 4464 Fax (+44 181) 780 1565
Email: hst(a)
World Wide Web (with current catalogue):

GB Pounds 600.00
PLEASE NOTE: We are holding this pre-publication price through October 96,
but cannot be held responsible for
increases after that date.

Companion to The Art of Cenral Asia: TheStein Collection, these volumes
now present the entire collection of
Centrl Asian art recovered during the travels of the great French explorer
and scholar, Paul Pelliot (1878--1945).
There are two volumes in French and one volume with complete English text.

PUBLICATION- Focus Central Asia, European Edition

Posted: 19 Aug 1996

PUBLICATION- Focus Central Asia, European Edition

Focus Central Asia was founded in Almaty, Kasakstan in 1992 as an
independent English language publication for the foreign business
community. Quickly FCA established itself as the main source of
information for most of the embassies, banks, international organizations
and businesses located in Central Asia.

Our readers benefit from FCA's network of correspondents reporting
directly from Kasakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and
Tajikistan. This unique information service is now availbale monthly for
the European reader as well.

If you are interested in subscribing to Focus Central Asia, please
contact us:

Focus Central Aisa Ltd.
61 Kennington Oval
London SE11 5SW
Tel: 44(0)171 735 9779
Fax: 44(0)171 582 4103
E-Mail: 106124.474(a)

PUBLICATION- Internship Guide

Posted: 15 Aug 1996

PUBLICATION- Internship Guide

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am putting together a guide to finding internships in Central and
Eastern Europe and the FSU on behalf of Oxford University's Russian and
East European Studies Department. The guide will be available on the WWW
and in hard copy. The most valuable sort of information that can go into
such a guide comes from personal testimony, so I am hoping to hear from:

(a) individuals with experience in locating internships, including
method(s) of contact, type of internship (paid/unpaid, duties, etc.), how
many you applied for and how long it took, and any other particulars;

(b) individuals, organizations, or companies who currently offer or would
like to offer internships. Please specify particulars and, at the very
least, all available contact data (address, phone, fax, e-mail). If you
are now or have previously employed interns, any information you could
provide as to what you look for in applicants and what makes a candidate
stand out would be greatly appreciated.

All respondents will be referenced on request. Please indicate if you'd
be willing to have your contact information made available in the guide
(if no indication is given, I will not provide e-mail addresses). I am
also looking for information on chambers of commerce or similar bodies.
Thanks for your time.

Paul Goode
St. Antony's College
Oxford OX2 6JF

PUBLICATION- Journal of East-West Business, Vol.2, Nos.1/2, 1996

Posted: 15 Aug 96

PUBLICATION- Journal of East-West Business, Vol.2, Nos.1/2, 1996

VOLUME 2, NUMBERS 1 & 2, 1996

Editorial: Erdener Kaynak

Strategic Responses of Multinational Corporations to the Opening of
Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union and Their Impact on
Competing Developing Countries
Lawrence G. Franko

Results of Corporate Culture: Survey of Russian Executives
R. Henry Migliore, Rinne T. Martin, Robyn L. Parsons, and Tracey A. Hughes

Ownership and Control of Central and East European Enterprises: Transition
in Proprietary Interests and the Locus of Responsibility
Michael Hughes and Ewa Helinska-Hughes

The Japanese Model of Capitalism: A Guide for Russia's Marketization?
Douglas N. Ross

Entrepreneurial Transition in Estonia in the 1990's- Entrepreneur in a
Driver's Seat on the Road to the Market Economy
Kari Liuhto

Emerging Patterns of Reformation in Central Europe: The Czech Republic,
Hungary and Poland
Wojciech Nasierowski

Bankruptcy in Russia: The Evolution of a Comprehensive Russian Bankruptcy
Paul R. Williams and Paul E. Wade

An Examination of the Relationship Between Professional Investment
Recommendations and Stock Prices in a Developing Eastern European Stock
Austin Murphy and Zoltan Sabov

For Style Guidelines and Editorial Enquiries:

Erdener Kaynak,Ph.D.;D.Sc.
Journal of East-West Business
International Business Press
P.O. Box 231
Middletown, Pennsylvania 17057

Tel: (717) 566-3054
Fax: (717) 566-8589

For Ordering and Sample Journal Copies:

Ordering Department
The Haworth Press Inc
10 Alice Street
Binghamton, New York 13904-1580

Tel: 1-800-342-9678 (U.S.A. and Canada only)
Fax: (607) 722--6362
E-Mail: getinfo(a)

PUBLICATION- Central Asia Monitor, Issue No. 3

Posted: 12 Aug 1996

A bi-monthly magazine

Table of Contents -- Issue No. 3, 1996

 * Uzbek Time in Washington
 * Statement by Muhammad Salikh,
   Chairman of Erk (Freedom) Party of Uzbekistan
 * Uzbekistan Open Forum on Human Rights,
   a report by Sergei Gretsky
 * Exodus? Out-Migration from the Central Asian
   Successor States to the Russian Federation,
   by Cynthia Buckley

 * The New Kazak Law on Mineral Resources Marks Another Advance for
   Foreign Investors, by Zhaniya Usenova and Scott Horton
 * Turkmenistan's Law on Concessions Assumes New
   Importance, by Van Z. Krikorian

 * Moscow 1937, Tashkent1996, a review essay by Sergei Gretsky
 * CENTRAL ASIA IN THE 1990s. An Annotated Bibliography. Second
   Supplement, by Edward Allworth
 * A Few Words about Amir Timur, by Muhammad Ali

The Monitor welcomes subscriptions, advertising, and submissions from
qualified authors at RR 2, Box 6880, Fair Haven, VT 05743. Subscriptions
(6 issues p.a.) are $60 for individuals, $96 for institutions. Add $24
for airmail delivery abroad.

PUBLICATION- Bilig: Journal on Turkish affairs

Posted: 2 Aug 1996

NEW PUBLICATION- "Bilig": Journal on Turkish Culture and Language

We have published a new quarterly journal entitled "Bilig". The current
issue has 265 pages. It includes articles about Turkish World and its
culture, language and the heritages of culture. Some titles of the
articles in this volume include:

- The Tradition of Ishan in Middle Asia Turkish Culture
- Some Beliefs among Altay Turks
- The Family Structure among Kazakhs
- The Effects of the Language of Middle Asia Turkish Literatury Language
  on the Anatolian Turkish Literature Language and Ahmet Yesevi
- Water Problems in the Middle East
- Management Information Systems
- Hesse's Histories
- The Evaluation of the History of Dede Korkut
- Management and Leadership

The journal is in Turkish, but we accept the articles in other
languages on topics related to the Turkish World.

Our contact address:
        Taskent Caddesi, 10. Sokak, No. 30
        Bahcelievler / ANKARA TURKEY
        Tel: (0312) 215 22 06
        Fax: (0312) 215 22 09

It is 350.000 TL per issue, or 1.400.000 TL for a year and for out of
Turkey 80 USD (by airmail).

Contact persons:
        Ayse DZTEKIN or
        Ilker TASLACI

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS- Bibliography of Dissertations

Posted: 30 Jul 96

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS- Bibliography of Dissertations


Individuals who have completed any type of doctoral-level dissertation
(e.g., Ph.D. and D.Phil. theses, Inaugural-Dissertationen,
Habilitationsschriften, theses for the doctorat de 3e cycle and doctorat
d'Etat, etc.) at any university outside of the United States in any
discipline that is concerned in whole or in part with China, Tibet,
Mongolia, and/or Central Asian groups (including the Uighurs, the Buriats,
the Kalmyks, and the Turkic peoples prior to their westward migration) are
cordially invited to bring their research to my attention at this time.

I am presently completing a very extensive, annotated, classified and
indexed bibliography of Western-language doctoral dissertations on China
and on Inner Asia for publication by Greenwood Press. This volume covers
dissertations accepted for higher degrees between 1976 and 1990 as well as
earlier theses that were not included in two previously published
bibliographies of mine covering research from the years 1945-1975
(published by the University of Washington Press). Some 9,600 dissertation
entries appear in the penultimate version of the present bibliography.  As
I would like the final version to be as comprehensive as possible in its
coverage and as my coverage of dissertations done outside of the United
States may not be exhaustive, individuals whose dissertations were
accepted by European (including Hungarian, Polish and Russian), Canadian,
Australian and Asian universities are encouraged to contact me to ensure
that their own research has not been overlooked.

The following bibliographical particulars are requested insofar as

(a) Dissertation author's full name (middle names included)
(b) Complete title and subtitle of the dissertation as they appear on the
    dissertation title page
(c) If the title is in a language other than English, a translation of the
    dissertation title and its subtitle
(d) Degree-awarding university
(e) Calendar year of degree
(f) Type of degree
(g) Dissertation author's academic major or the academic department in
    which his/her dissertation was written (e.g., Ph.D. in History)
(h) Full pagination of the thesis typescript  (e.g., xvii, 365p. rather
    than simply 365p.)
(i) A descriptive annotation of 35-40 words in length that goes beyond
    restating the information found within the thesis title  (e.g., the
    annotation may outline the scope of the thesis, indicate the major
    objective of the dissertation, and/or point out the major conclusion of
    the author's research)
(j) If an abstract of the dissertation has appeared in print, a
    bibliographical citation to that abstract
(k) If the dissertation itself has been printed or published as a book or
    as a monograph: the title of the book, city of publication, publisher,
    year and pagination of that book

Bibliographical information will be most welcome even when not all of the
above information can be contributed.

Thank you very much in advance for kindly considering this invitation to
ensure that your own dissertation and/or the thesis of a colleague or a
student of yours is included within the final version of the bibliography.

With best wishes,

Frank Joseph Shulman
9225 Limestone Place
College Park, Maryland 20740-3943 (USA)

Home telephone and fax (combined):  301-935-5614


NEW JOURNAL- Amu Darya: The Iranian Journal of Central Asian Studies

Posted: 22 July 1996

NEW JOURNAL- Amu Darya: The Iranian Journal of Central Asian Studies

The first issue of the new journal, "Amu Darya: The Iranian Journal of
Central Asian Studies," has recently been published. This journal is
published in English semi-annually by the Center for the Study of Central
Asia and the Caucasus (a branch of the Institute for Political and
International Studies, Tehran), and is edited by Abbas Maleki and Seyed
Rasoul Mousavi (Director of CSCAC). The first issue includes articles on
Timurid Era Khawarzm, Caspian Sea environment and economy, Aid and
development in Central Asia, Russia's role in Central Asia, the Aral
Crisis, and language and national identity, as well as book reviews of
recent Iranian publications.

Questions regarding this publication may be addressed to:

Mr. Seyed Rasoul Mousavi, Managing Editor of Amu Darya
Center for Central Asian and Caucasus Research
Institute for Political and International Studies
Shaheed Bahonar Ave., Shaheed Aghaii St.
P.O.Box 19395/1793
Tehran, IRAN

tel.: [98](21)257-1010 -1011 -1012 -1013 -1014
fax: 270-964
telex: (9821)212324
e-mail: IPIS(a)


PUBLICATION- The Heritage of Central Asia

Posted: 22 July 1996

The Heritage of Central Asia/From Antiquity to the Turkish Expansion
        by Richard N. Frye

(Princeton Series on the Middle East) 264 pages. ISBN 1-55876-110-1
Markus Wiener Publishers, 114 Jefferson Road, Princeton, NJ 08540

From the back cover:

"After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the peoples of Central Asia are
seeking to rediscover their heritage, which blends cultural elements from
Iran, China, and India.

Central Asia in ancient and medieval times was the crossrads of
civilization, connecting China with the West. This book provides a
concise, authoritative history of the region that includes modern
Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, and Xinjiang
. . ."

"Richard N. Frye, professor emeritus of Iranian Studies at Harvard
University, is the author of "The Heritage of Persia" and numerous other
books, which have been translated into several languages."

PUBLICATION- Central Asia in Transition

Posted: 15 July 1996

PUBLICATION- "Central Asia in Transition:
        Dilemmas of Political and Economic Development"
        Edited by Boris Rumer

286 pages. ISBN 1-56324-766-6. M.E. Sharpe, Inc., 80 Business Park
Drive, Armonk, New York 10504.

"Central Asia in Transition" is based on collection of essays resulting
from a conference held in September 1995 at Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan, under
the auspices of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation of Japan.

Essays include:

"Disintegration and Reintegration in Central Asia: Dynamics and
Prospects", Boris Rumer

"Transnational Corporations in Central Asia", Oksana Reznikova

"Kazakhstan: Problems and Prospects of Reform and Development", Arystan

"The Experiences of Transitional Economies in East Asia: Implications for
Central Asia", Yasutami Shimomura

NEW BOOK- Culture and Environment in Inner Asia

Posted: 20 Jun 1996

NEW BOOK- Culture and Environment in Inner Asia

Culture and Environment in Inner Asia. Editors, Caroline Humphrey and
David Sneath, Dept. of Social Anthropology, Cambridge, UK. ISBN Vol.1
1-874267-14-6 (HB)/-15-4 (PB); Vol 2,-16-2 (HB)/-17-0 (PB) White Horse
Press, 10 High Street, Knapwell, Cambridge CB3 8NR.
Tel/fax: 0(+44)1954267527, e-mail: aj(a)

Volume 1, The Pastoral Economy and the Environment, explores a number of
threats to the environment. Vast areas of steppeland are now subject to
pasture degradation. Pastoralism has shaped the steppe environment and
been the basis of the indigenous economy of the grasslands of Inner Asia
for more than two thousand years. This volume examines the pastoral
economies developed under Russian, Mongolian and Chinese governance, their
current trajectories, and their differing impact upon the steppe
environment, in a unique collection of papers by scholars from all sides
of the international borders that divide Inner Asia.

Volume 2, Society and Culture, describes the enormous social change which
the region has experienced in recent years, due to the advent of democracy
in Russia and economic reforms in China. Long-term historical social
changes, produced by migration and economic development, were succeeded by
the effects of socialist organisation, and finally by the present
divergent paths of capitalism and privatisation. The steppe environment is
not pristine 'nature', but intermeshed with these processes, and with the
distinctive, often religious, attitudes of the pastoral people. The book
also covers the effect of current reforms on the division of labour,
employment, education, health and medicine, women's work, and language and

A. Johnson, White Horse Press.
10 High Street, Knapwell, Cambridge CB3 8NR, UK. tel/fax 01954 267527
1 Strond, Isle of Harris HS5 3UD, UK. tel/fax 01859 520204

CALL FOR REVIEWERS- Journal of Central Asian Studies

Posted: 17 Jun 1996

CALL FOR REVIEWERS- Journal of Central Asian Studies

The Association for the Advancement of Central Asian Research (AACAR) has
decided to transform its Bulletin into a fully referred, biannual JOURNAL
OF CENTRAL ASIAN STUDIES (JCAS). JCAS will carry a regular section of book

As book review editor, I would like to develop a record of persons
interested in reviewing books for the JCAS and of their research
specializations and interests.  This would enable the JCAS to match books
received for review with scholars who have expertise in the relevant

Interested persons are requested to send a statement of interest as well
as a brief resume to the following address:

Adeeb Khalid
Department of History
Carleton College
Northfield, MN 55057

fax (507) 663-4223
email: akhalid(a)

Your name will be added to the list and you will be asked to contribute a
review when relevant books are received at the JOURNAL.

Thank you for helping make the JCAS a truly professional enterprise.

Adeeb Khalid
Book Review Editor

PUBLICATION- Open Society Institute Occasional Papers Series

Posted: 14 Jun 1996

PUBLICATION- Occasional Papers Series

The Open Society Institute announces a new occasional papers series on
issues in Central Eurasia. The first paper in the series, available in
late June is: "Islam in Tajikistan" by Olivier Roy. In this new article,
Roy examines the role of political Islam in the Central Asian state of

A hard copy of the paper is available to readers of this message by
contacting our home page and completing the Publications Order Form at
< tajkstan.html

Anthony Richter
Project on Open Society in Central Eurasia

PUBLICATION- Gemstones of Afghanistan

Posted: 13 Jun 1996

PUBLICATION- Gemstones of Afghanistan

Gemstones of Afghanistan

Here is the ordering information for the book featured at a Middle East
Institute (Washington, DC) program this week.

GeoVision, Inc.
P. O. Box 89646
Honolulu, HI 96830

The book costs US $60.

PUBLICATION- Archaeology in Antiquity

Posted: 13 Jun 1996

PUBLICATION- Archaeology in Antiquity

In the Land of the Gryphons: Papers on Central Asian Archaeology in

Antonio Invernizzi, ed.

Casa Editrice Le Lettere, 1995
308 pp., color and black-and white ills. L 290,000
Order from: Licosa
Via Duca di Calabria, 1/1, Firenze, Italy


- Antonio Invernizzi, "Corinthian Terracotta Assembled Capitals in
  Hellenized Asia"
- V. N. Pilipko, "Clay Sculptures from Nisa"
- A. N. Bader and Kh. Usupov, "Gold Earrings from North-West
- A. N. Bader, V. Gaibov, and G. A. KoAelenko, "Walls of Margiana"
- G. A. Puga enkova and Z. Ismanova, "Buddhist Monuments in Merv"
- J.-Cl. Gardin, "Fortified Sites of Eastern Bactria (Afghanistan) in
  Pre-Hellenistic Times"
- B. A. Litvinskij and I. R. Piikian, "An Achaemenian Griffin-Handle
  from the Temple of the Oxus: The Makhaira in Northern Bactria"
- B. A. Litvinskij and I. R. Piikian, "River-Deities of Greece Salute
  the God the River Oxus-Vakhsh: Achelous and the Hippocampess"
- K. Abdullaev, "Nomadism in Central Asia: The Archaeological Evidence
  (2nd-1st Centuries B.C.)"
- K. Abdullaev, "Armour of Ancient Bactria"
- E. V. Rtveladze, "Parthia and Bactria"
- B. J. Staviskij, "Central Asian Mesopotamia and the Roman World:
  Evidence of Contacts"
- K. Tanabe, "Earliest Aspect of Kan ska I's Religious Ideology: A
  Numismatic Approach"
- G. L. Bogolomov and Ju. F. Burjakov, "Sealings from Kanka"
- C. Lo Muzio, "On the Musicians of the Airtam Capitals"
- C. Silvi Antonini, "The Dalverzin Temple"
- D. Huff, "An Unusual Type of Terracotta Figurine from North Bactria"
- C. Rapin, "Hinduism in the Indo-Greek Area: Notes on Some Indian Finds
  from Bactria and on Two Temples in Taxila"
- P. Callieri, "The North-West of the Indian Subcontinent in the
  Indo-Greek Period: The Archaeological Evidence"

PUBLICATION- Central Asian Petroglyphs

Posted: 7 Jun 1996

PUBLICATION- Central Asian Petroglyphs

New book on Central Asian Rock Art
Petroglyphs of the Minusinsk Basin

Repertoire des Petroglyphes d'Asie Centrale sous la direction de H.-P.
Francfort et Ja. A. Sher Fascicule Siberie du Sud 2 : Tepsej I-III,
Ust'-Tuba I-VI (Russie, Khakassie) (Memoires de la Mission Archeologique
Francaise en Asie Centrale, tome V.2)

par Natalia Blednova, Henri-Paul Francfort, Natalia Legtchilo, Laurent
Martin,Dominique Sacchi, Jakov Sher, Dimitri Smirnov, Francois
Soleilhavoup, Pierre Vidal

Catalogue 68 pp; analyses, commentaries 83 pp; drawings 79 pl; photos 14
ISSN 0989-5817
ISBN 2-907431-05-6


- Publication of the rock art data collected in the 1960s before the
disparition of many images under the water of the Krasnoyarsk lake on the
- Results of the new studies by the Russian-French field team in 1992-3.
- Interpretations.

Available at:
Librairie de Boccard
11, rue de Medicis
75006 Paris

Price 190.00FF

Also available at the same address, the first volume of the serie:
"Repertoire des Petroglyphes d'Asie Centrale, fascicule (Oglakhty
I-III)", Paris 1994.
Henri-Paul Francfort

PUBLICATION- Uzbekistan Press Review

Posted: 6 Jun 1996

PUBLICATION- Uzbekistan Press Review

The U.S. Information Service (USIS) in Tashkent is now producing a daily
English translation of key items reported in Uzbekistan's press. For the
time being, BISNIS will be acting as a distributor. If you are interested
in receiving these summaries via email, send the following request:
        "subscribe to Uzbekistan Press Review" referencing your name,
        company name and mailing address
        William Raisner (BISNIS) <raisner(a)>

PUBLICATION- Passages: A Journal of Transnational and Transcultural Studies

Posted: 6 Jun 1996

Passages: A Journal of Transnational and Transcultural Studies is a new,
interdisciplinary journal published by World Heritage Press. The journal
seeks to act as a focal point for the burgeoning literature on
transnational phenomena and cross-cultural encounters. As a journal of
transnational and transcultural studies, Passages regards both terms not
as doctrines, principles or namesakes of identifiable schools of thought,
but rather as terms that act as place-holders for interconnected dynamics.
It regards these social, textual, political, cultural, and economic
dynamics as the grounds from which the world of the twenty first century
is emerging. At the same time, it is also attentive to their historical
genesis, parallels and trajectories.

Passages is committed to the belief that the nation-state has become
exhausted as a frame of political, cultural or economic reference. Such an
exhaustion manifests itself in the challenges that confront this unit from
within its proclaimed boundaries as well as from without. Passages seeks
to examine all facets of the contested terrains of transnational and
transcultural experiences, movements, ideologies, histories, economies. It
is not committed to any program or school of thought. It does, however,
encourage interdisciplinary investigation. The journal seeks to connect
economic analysis to cultural awareness, political commentary to
historical depth, literary analysis to contexts of textual production, and
so on.

The journal thus seeks to contribute to moving transnational studies
beyond the confines of policy recommendations, narrow economism or grand
cultural totalizations. Similarly, it seeks to contribute to moving
multiculturalism beyond its current status as a "slogan" with few
historical or theoretical frames of presentation. In sum, Passages seeks
to examine the role of both transnationalism and cross-cultural knowledge
systems in producing social knowledge, memory, facts, histories, and
dynamics of coexistence and conflict.

Passages welcomes submissions of scholarly articles, as well as of
writings in other formats, such as personal narratives, interviews, survey
articles and summaries of material available in foreign languages.

Address before August 5: Send manuscripts and queries to the editor,
Mohammed A. Bamyeh, Dept of Sociology, University of Massachusetts,
Lowell, MA 01854. Phone (508) 934-4305. Fax (508) 934-3023. email:
bamyehm(a) After August 5: Mohammed A. Bamyeh, Editor, New
York University, The Gallatin School, 715 Broadway, New York, NY
10003-6806, USA.

Advisory Board of Passages includes:

Houston Baker, Jr., Homi Bhabha, Pierre Bourdieu, Johannes Fabian, Richard
Falk, Andre Gunder Frank, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Henry Giroux, J|rgen
Habermas, Anthony D. King, Dominick LaCapra, Mary Layoun, Ashis Nandy,
Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Mark Poster, Amartya Sen, Wolfgang Streeck, Charles
Taylor, Immanuel Wallerstein.

NEW PUBLICATION- Journal of Turkic Languages

Posted: 5 Jul 1996

NEW PUBLICATION- Journal of Turkic Languages

The Publishing House Harrassowitz (Wiesbaden) announces a new scientific
journal to be published from 1997 on Turkic Languages edited by Lars
Johanson in co-operation with Arpad Berta, Hendrik Boeschoten, Bernt
Brendemoen, Eva A. Csato, Emine Gursoy-Naskali, Irina Muravyova, Dmitri M.
Nasilov, Sumru A. Ozsoy, with the editorial assistance of Vanessa Locke.

The journal Turkic Languages aims at presenting work of current interest
on a variety of subjects and thus welcomes contributions on all aspects of
Turkic language studies. Turkic Languages will contain articles, review
articles, reviews, discussions, reports, and surveys of publications.
Turkic Languages will be published in one volume of two issues per year
with approximately 300 pages. It will be devoted to descriptive,
comparative, synchronic, diachronic, theoretical and methodological
problems of linguistic Turcology including questions of genetic,
typological and areal relations, linguistic variation and language

The journal will use a referee system in selecting articles for
publication. The preferred language of publication will be English.
Contributions to the first volume should be submitted as soon as possible.
A style sheet is available and will be sent on request.

Manuscripts for publication, books for review, and correspondence
concerning editorial matters should be sent to:

Prof. Dr. Lars Johanson Turkic Languages Institute of Oriental Studies,
University of Mainz, D-55099 Mainz, Germany. Fax: +49-6131-368662. E-mail:

Subscription orders can be placed with booksellers and agencies.
Subscription price per volume (2 issues): approx. DM 178, -. Single issues
are available at approx. DM 89,-. For further information, please contact:
Harrassowitz Verlag
Postfach 2929
D-65019 Wiesbaden  Germany
Fax: 49-611-530570

Vanessa Locke
Seminar fuer Orientkunde
Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet Mainz
D-55099 Mainz, Germany
Tel.: +49-6131-393400
Fax: +49-6131-368662 or +49-6131-394380
e-mail: turcolog(a)

NEW BOOK- Concord and conflict: The Hui of Yunnan

Posted: 5 Jun 1996

NEW BOOK- Concord and conflict: The Hui of Yunnan

Wang Jianping, *Concord and conflict: The Hui communities of Yunnan
in a historical perspective*. Lund: Lund studies in African and Asian
Religions (Almqvist and Wiksell) 1996. 294 pp.

This dissertation studies the historical relation between the Muslim
minority and the non-Muslim majority in Yunnan with a combined method:
historical criticism supplemented by ethnological interpretation. In this
relation, concord can be found in the form of Islamic institutions and
network between widely the dispersed Hui communities. Conflict goes
through the framework of the differing Hui communities and fractions of
them. Under these conditions, Islam in Yunnan shows clear features of
syncretism: a Hui form of Islam. Elements have merged, and aspects been
amplified when they were shared between Islam and Chinese religions. The
Hui have preserved and defended the kernel of their Central Asian Islamic
heritage, while some non-Islamic elements penetrated their commuities.
But the power of Islam could also keep such elements out, all in a long
seesaw transcultural contact process.

Source: Nordisk Midtaustenbulletin, no. 24 (April/May 1996)

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS- Inner Asian Art, Univ. of London

Posted: 13 Jun 96

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS- Circle of Inner Asian Art, University of London

Honorary President: Professor A.D.H.Bivar
President: Professor Roderick Whitfield

We established the Circle of Inner Asian Art at the School of Oriental and
African Studies, University of London in October 1995. The object of the
Circle is to increase the existing body of knowledge and research relating
to the art and archaeology of Inner Asia, and to circulate relevant

Emphasis is given to art historical and archaeological material of the
pre-Islamic period, supported by relevant contributions from the fields of
history, literature, religion, philology and anthropology. Our main goals
are to establish contacts with universities, museums and other
organisations concerned with the study of Inner Asia, to organise a series
of lectures and to produce a regularly updated newsletter which informs
about current events in the field.

So far two newsletters have been published and we have had nine lectures.
If you would like to give a lecture please contact us. About 50-70 people
attended each lecture and there has been overwhelming interest for the
newsletter too.


Professor A D H Bivar (SOAS)
"Cultural elements in the Tillya Tepe finds"

Deniz Cole (SOAS)
"New clues in dating the ancient sites of Khotan"

Professor Roderick Whitfield (SOAS)
"Dunhuang in recent light"

Shahin Bekhradnia (Oxford)
"The place of Zoroastrianism in Soviet Central Asia"

Dr Elizabeth Errington (British Museum)
"The columns and capitals of Gandhara withspecial reference
 to Jamalgarhi"

Dr Susan Whitfield (British Library)
"The Stein Collection at the British Library and the Dunhuang

Dr Georgina Herrmann (Institute of Archaeology, UCL)
"Merv, a Central Asian city"

Helen Wang (British Museum)
"Stein's 'Recording Angel' Miss Lorimer"

Professor Nicholas Sims-Williams (SOAS)
Mr Joe Cribb (British Museum)
"A New Bactrian Inscription of Kanishka the Great"

If you are interested and/or would like to receive a copy of our

SCHOLARSHIPS ETC). We have also published short articles (1-3 pages) about
recent excavations or field trips.


Address: CIAA, Department of Art and Archaeology, SOAS (University of
London), Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London, WC1H 0XG, UK
e-mail: russellsmith(a)
fax: +44-171-436-3844 (please state CIAA)

PUBLICATION- Kazakh & Kirghiz Studies Bulletin

Posted: 4 Jun 1996

PUBLICATION- Kazakh & Kirghiz Studies Bulletin

The Autumn/Winter 1995-96 issue of the Kazakh & Kirghiz Studies Bulletin
has recently appeared. It is a semi-annual publication of the Kazakh &
Kirghiz Studies Group of the University of Washington. This issue is
dedicated in large part to the 1000th aniversary Manas celebrated in
Kirghizstan. To subscribe, send checks payable to the University of
Washington for $10 (individuals) or $15 (institutions) to:

Kazakh & Kirghiz Studies Group
Dept. of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations
Box 353120
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-3120

PUBLICATION- Post Soviet Handbook

Posted: 2 June 1996

PUBLICATION- The Post Soviet Handbook

Center for Civil Society International, in cooperation with the University
of Washington Press, is pleased to announce the publication of...

The Post Soviet Handbook: A Guide to Grassroots Organizations and
        Internet Resources in the Newly Independent States
        (ISBN 0-295-97534-2)

The Post Soviet Handbook documents the enormous variety of grassroots
initiatives which have emerged in the NIS over the past ten years.
Entries range from the Research Center for Human Rights in Moscow to the
Red Crescent Society in Azerbaijian and the Wildlife Foundation in
Khabarovsk. The Handbook provides extensive contact information for
hundreds of independent associations (including e-mail addresses) and
describes their principal programs and activities.

In addition, a special section introduces the abundance of Internet
resources related to the newly independent states, from electronic mailing
lists to World Wide Web and Gopher sites, as well as utilities for moving
from Latin characters to Cyrillic and vice-versa.

Other sections provide contact information for more than three dozen
clearinghouse organizations and describe more than 150 projects in the NIS
created by U.S.-based entities, ranging from cultural exchanges to
financial sector reforms and housing developments.

The Post-Soviet Handbook is 416 pages in length and sells for $19.95 plus
shipping and handling.

Ordering information:

University of Washington Press
Marketing Department
P. O. Box 50096
Seattle, WA 98145-5096

Tel. 206-543-4050
Fax. 206-543-3932
E-mail: uwpord(a)
Toll free ordering in the US: 1-800-441-4115 (8am to 4pm PST)
Toll free fax: 1-800-669-7993

For those wishing to order the Handbook directly through CCSI:

In the U.S., for individual orders, send a check for $23.95 ($19.95
plus $4.00 shipping and handling) made out to "CCSI" to:

Center for Civil Society International
2929 NE Blakeley Street
Seattle WA 98105

For rates for overseas orders, please contact us at ccsi(a)
Information about the publication is also available from our homepage
under the "Publications" section: c

PUBLICATION- The Mongolian Journal of International Affairs

Posted: 23 May 1996

PUBLICATION- The Mongolian Journal of International Affairs
TOC No. 3 (1996). 104 pp.

Table of Contents:

- Ts. Batbayar. Mongolia and the New Central Asia.
- D. Bayarkhuu. The New World Order in the Post-Communist Period.
- S.G. Goodman. China in the Next Century.
- H. Hulan. Mongolia's New Constitutional Regime.
- O. Nyamdavaa. Mongolia and India.
- Kh. Olzvoy. A Mongol's View on Economic Development and Cooperation in
        Northeast Asia.
- G.H. Quester. American Sensitivity Toward Mongolia.
- H.G. Schwarz. The Security of Mongolia.

Fundamentals of the Military Doctrine of Mongolia


The foreign subscription rate is US$10.50 which includes air mail
delivery. Checks are payable to the Institute of Oriental and
International Studies on its bank account No. 21200076 at the Bank of
Trade and Development of Mongolia, and should be sent to:
        Institute of Oriental and International Studies
        Academy of Sciences
        P.O. Box 48-17
        Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Inquiries concerning subscriptions, manuscripts, advertising, and
availability of back issues should be sent to the editor, Dr. Ts.
Batbayar, at batbayar(a)

Submitted by:
Henry G. Schwarz

PUBLICATION- Journal of Turkish World

Posted: 22 May 1996

PUBLICATION- BITIG: Journal of Turkish World, Table of Contents
from SOTA (Research Centre for Turkestan and Azerbaijan)

BITIG: Journal of Turkish World - Turk dunyasi dergisi
        A Quarterly bilingual Journal in Turkish and English

Table of Contents - Issue No. 11, June 1996

 * News and Comments.
   SOTA on Internet - Leaders Council of World Turkish Youth League meet in
   Holland-Refat Chubarov in Europe

 * Conference about Chinese Nuclear tests in Eastern Turkestan.

 * Erkin Alptekin: The undeclared nuclear War in Eastern Turkestan.

 * Paul Henze: Impressions from Chinese Turkestan.

 * Timur Kocaoglu:
 - About the usage of the term "Uzbek" by Jadid intellectuals.
 - Turkish languages and studying them.

 * Book Reviews:
 - Muhammed Salih: Ikrar.
 - Songs from the steppes of central Asia (Mahdum kulu in English).

 * Yoav Karny: Survival and suicide in Russias shadow (Chechens).

 * In memoriam Cahhar Dudaev (condolence messages for Dudaev).

 * Bruno de Cordier: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia): between Turkestan and
   North Asia.

BITIG welcomes subscriptions, advertising, and submissions from
qualified authors:
Subscriptions are $70 for (US and overseas), and $50 for Europe.

Those who have not asked at an earlier stage for a complimentary issue are
invited to do so before 3rd of June. For those who have earlier asked for
a complimentary issue we shall post for the last time without any charge.

Mehmet Tutuncu
Research centre for Turkestan, Azerbaijan, Crimea, Caucasus and Siberia
P.o. box 9642
2003 LP Haarlem
The Netherlands
email: sota(a)
WWW Home Page:

PUBLICATION- Central Asia Monitor, Table of Contents

Posted: 20 May 1996

PUBLICATION- Central Asia Monitor, Table of Contents

        A Bi-monthly Magazine

Table of Contents - Issue No. 2, 1996

 * News and Comments.

 * The Prospects for Uzbek National Identity (The Sixth Annual Nava'i
   Lecture in C. A. Studies), by John Schoeberlein-Engel.

 * Perspectives on Business: Secured Transactions in Uzbekistan, by Scott
   Horton and Tatyana Geller.

 * Book Reviews:
        Central Asia: Conflict, Resolution, and Change, Sagdeev and
   Eisenhower, eds., review by Charles Undeland.
        The Search for Peace in Afghanistan, by B.R. Rubin, review by M.
   Hassan Kakar.

 * Central Asia in the 1990s. Supplement to the Annotated Bibliography,
   by Edward Allworth.

 * The Kyrgyz American School, a report from Bishkek.

 * On the 1995 Department of State Human Rights Report on Uzbekistan, by
   Abdumannob Polat.

 * Assessing U.S. Assistance to the NIS, a Washington conference.

The Monitor welcomes subscriptions, advertising, and submissions from
qualified authors at RR 2, Box 6880, Fair Haven, VT 05743. Subscriptions
are $60 for individuals, $96 for institutions.

Source: sota(a)

PUBLICATION- Muslim Politics

Posted: 16 May 96

NEW BOOK- Muslim Politics

Dale F. Eickelman and James Piscatori

In an attempt to demystify "Muslim politics" for a wide audience, Dale
Eickelman and James Piscatori explore how the politics of Islam play out
in the daily lives of Muslims throughout the world. From the role of women
in public life to Islamic perspectives on modernization and free speech,
the authors probe the diversity of the contemporary Islamic experience,
suggesting general trends and challenging popu lar Western notions of
Islam as a monolithic movement. In so doing, they clarify concepts such as
tradition, authority, ethnicity, protest, and symbolic space, notions that
are crucial to an in depth understanding of ongoing political events.

This book poses questions about ideological politics in a variety of
transnational and regional settings throughout the Muslim world. Europe
and North America, for example, have become active Muslim centers,
profoundly influencing trends in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia,
and South and Southeast Asia. The authors examine the long term cultural
and political implications of this transnational shift as an emerging
generation of Muslims, often the products of secu lar schooling, begin to
reshape politics and society--some times in defiance of state authorities.
Scholars, mothers, government leaders, and musicians are a few of the
protago nists who, invoking shared Islamic symbols, try to reconfigure the
boundaries of civic debate and public life. These symbolic politics
explain why political actions are recognizably Mus lim, and why "Islam"
makes a difference in determining the politics of a broad swath of the
world.. Dale F. Eickelman is Ralph and Richard Lazarus Professor of
Anthropology and Human Relations at Dartmouth Col lege. He is the author
of numerous books, including The Middle East: An Anthropological Approach
and Knowledge and Power in Morocco (Princeton). James Piscatori is
Professor of International Politics at the University of Wales,
Aberystwyth, and is a Senior Fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations.
His books include Islam in a World of Nation States and the edited volume
Islamic Fundamentalisms and the Gulf Crisis.

Princeton Studies in Muslim Politics
Dale F. Eickelman and James Piscatori, Editors

1996. 240 pages. 10 halftones. 3 line drawings. 2 maps.
Paperback: 0 691 00870 1. $13.95
Cloth: 0 691 03184 3. $39.50

Princeton University Press

c/o California/Princeton Fulfillment Services Inc., 1445 Lower Ferry Road,
Ewing, NJ 08618

To order by phone: (800) 777-4726 (8:30 a.m. 8:00 p.m. EST)
Toll free FAX (in the U.S. and Canada): 800 999 1958 (24 hours) (cite
Discount offer P6160)

PUBLICATION- Articles from Bronze Age/Iron Age Conference

Posted: 8 May, 1996

Two article pertaining to the Bronze Age/Iron Age Conference in
Philadelphia were recently published:

On Monday May 6, 1996, the San Francisco Chronicle, Science, P. C1
published "Caucasian mummies Found in China are a Puzzle to Scholars."

On Tuesday, May 7, 1996, the New York Times, Science Times, p. B5
published a lengthy report entitled "Mummies, Textiles Offer Evidence of
Europeans in Far East."

PUBLICATION- Inner Asia at Univ. of Cambridge

Posted: 1 May 96

NEW PUBLICATION- "Inner Asia" at University of Cambridge

Inner Asia is a series of occasional papers published by the Mongolia and
Inner Asia Studies Unit, University of Cambridge. It is described by the
editors as "devoted to original research on the history, cultures,
politics, economics, and religions of Inner Asia. This comprises the
regions and territories of Mongolia, Tyva, the Buryat Republic, Inner
Mongolia, Xinjian, Hoh-nuur, and adjacent areas."

Subscriptions are 15 pounds sterling or $25 (US) per issue. For more
information, contact the Secretary of the Unit, Ms. Annik Williams,
Secretary, Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, c/o Faculty of Oriental
Studies, University of Cambridge, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 9DA.
Submissions should include two hard copies plus disk.

The contents of the inaugural issue are:

Some diverse representations of the Pan-Mongolian movement in Dauria
        (Uradyn Bulag and Caroline Humphrey)

Secularisation of Tibetan Buddhism in contemporary China. Views of the
        Ajia Rimpoche of Kumbum Monastery (Uradyn Bulag)

The development of Mongolian nationalism in China (Tomoche)

Emotion gets lost: an Ewenki case (Naran Bilik)

On a document from the Office of Diplomatic Documents, Japanese Foreign
        Ministry (Urgunge Onon)

The proclamation of the First Congress of the People's Revolutionary Part
        of Inner Mongolia to the masses (Urgunge Onon)

Narratives and values: source materials for the study of popular culture
        in Xinjiang (Ildiko Beller-Hann)

Power centres and elite cultures: notes towards a dualistic cultural model
        of Mongolian history (David Sneath)

Translation of Ts. Puntsagnorov's review of Asia's First Modern
        Revolution, from Mongolica (Temujin Onon)

Christopher Kaplonski, Research Associate, MIASU

PUBLICATION- Inner Asia at Univ. of Cambridge

Posted: 1 May 96

NEW PUBLICATION- Inner Asia at University of Cambridge

Inner Asia is a series of occasional papers published by the Mongolia and
Inner Asia Studies Unit, University of Cambridge. It is described by the
editors as "devoted to original research on the history, cultures,
politics, economics, and religions of Inner Asia. This comprises the
regions and territories of Mongolia, Tyva, the Buryat Republic, Inner
Mongolia, Xinjian, Hoh-nuur, and adjacent areas."

Subscriptions are 15 pounds sterling or $25 (US) per issue. For more
information, contact the Secretary of the Unit, Ms. Annik Williams,
Secretary, Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, c/o Faculty of Oriental
Studies, University of Cambridge, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 9DA.
Submissions should include two hard copies plus disk.

The contents of the inaugural issue are:

Some diverse representations of the Pan-Mongolian movement in Dauria
        (Uradyn Bulag and Caroline Humphrey)

Secularisation of Tibetan Buddhism in contemporary China. Views of the
        Ajia Rimpoche of Kumbum Monastery (Uradyn Bulag)

The development of Mongolian nationalism in China (Tomoche)

Emotion gets lost: an Ewenki case (Naran Bilik)

On a document from the Office of Diplomatic Documents, Japanese Foreign
        Ministry (Urgunge Onon)

The proclamation of the First Congress of the People's Revolutionary Part
        of Inner Mongolia to the masses (Urgunge Onon)

Narratives and values: source materials for the study of popular culture
        in Xinjiang (Ildiko Beller-Hann)

Power centres and elite cultures: notes towards a dualistic cultural model
        of Mongolian history (David Sneath)

Translation of Ts. Puntsagnorov's review of Asia's First Modern
        Revolution, from Mongolica (Temujin Onon)

Christopher Kaplonski- Research Associate, MIASU

PUBLICATION- Persian-Tajik Poetry, Lahuti

Posted: 27 April 1996

NEW PUBLICATION- Recasting Persian Poetry, by: Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak
        Utah University Press, 1995

Recasting Persian Poetry is the first scholarly work in which the author
argues for a transnational manner of conceptualizing the Persian literary
heritage. He posits a "classical culture of the Persian speaking peoples"
and a number of "modern translations arising out of a common past". In
light of that conceptualization, Recasting Persian Poetry features a full-
length study of Lahuti, the Iranian poet who lived the second half of his
life in Soviet Tajikistan. This work is most noteworthy for its approach
to poetic modernity in the Persian-speaking world.


Turaj Atabaki
Associate Professor of Turko-Iranian Studies
Department of Oriental Studies
University of Utrecht
Drift 15
3512 BR Utrecht
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 30 253 61 32, Fax +31 30 253 61 38

PUBLICATION- The Archaeology and Art of Central Asia

Posted: 25 April 1996

NEW PUBLICATION- The Archaeology and Art of Central Asia

The Archaeology and Art of Central Asia: Studies from the Former Soviet Union
Bulletin of the Asia Institute 8 (publication date May 23, 1996)

Edited by B. A. Litvinskii and Carol Altman Bromberg


A. I. Isakov, "Sarazm: An Agricultural Center of Ancient Sogdiana";

A. Askarov and T. Shirinov, "The 'Palace,' Temple, and Necropolis of

V. I. Sarianidi, "Aegean-Anatolian Motifs in the Glyptic Art of Bactria
and Margiana";

I. V. P'iankov, "The Ethnic History of the Sakas";

B. A. Litvinskii and I. R. Pichikian, "The Hellenistic Architecture and Art
of the Temple of the Oxus";

B. I. Vainberg, "The Kalali-Gir 2 Ritual Center in Ancient Khwarazm";

G. V. Shishkina, "Ancient Samarkand: Capital of Sogdiana";

V. N. Pilipko, "Excavations of Staraia Nisa";

A. Bader, V. Gaibov, and G. Koshelenko, "Materials for an Archaeological
Map of the Merv Oasis: The Durnali Region";

V. A. Livshits and V. G. Shkoda, "Old Indian Kapala in a Bactrian
Inscription from Qara-Tepe";

E. V. Rtveladze, "Kampir-Tepe: Structures, Written Documents, and Coins";

D. V. Rusanov, "The Fortifications of Kampir-Tepe: A Reconstruction";

IU. A. Rapoport, "The Palaces of Topraq-Qal'a";

B. I. Marshak and V. I. Raspopova, "Worshipers from the Northern Shrine of
Temple II, Panjikent";

L. V. Pavchinskaia, "Sogdian Ossuaries";

G. A. Pugachenkova, "The Form and Style of Sogdian Ossuaries";

E. V. Zeimal', "The Circulation of Coins in Central Asia during the
Medieval Period";

Clothbound, 8 x 11; ca. 350 pp., 244 ills.
$65 + $8 shipping in U.S. funds, U.S. bank

Order from:

Bulletin of the Asia Institute, 3287 Bradway Blvd., Bloomfield
Hills, MI 48301
Tel.: 810-647-7917; Fax: 810-647-9223
E-mail: bai34(a)

PUBLICATIONS- Uralic & Altaic Series/Papers on Inner Asia

Posted: 25 April 1996

NEW PUBLICATIONS- Uralic & Altaic Series and Papers on Inner Asia
        Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, Indiana University

The following titles have recently been published by the Research
Institute for Inner Asian Studies, Indiana University:

Adam Molnar, Weather-Magic in Inner Asia, 174 pp. cloth, $22.00.

Khayrulla Ismatulla, Modern Literary Uzbek I, 551 pp. cloth, $32.50.

Ildiko Beller-Hann, A History of Cathay: A Translation and Linguistic
        Analysis of a Fifteenth-Century Turkic Manuscript, 200 pp. $24.90.

A History of Tibet by the Fifth Dalai Lama of Tibet (Indiana University
        Oriental Series), 328 pp. cloth, $45.00.

Yuri Bregel, Bibliography of Islamic Central Asia, Parts I-III,
        3-volume set, cloth, $299.00 (Uralic and Altaic Series Vol. 160)

Allen Frank, The Siberian Chronicles and the Taybughid Biys of Sibir'.
        Papers on Inner Asia, No. 27, 26 pp. paper, $3.50

Yuri Bregel, Notes on the Study of Central Asia, Papers on Inner Asia,
        No.28, 61p. paper [a severe critique of American and Central Asian
        scholarship of the region's history], $4.50.

For more information, or to order, contact:

Barbara Gardner, Office Coordinator
Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies
Indiana University
101 Goodbody Hall
Bloomington, IN 47405

email: blgardne(a)
Tel.: (812)855 1605 Fax: (812)855 7500

PUBLICATION- Central Asian Archives: A Handlist of Manuscripts

Posted: 23 April 1996

PUBLICATION- Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, Central Asian
        Archives: A Handlist of Manuscripts

A list of microfilms held by the Institute is available $3.00. The list
is 81 pages and includes many hundreds of manuscripts -- making the
Central Asian Archives one of the richest resources for the study of
Central Asian history outside of the former Soviet Union and adjacent

For more information, or to order, contact:

Barbara Gardner, Office Coordinator
Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies
Indiana University
101 Goodbody Hall
Bloomington, IN 47405

email: blgardne(a)
Tel.: (812)855 1605 Fax: (812)855 7500

PUBLICATION- Pipeline News (On-Line)

Posted: 15 April 1996


Pipeline News, a weekly newsletter tracking significant developments in
the oil and gas industry of the former Soviet Union, is now available on
the Internet! Archive space for back issues has been provided at courtesy of Doug Goudie of the
Center for Post-Soviet Studies.

To subscribe or request more information, please send a message to

Source: Jennifer DeLay, editor

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS- Post-Communist Cultural Studies Series

Posted: 2 April 1996

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS- Post-Communist Cultural Studies Series

Penn State Press announces a new series devoted to the publication of
important new works in the emerging field of post-communist cultural
studies.  The series welcomes comparative studies as well as works that
offer new methodological and theoretical approaches to social and cultural
phenomena in post-communist societies.  The series will emphasize works
that offer reflexive critique of traditional approaches to the study of
communist and post-communist culture.  While explicitly interdisciplinary,
the series will also feature works from disciplines that have been
traditionally underrepresented in the institutionalized study of the
formerly communist world.  In this respect, studies of substantive topics
that have not been previously explored within the context of "communist
studies"  will be a key feature of the series.

Of particular interest for the series are works in the following areas:

* the political economy of mass media: television, radio, film, music *
popular culture * collective identities and group boundaries * nationalism
and ethnicity * sociolinguistics and the sociology and politics of
language * new social movements * the public sphere * urban space and the
culture of everyday life * consciousness and subjectivity in
post-communist social space * the production and consumption of culture *
gender * sexualities * class and culture * subcultures and countercultures
* political rhetoric, ideology, discourse, and propaganda * intellectuals
and knowledge * literary and textual analyses * cultural diffusion and
Western cultural influence * cultural representation * new forms of
subjectivity and consciousness * post-modernism and post-communism *
collective memory and the politics of the present

Realizing that cultural studies resists classification purely in terms of
the above categories and topics, the series editor invites queries about
other possible topics.

Please send queries, manuscripts, and other information to:
        Thomas Cushman, Editor
        Post-Communist Cultural Studies
        Department of Sociology
        Wellesley College
        Wellesley, MA 02181


Series Editorial Advisory Board:  Nancy Condee (University of Pittsburgh),
Jane Dawson (University of Oregon), Michael Kennedy (University of
Michigan), Jan Kubik (Rutgers University), Timothy Luke (Virginia
Polytechnic and State University), Jerry Pankhurst (Wittenberg
University), Sabrina P. Ramet (University of Washington), Pinar Batur
Vander Lippe (Vassar College)

NEW JOURNAL / BOARD MEMBERS NEEDED- Journal of East-West Business

Posted: 28 March 1996

NEW JOURNAL / BOARD MEMBERS NEEDED- Journal of East-West Business

International Business Press (IBP), an imprint of the Haworth Press Inc of
New York, London, and Norwood (Australia) is seeking members of
Editorial Review Board as well as Associate Editors from Eastern and
Central Europe, the Baltic States, Russian Federation, the Commonwealth of
Independent States as well as from other countries. We are looking for
subject specialists who are active in research in business subjects
related to the region. Interested colleagues should submit a short
summary of qualifications along with subject areas and country(ies) of
interest to me as soon as possible. Those selected will be expected to
review 3 to 5 manuscripts a year. As a token of appreciation of their
review work, the publisher will send them complimentary copy of the

This International Business Press (IBP) quarterly deals with contemporary
and emerging topics of business studies, strategies, development, and
practice as they relate to Russian Federation and the new republics of the
Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Eastern/Central European
republics, and business relationships between these and other countries of
the world. The journal is international in scope and orientation and
treats business issues from comparative, cross-cultural, and
cross-national perspectives. The Journal features an Editorial Advisory
Board and Associate Editors that represent all of the countries of this
unique region.

For editorial enquiries and Board Membership, please contact:
        Erdener Kaynak, Ph.D., D.Sc.
        Professor of Marketing
        School of Business Administration
        Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg
        777 West Harrisburg Pike
        Middletown, Pennsylvania 17057, U.S.A.

        Tel: (717) 948-6343
        Fax: (717) 948-6456
        E-Mail: K9X(a)PSUVM.PSU.EDU

For sample copy enquiries and ordering information, please contact:
        Ordering Department
        Thae Haworth Press Inc
        10 Alice Street
        Binghamton, New York 13904-1580, U.S.A.
        Tel: (607) 722-5857; Fax: (607) 722-1424; E-Mail: getinfo(a)

PUBLICATION- Makhtumkuli in English

Posted: 7 March 1996

NEW BOOK- Songs from the Steppes of Central Asia - Poetry of Makhtumkuli
        translated into English

The book is published by the Society of Friends of Makhtumkuli, and may
be ordered from:
        Youssef Azemoun
        Society of Friends of Makhtumkuli
        152 Lowfield Road
        Caversham Park Village
        Reading RG4 6PQ
        United Kingdom

        Tel: (44) 0734 - 461859
        Fax: (44) 0734 - 461546

Orders (by cheque including postage) should be made to: Friends of
Makhtumkuli, for the equivalent of:
        USA and Canada - 13.00 British Pounds
        Australia and Japan - 13.50 BP
        Europe and Middle East - 12.00 BP
        UK - 11.00 BP

The Bank Account number is:
        Barclays Bank plc, sorting code 20-71-03
        Branch: Caversham
        Address: PO Box 27, Reading RG1 2HD, UK
        Account number: 90386324

Source: Youssef Azemoun

PUBLICATION- FBIS Central Eurasia (On-Line)

Posted: 6 March 1996

PUBLICATION ON-LINE- Foreign Broadcast Information Service - Central Eurasia

FBIS is available elctronically from July of 1994 to the present. At the
end of 1996, FBIS will no longer publish hardcopy versions of its reports.
It is also archived on CD-ROM discs from 1984 to the present. The CD-ROMS
are issued quarterly one quarter late.

Electronic FBIS carries about 75% of the information noramlly available
from FBIS; this is due to the absence of permission from the original
copyright holders to allow electronmic dissemination of their articles.
FBIS can be contacted in the following manners:
        Phone: (703) 487 4630
        Fax: (703) 321 8547
        email: wnic(a)

FBIS on-line is available at Web Site

If you do not possess web capability, the site can be reached at

Source: Denis Kwiring <dmkwirin(a)> gathered this
information (many thanks to him) with assistance from Dave Beachley
<dbeach(a)>, Glenn R. Schlarmann <SCHLARMAN_G(a)>, Larry
Lambert <llambert(a)>, Adam Korengold

PUBLICATION- Reference Book for Central Asian Studies

Posted: 4 March 1996

        entered its second printing.

The GUIDE, by John Schoeberlein-Engel, is published by the Harvard Central
Asia Forum (sponsored by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and the
Russian Research Center, Harvard University), in the series: Research
Publications of the Harvard Central Asia Forum, vol. 1. 313 pp., Soft
Cover, ISBN 0-9645893-0-3, $15.00, 1995.

information on nearly 1,000 scholars from countries throughout the
world--covering the great majority of scholars in this field. Provided
for each scholar are:
+ Brief biographical data and scholarly background, including
        knowledge of languages.
+ Addresses, institutional affiliations and other contact
+ Scholarly interests, including areas of possible collaboration.
+ Bibliography of representative publications.

The GUIDE includes a thorough Subject Index and a Country/Institution
Index (highlighting the major institutions supporting research on Central
Asia throughout the world). Disciplinary coverage includes fields related
to history and culture: anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art
history, cultural and social geography, history, philology, religion,
sociology, and other related fields, such as economics, linguistics and
political science. Regional coverage includes the former Soviet Central
Asian republics of Ozbekistan, Qazaqstan, Qirghizstan, Tajikistan and
Turkmenistan, as well as the adjacent regions of Xinjiang (Eastern
Turkistan), Mongolia, Tibet, the Inner Asian Steppes, the Caucasus,
Southern Russia, and Northern Iran and Afghanistan.

To obtain copies of the GUIDE, prepayment is required; send $15.00 per copy
plus shipping cost (see below) to:
        Harvard Central Asia Forum - Guide to Scholars
        1737 Cambridge Street
        Cambridge, MA 02138

Checks or money orders should be payable in US dollars to: Center for
Middle Eastern Studies (Central Asia Forum). Shipping costs are: $3.50
in the USA (or $2.00 for book rate--allow several weeks for delivery),
$4.50 for surface mail overseas, and $8.50 for airmail overseas. Pro forma
invoices are provided on request.

Note: If you would like to acquire the GUIDE, but live in a country where
your income converts very poorly to dollars (such as countries of the
former Soviet Union), then you may contact us to inquire how you can
obtain the Guide at a lower, subsidized price.

Send inquiries to the above address, or via Internet, to:

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS- Papers on Inner Asia Series

Posted: 4 March 1996

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS- Papers on Inner Asia series

The Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies (RIFIAS) at Indiana
University invites contributions to the series PAPERS ON INNER ASIA.

The series PAPERS ON INNER ASIA consists of scholarly papers of variable
size (from 25 to 110 pages), each published and bound separately.  Inner
Asia is defined as the region that includes Islamic Central Asia (the
areas sometimes called Western, Eastern, and Afghan Turkestan), Mongolia,
Manchuria, and Tibet.  The papers can deal with various topics related to
this vast region: history, philology, linguistics, anthropology,
archaeology, contemporary problems, and so on.  Works on certain subjects
that transcend the boundaries of Inner Asia in its strict sense, but are
relevant for the study of its languages, history, and culture, are also
included, for instance, the ancient and medieval history, etc. of the
peoples of the East European steppes.

The series is divided into the following subseries: (1) General; (2)
Ancient Inner Asia; (3) Central Asia; (4) Mongolia, Manchuria, and Tibet;
(5) Altaic linguistics.

The series PAPERS ON INNER ASIA is designed to ensure prompt publication
of scholarly papers and to facilitate the publication of longer papers,
which are large enough not to be accepted by most scholarly journals.
The laguage of the paper can be English, French, or German.  As a rule,
no stylistic editing is done, with possible exceptions for papers written
in a language other than the author's native tongue.  After the manuscript
submitted for publication is reviewed (by outside reviewers or by
consulting editors), it is returned to the author whose responsibility is
to prepare a camera-ready copy of the text in accordance with technical
requirements set up by the Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies,
which undertakes to publish the paper within one month, after the receipt
of the camera-ready copy.  The size of the camera-ready copy can be from
25 to 110 pages (single spaced).  Authors are entitled to 15 free copies
of their papers.

The Research Institute began publishing this series in 1987, as of now 28
issues have appeared.  During the last five years the following papers
appeared in the series:

No. 17: Jean During, Sabine Trebinjac, INTRODUCTION AU MUQAM OUIGOUR.
No. 18: Arash Bormanshinov, THE LAMAS OF THE KALMYK PEOPLE.
No. 23: Audrey Burton, BUKHARAN TRADE 1558-1718.
No. 24: Akhror Mukhtarov, BALKH IN THE LATE MIDDLE AGES.
        MEMORIALS FROM KASHGAR (1806-1807).

The price of individual copies is $3.50 for papers up to 50 pages in
length and $4.50 for papers of more than 50 pages.  For overseas
customers the rates are: surface mail - $3.95 for papers up to 50 pages
and $5.50 for papers over 50 pages; air mail - $4.95 and $7.55 respectively.

All correspondence related to the PAPERS ON INNER ASIA (requests for the
copies of the technical requirements, proposals of papers for publication,
submission of manuscripts, orders for single papers and standing orders)
should be addressed to: The Editor, PAPERS ON INNER ASIA, Research
Institute for Inner Asian Studies, Indiana University, Goodbody Hall 343,
Bloomington, Indiana 47405, U.S.A.; E-mail:  Bregel(a); fax:
812-855-7500 or E-mail:  BLGardne(a)

CALL FOR PAPERS- Islamic Studies (journal, Islamabad)

Posted: 1 March 1996

CALL FOR PAPERS- Islamic Studies (journal, Islamabad)

Professor Zafar Ishaq Ansari, the Director General of the Islamic Research
Institute in Islamabad, announces that the Institute's quarterly journal
"Islamic Studies" is preparing a special issue on 'Islam in the Balkans',
which is tentatively planned for publication in late 1996.  Professor
Ansari says:

        "...The information about [the Muslim enclaves in the Balkans],
        at least in English -- information about their history, the
        distinct forms of Islamic culture and the institutions in which
        the spirit and ethos of Islam have expressed themselves in that
        region, the contributions made by the Balkan Muslims to Islamic
        polity and civilization, the challenges that they have faced and
        the ways in which they have responded to those challenges -- is
        very meagre.  It is precisely to fill this gap and create a
        better understanding of Islam in the Balkans -- both its past and
        present -- that this special issue is being planned."

He invites papers on any significant aspect, either past or present, on
the area.  Length of articles should generally be between 7,500 and 12,000

"Islamic Studies" has published two earlier special issues: the first, on
the 'Heritage of Islamic Spain'; the second is 'Islam in Central Asia'.

For more information, please contact:
        Professor Zafar Isaq Ansari
        Director General,
        Islamic Research Institute
        International Islamic University
        Faisal Masjid Campus
        P.O. Box No. 1035

telephone:      281289 and 850751-5/Ext. 238
FAX:            853360
Telex:          54068 IIU PK
Telegram:       Islamsearch

Source:  Katherine Petrie <kapetrie(a)>

PUBLICATION- Central Asia Monitor, 1996 no. 1

Posted: 28 February 1996

CENTRAL ASIA MONITOR- A bi-monthly magazine

Issue No. 1, 1996 is now available. Table of Contents:

 * News and Comments
 * Despite the Pain, Kyrgyzstan Holds to Its Western Course, by William T.
 * Kazakstan's Declining Agriculture, by Mehrdad Haghayeghi
 * Leaders of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan in Historical Retrospect:
   The "Class of '38" (Conclusion), by Michael Thurman
 * Investing in Uzbekistan's Natural Resources Sector, by Scott Horton and
   Tatyana Geller
 * Events in the Field (Focus on Washington, DC)
 * A Letter from Residents of the Delta to People Upstream (The Union in
   Defence of the Aral and Amu Darya)

C.A.M. is pleased to announce that it has been joined by Eric Sievers as
contributing editor and by Sergei Gretsky and John Schoeberlein as
Advisory Board members. Manuscripts, subscriptions and advertising are
welcomed at RR 2, Box 6880, Fair Haven, VT 05743. Subscriptions are $60 for
individuals, $96 for institutions; add $24 for airmail delivery overseas.


Posted: 28 February 1996

NEW BOOK from the International Dunhuang Project

DUNHUANG AND TURFAN: Contents and Conservation of Ancient Documents from
        Central Asia
        (The British Library Studies in Conservation Science, Vol 1)
        Susan Whitfield and Frances Wood (eds.)

The British Library, London 1996. 112 pp., paperback, 10 b&w
illustrations plus map. ISBN: 07123 0482 7. GB Pounds 28

ORDERS (post free in UK only) TO:
        Turpin Distribution Services Ltd.,
        Blackhorse Road
        Letchworth, HERTS. SG6 1HN, UK

        Tel: +44 1462 672555 Fax: +44 1462 480947

A collection of nineteen authoritative papers from leading curators and
conservators given at the First Conference of the International Dunhuang
Project are reproduced in this first volume in a new series from the
British Library entitled 'Studies in Conservation Science.' The aim of
the series is to present the latest developments in this field giving an
unique insight into conservation practice, methods and theory.

The collection includes papers on the Dunhuang and Turfan collections by
Professor L. N. Menshikov from St. Petersburg, Du Weisheng from Beijing,
Dr Simon-Christiane Raschmann from Berlin, Monique Cohen from Paris and
Dr Frances Wood from London and others. There are also several articles
on the work done by chemists at the Queen's University of Belfast on the
analysis of the yellow dye, huangbo, used on many of the Dunhuang

This authoritative collection brings together the collective experience
of the curators and conservators of these major collections for the first

PUBLICATION- Art of Central Asia

Posted: 27 February 1996


Gies, Jacques, ed.: THE ARTS OF CENTRAL ASIA. The Pelliot Collection in
the Musee Guimet. Paris & London, 1996. 376; 418; c. 84 pp. 794 colour
and 74 b/w plates and illustrations. 3 vols. 35x26 cm. Cloth and paper.

Available May, 1996 from:
Han-Shan Tang Books
42 Westleigh Avenue,
London SW15 6RL, UK
Tel (+44 181) 788 4464 Fax (+44 181) 780 1565
Email: hst(a)
World Wide Web (with current catalogue):

GB Pounds 600.00

Companion to The Art of Central Asia: The Stein Collection, these volumes
now present the entire collection of Central Asian art recovered during
the travels of the great French explorer and scholar, Paul Pelliot
(1878--1945). There are two volumes in French and one volume with complete
English text, plus additions.

Most of the collection's paintings, sculptures and textitles come from the
walled-up rock chapel in one of the 'Caves of the Thousand Buddhas' at
Dunhuang, the greatest and most extensive of Central Asia's rock temple
complexes at the edge of the Taklamakan desert in Gansu Province, China,
and date from the early 8th to the 11th centuries.

PUBLICATION- Pipeline News: Oil & Gas Newsletter

Posted: 26 February 1996


Interested in energy sector developments in the former Soviet Union?

Ever notice that most of the information on this particular topic isn't
put together in one place?

Pipeline News, a digest intended to track energy policy, pipeline
construction, and oil & gas investment opportunities in the former Soviet
Union, has just published its first issue. The newsletter is being
distributed free of charge to all interested parties, and short news and
analytical submissions (<500 words) are welcomed.

To subscribe, or for more information, please send an e-mail message to

Source: Jennifer DeLay, editor <delayj(a)>

PUBLICATION- Excavations at Pokrovka

Posted: 22 February 1996

NEW BOOK on the Excavations at Pokrovka

The Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads (CSEN), Kazakh/American
Research Project, Inc., would like to announce the release of the first
excavation report in English on the American-Russian excavations at
Pokrovka on the Kazakh steppes south of Orenburg.


Softcover, 160 pp., 2 maps, 60 pp.illustrations
selected bibliography
ISBN 1-885979-01-0

The excavation report includes the 1990 survey and maps of the kurgan
cemeteries located in the Pokrovka region adjacent to the Kazakhstan
border. Data from the excavation of 6 kurgans and 48 burials include age,
sex, associated artifacts, and dating based upon typological comparison of
materials. Data are summarized for each kurgan. Line drawings and plates
illustrate kurgans, burials, and artifacts.

Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads
Book Order Department
1607 Walnut Street
Berkeley, CA 94709 USA

or by FAX 510-849-3137, Tele: 510-549-3708, or e-mail:

Shipping per volume:
Domestic book rate $3.00
Overseas Surface $5.00
Overseas Air $20.00

Payment by check or money order in US currency, Purchase Orders accepted.

PUBLICATION- Muslim Eurasia

Posted: 14 February 1996

The Cummings Center, Tel Aviv University
        announces the publication of:

MUSLIM EURASIA: Conflicting Legacies

Yaacov Ro'i, ed.
Cass Publishers, London, 1995
Cummings Center Series, Volume 3

Contributors: Y. Ro'i, M. Brill Olcott, A. Malashenko, N. Lubin, D. Carlisle
D. Vaisman, G. Kosach, A. Wasseman, M. Gammer, I. Kreindler, W. Fierman,
M. Tolts, A. McAuley, M. Sacks and V. Tishkov

PUBLICATIONS- Barnett Rubin on Afghanistan

Posted: 14 February 1996

Barnett R. Rubin, The Fragmentation of Afghanistan: State Formation and
Collapse in the International System (New Haven: Yale University Press,
1995), 400 pp. 10 illus. $35. ISBN 0-300-05963.

A unique, definitive study of the entire Afghan conflict from the 1978
communist coup to the fall of Najibullah, the last ex-communist president,
in 1992. This book provides a thoroughly documented analysis of how one
of the late Cold War's major conflicts turned into one of the post-Cold
War period's first cases of state disintegration.

Barnett R. Rubin, The Search for Peace in Afghanistan: From Buffer State
to Failed State (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1995). 208 pp.
illus. ISBN 0300-06376-8. $25.

Afghanistan's fourteen year-long civil war erupted in 1978 and ended in
the disintegration of a state that was first hyperarmed by the superpowers
and then abandoned by them. This book analyzes how changing patterns of
strategic conflict and cooperation have affected international
negotiations over Afghanistan from the period of civil war to the present.

To order from Yale University Press, call 1-800-987-7323 (credit cards
only) or fax to 203-432-0948.

Source: Barnett Rubin <brubin(a)>

PUBLICATION and Makhtum Kuli Celebration in London

Posted: 8 February 1996

The Society of Friends of Makhtum Kuli is pleased to announce the
publication of "Songs from the Steppes of Central Asia", a collection of
poems by the 18th century Turkmen poet. The poems are edited, annotated
and translated into English by Dr Youssef Azemoun, and versified by Brian

To celebrate the launch of this unique introduction to a little known
literary heritage, the Society is inviting you to an evening of Turkmen
culture, food and entertainment (Turkmen folk and modern music) - to be
held in London on 24 February 1996, Saturday at 6.30 pm, in Conway Hall,
25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL, near Holborn tube station.


Youssef Azemoun,
152 Lowfield Road,
Caversham Park Village,
Reading, RG4 6PQ,

Tel: (44) 0-1734- 461 859
e-mail (will be forwarded): r.hays(a)

CALL FOR PAPERS- The Compass - Georgetown University

Posted: 7 February 1996


The Compass, a journal of international affairs published by graduate
students in Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, is seeking
papers on current international topics for its spring 1995 edition.
Students, academics, and professionals are invited to submit papers of
10-20 pages for consideration.

We hope to address the theme of sovereignty in the spring issue, so any
pieces covering issues of sovereignty in post-Soviet Central Asia would be

Send inquiries or submissions to:

Jennifer Delay <delayj(a)>

PUBLICATION- Central Asia and Transcaucasia Newsletter

Posted: 1 February 1996

Central Asia and Transcaucasia Newsletter
        from the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights

This newsletter aims to:

- report on the work of the OSCE/Office for Democratic Institutions and
Human Rights in the area;

- record Central Asia and Transcaucasia related events e.g., seminars,
meetings and conferences, which are of importance to the democratic
development of these countries;

- inform the readers about all the activities of our correspondents.

This publication will be distributed, free of charge, to Non-governmental
organisations interested in the problems of Central Asia and Transcaucasia
region, International organisations and Governments of the OSCE
participating States. We strongly encourage you to write to us and
provide us with information which could contribute to the publishing of
this newsletter.

For more information, or to subscribe, contact:

Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights OSCE

PUBLICATON- Russian in Russia Newsletter

Posted: 1 February 1996

The International Institute of Russian Language and Culture, in
conjunction with the Center for International Education of Tver
InterContact Group, announces the first issue of its new informational
newsletter "Russian in Russia." This newsletter is addressed primarily to
professors of Russian as a foreign language, students and administrators
of Slavic languages and Russian Studies Departments, language and cultural
center specialists, international program directors, secondary school
teachers and students of Russian, as well as to all other persons
interested in studying Russian language and culture. The newsletter
covers topics, events, and literature related to the teaching of Russian
as a Foreign Language.

Those wishing to receive the newsletter should send their subscription
requests to the attention of Mr. Richard Smith at our electronic address:

Source: Mr. Richard Smith, International Programs Director

PUBLICATION- Newsletter on Central Asia

Posted: 31 January 1996

Perspectives On Central Asia
        Published Monthly by the Center for Post-Soviet Studies

The first issue of this newsletter has appeared, including an article
which examines conflict in the Farghana Valley. To subscribe to either
paper or e-mail versions of this, contact:

Douglas Goudie, Newsletter Editor
The Center for Post-Soviet Studies
2 Wisconsin Circle, Suite 410
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

e-mail: cpss(a)

The Center's Web page contains all publications produced:

PUBLICATION- Agricultural Landownership

Posted: 30 January 96

NEW BOOK on problems of land tenure and agriculture in Central Asia since 1991

"Agricultural Landownership in Transitional Economies," edited by G.
Wunderlich, University Press of America, Lanham, MD (1995). ISBN
0-7618-0065-4 (paper, $24.50), 156 pp.

This is a collection of six papers by authors actively working on issues
of land reform in the former Soviet Union and other former socialist
countries. The editor is recently retired from ERS/USDA.

Zvi Lerman
Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Management
The Hebrew University, Israel

PUBLICATION- Martha B. Olcott, Central Asia's New States

Posted: 29 January 1996

CENTRAL ASIA'S NEW STATES: Independence, Foreign Policy, and Regional Security.
February 1996, 222 pp. $19.95 (paper). ISBN: 1-878379-51-8.

This timely volume examines the developing foreign policies of the Central
Asian republics, especially Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. It
describes in detail how they handled their transitions to statehood and
draws important conclusions about the implications for regional and
international peace and security.

To order contact:
United States Institute of Peace Press
P.O. Box 605, Herndon, VA 22070 (USA)
tel: 1-800-868-8064 (U.S. and Canada, toll-free), fax: 703-689-0660

In the UK, Europe, and India, please contact University Presses Marketing,
The Old Mill, Mill Street, Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12 9AB, England;

PUBLICATION- The 'Ancient Supremacy', Bukhara, Afghanistan...

Posted: 19 January 1996

"The 'Ancient Supremacy', Bukhara, Afghanistan and the Battle for Balkh,
        1731-1901", by J. L. Lee
        E.J. Brill, Leiden; publication date end January 1996, ISBN
        90-04-10399-6; cloth; pp. 750 (approx); maps; illus; index; approx

A chronological account of the struggle between the Amirs of Kabul and the
Manghit dynasty of Bukhara for control of the province (wilayat) of Balkh.
The book draws extensively on the Political and Secret Department Records
in the India Office Library, oral and Persian sources and provides a
unique insight into an important but little-studied region of Central
Asia. Structured around the Mingid Uzbek dynasty of Maimana, the book
details the various military campaigns of the Afghans against the native
amirs of the area the British termed Afghan Turkistan. It examines the
role played by Britain and Russia in the defeat of the Bukhara-Balkh Uzbek
rulers, Anglo-Afghan policy towards the amirid rulers of the region whilst
providing a detailed examination of the internal policies and politics of
the amirid dynasties themselves.

This work is of special interest to historians of the region as it
questions conventional perceptions of Central Asian poltics during the
heyday of European imperialism, whilst at the same time examining the
social, economic and demographic effects the battle for Balkh had on the
indigenous populations. The appendices contain genealogical charts of all
the amirid dynasties of Balkh and the Chahar Aimaq as well as a number of
maps, photographs, sketches and town plans.

Jonathan Lee holds a BA from Leeds University (1972) and has published
extensively on Afghanistan and Central Asia over the last 20 years. He is
a specialist in the history and cultures of north-central Afghanistan and
has extensive field work experience in Afghanistan and the Central Asian
Republics. email orders/enquiries can be placed on:


PUBLICATION- Kyrgyz News Digest (On-Line)

Posted: 18 January 1996

From the Kyrgyz American School, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz American School presents the Kyrgyz News Digest. The Digest
contains a brief outline of the events related to the Kyrgyz Republic and
is published on weekly basis.

Anyone interested in subscribing to the Digest or in the School, please
contact us at one of the following addresses:

Thank you for your interest in Kyrgyzstan!

Bolot & Edil (the editors)

PUBLICATION- Newsletter on Conflict Resolution in Central Asia

Posted: 12 January 1996

Central Asian Conflict

A Monthly Newsletter Examining Conflict Resolution in Central Asia,
        Published by the Center for Post-Soviet Studies

Web Address:

The newsletter for the 2nd year of the Center's Central Asia project will
be published on the 15th of each month, beginning in January, 1996. The
newsletter needs a name--any ideas? The newsletter will be 6-8 pages in
length, with a major article written by an expert and also updates on
other areas of interest. This is the second year of the Center's project
on Conflict in Central Asia.

The first year of the project produced a collective volume, Central Asia:
Conflict, Resolution, and Change, which can be ordered from the Center via
email cpss(a)

Future topics for the newsletter will include a history of the Fergana
Valley, a history of Russian, Azerbaijan and Central Asian oil exploration
in the Caspian Sea, and possible resolutions to the conflicts raised in
these areas. Please visit this site on the 16th of each month to examine
the newsletter. If you are interested in becoming a supporter of the
Center for Post-Soviet Studies and receiving the newsletter, as well as
other Center publications, contact us! (cpss(a)


Posted: 12 January 96

"Chashma," quarterly publication of the Uzbek Dance and Culture Society
Articles on dance, music, costuming, and other aspects of Central Asian
culture. $15 annual membership fee in Society includes yearly
subscription. Contact: Uzbek Dance and Culture Society, PO Box 65195,
Washington, DC 20035-5195.


"Culture of Uzbekistan," an introduction by Laurel Victoria Gray.
Sponsored by the American Association of University Women. January 23rd, 7
pm. Petersburg, Virginia. Jenkins Unitarian Fellowship House, 318 Grove
Ave. Free admission.


Uzbek dance seminar in styles from Bukhara and Ferghana. February 24th and
25th. Vienna, Austria. Contact: Walter Kytir at +43-1-813 95 96 15.


"Splendors of the Silk Road," lecture and fashion show of women's clothing
and dance costumes of Central and the Caucasus from the private collection
of Laurel Victoria Gray. July 24th, Middle East Institute, Washington, DC.
Contact: Mary Sebold at(202)785-1141.


1996 Central Asian Dance Camp. Intensive four-day seminar with instruction
in Uzbek, Tadjik and Persian dance, costuming, and culture. August 15th
through 18th, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Contact:Travis Jarrell at


"Festival of Uzbekistan." Performance and workshop by dance ensemble from
Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Details as available. September 18 and 19, George
Washington University. Contact: Uzbek Dance and Culture Society, PO Box
65195, Washington DC 20035-5195.

PUBLICATION- Mongolian Journal of International Affairs

Posted: 19 December 1995

Contents of Vol. 2 (1995)

B. Baabar, The Central Asian security zone
S. Bayar, Mongolia's national security challenges
R. Bold, Military aspects of Mongolia's geopolitics
J. Choinkhor, Mongolia and Northeast Asia
J. Enkhsaikhan, Some nuclear-related issues of Mongolia
G. Tumurchuluun, Mongolia's foreign policy revisited: its relations with
Russia and China

Concept of Mongolia's foreign policy
Concept of Mongolia's national security

Book reviews
Notes on contributors

The Mongolian Journal of International Affairs is published annually by
the Institute of Oriental and International Studies of the Mongolian
Academy of Sciences. It welcomes manuscripts dealing principally with
Mongolia and its relations with neighboring countries and beyond.

Foreign subscriptions to this annual (ISSN 1023-3741) are US$10.50, to be
sent in bank draft to:
        Institute of Oriental and International Studies
        P.O. Box 48-17
        Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Submitted by:
Henry G. Schwarz
Professor Emeritus
Center for East Asian Studies
Western Washington University

PUBLICATION- Iron Age Archaeology

Posted: 19 December 1995

Nomads Of The Eurasian Steppes In The Early Iron Age

Jeannine Davis-Kimball, Vladimir S. Bashilov, and Leonid T. Yablonsky, Eds.

An anthology focusing on the Scythian, Sauromatian, Sarmatian, and
Saka Early Nomads who inhabited the Eurasian steppes in the 1st millennium
B.C. from southern Russia, through Kazakhstan and southern Siberia, and as
far east as western Mongolia. The essays, written by ten of the foremost
archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of
Sciences, present a survey of archaeological excavations conducted
primarily between 1960 and 1990.

Topics include the historiography of pre-Soviet and Soviet
excavations, religious beliefs, lifeways, and migratory patterns of the
nomads. Archaeological cultures from the Scythians in the north Caucasus,
southeastern Europe, and the Crimea are complemented by the Sauromatians
and Sarmatians in the Volga-Don interfluvial, the Saka in Central Asia, the
Scythians in Siberia, and the Early Nomads in Outer Mongolia.

The overwhelming majority of the material, including the
illustrations, has never been published in English before this volume.

Hardcover, 443 pp., 490 illustrations, 19 maps, 32 pp bibliography, index,
index of contemporary authors
California 8% tax
ISBN 1-885979-00-2
Zinat Press, Berkeley, California, 1995

To order:

Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads
Kazakh / American Research Project, Inc.
1607 Walnut Street
Berkeley, CA 94709 U.S.A.

Shipping rates:
Domestic book rate $3.00
Overseas Surface $5.00
Overseas Air $20.00

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